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Divorce Party Gifts for the Divorced

divorce party gifts

Get in here for divorce Party Gifts for the Divorced. You will surely like the gifts we have for you here. The first time a friend told me she just got a divorce, I was not sure of what I’m supposed to say. I thought of saying “congratulations” or saying “I’m sorry”. The same awkwardness goes to sending divorce party gifts to a friend who is divorced. They can either be crude, sensitive, funny or just flinch-demanding.

Divorce is apparently not a very pleasant subject to discuss, considering its effect. As a friend or family member, the best thing you can do for a loved one going through a divorce is simply being there and reminding the divorce or divorcee that you love and appreciate them.

Sending a divorce party gifts to someone you know can either be a heartwarming gesture, or huge social thinko!. You know why?, because your ordinary presence may not be able to put an end to the pain they are experiencing (if there is any).

If someone you know and loves just got divorced, you often can’t help but feel that there is an urgent need to do something – to commemorate, yeah?

You know what can help you out?, Gifts!, so where else can you find presents specifically tailored to separating than Deedeesblog?

Mind you, divorce parties do not have to be dedicated to thrashing one’s ex or saying the customary “thank you, next? “. Divorce parties for many people can be a celebration of a new beginning. Even if your loved one going through a divorce looks like they are holding it together, they might be struggling to harmonize with the new beginning of a solo journey and the end of their relationship.

In this article, I have crafted out and compiled a list of great gift ideas for divorce parties that will, for sure, remind your loved one that you are there for them in the time of need as a friend indeed.


The better you know a person, the more acceptable it will be to send divorce party gifts

One important thing to know is that before you think of sending anything, you have to know whether the divorcing person is sad or happy about his or her divorce.

Imagine sending a personalized mug with the inscription “finally free” to your neighbor who is still unhappy because his wife of ten years had just left him for her gymnastics coach. That is a really bad move.

Now before we move on to our list, I also want you to consider the nature of the gift itself before sending them. For instance, chocolate is generally okay, no matter what the situation is. Jewelry and other sentimental presents like that are incredibly special; but hey, there is no need to go bankrupt, and it can be just as important to find a way to see life as fun again for your divorced friend.

So, ranging from funny Tees with motivational quotes, swilling wine, keychains, mugs and beyond. We present to you the best gifts item for divorce parties.

One piece of advice: If at worse, nothing on this list impresses you (a very very big if), there is always a better option of bringing over some dinner and a bottle of wine, attentively listening to the divorcing friend as they yell, cry or talk about their experience. Your presence alone can help push aside anxiety and fears.

Top 15 divorce party gifts

So, if you have decided to go ahead with divorce party gifts, we are happy to bring to you the most interesting divorce gifts on the market today. Plus, we have also made them just a click away for online purchase, as usual.

If you can not decide on what to send, then sorry to your bank account in advance.

1. Divorce T-Shirts.

If you have a friend who is happy about his or her divorce, and willing to wear to share their joy in the general public, then this particular T-shirt is absolutely the best gift you can get for them.

For the Women’s Divorce T-Shirt: “And She Lived Happily Ever After (the Divorce)” may be slightly more polite than the men’s version.

For the Men’s Divorce T-Shirt: This “Problem Solved Divorce T-shirt makes a statement, but it is definitely not crude.


2. Tom and Luanne Poster

Okay, let’s not get it all firing here.

A divorce must have, probably, lasted longer than ‘Real Housewives of New York’ star Luanne de Lesseps’ much-publicized quickie marriage, regardless of how messy it was.


3. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Everyone in the family can actually join in on the fun because its hand-knit from soft acrylic comes in both infant and adult sizes.

By curling up in this beautiful mermaid tail blanket, you turn yourself into a magnificent sea creature!. Divorce gifts are actually aimed at making you see life as fun again, right?
This is an ideal point to start.


4. “Just Divorced” engraved Keyring


This would infact serve as some kind of cool, little moments when she finally moves into a bigger and better place.

After a divorce, Some people would want to cover up the matching tattoos they got with their ex, but some people keep them as a reminder of what was. If you have a friend like that, who would go for the latter, then, a “just divorced” keyring with their divorce date isn’t such a bad idea.


5. Loved & lost Divorce Mug

This divorce mug is on point and simple.

Whether you admit it or not, a divorce coffee mug can still make a statement. Especially if your friend do not prefer to flaunt his or her divorce in public.

As a therapist mug, This coffee mug works well for anyone who is divorced, as well as for most parents of adult children.

It is Better to Have Loved & Lost Mug. This divorce coffee mug has a little bit stronger brew.


6. World’s Tiniest Violin Necklace

divorce party gifts

This tiny violin necklace from Monserat De Lucca is right on key!

It comes with an engraved message “DEFY” which poses as a Simple, powerful world.

Whether you fantasize about the orchestra or are just done being sympathetic, this necklace is etched into the instrument, reminding you to always express yourself and defy conventional style.


7. A Pillowcase of 100% pure silk

divorce party gifts

Make that your friend going through divorce lose no sleep over their experience with this pastel pink silk pillowcase.

It is also a great idea as it also helps make their hair look fantastic – some great news, no matter the condition.


8. Ladies Bath Bomb Gift box

divorce party gifts

Hand-crafted in England.

What particularly makes this the best spa set I have ever seen is the five bath bombs that come with it. You know what? Each bombs contain different ingredients and behoofs which includes:

Kaolin clay: purifies the skin by drawing out toxins
Jojoba oil improves acne.
Epsom salt: lessen muscle acne.

While it comes with a Champaigns bath tomb, having a glass of champagne at the side would feel great, for sure.


9. Home and Office Divorce Decor

  1. divorce party gifts

You may want to prove that you have graduated from a divorced university, this nicely framed plaque is the perfect gift.

If you want to give something a little stronger and more direct, you may need a slightly different button. And this is the right point to start. He or she may want to call b****h on their ex but can’t say that to his/her face, this button can do it for them in 10 different voices!

Hint: This is perfect soothing for those who are still jostling their way through the divorce process and for the newly divorced.


10. The Follow Me FlipFlops

divorce party gifts

A cool sandal secured to the foot by two straps mounted between the big toe and its neighbor.

Hopping back into the dating game, gaining the attention of that hot gal or guy at the beach may be really tough. But not with these filp flops because you can now throw a wink and lead the way, baby!


11. Palo Santo Smudge Bundle

divorce party gifts

What cleanse a bad vibe much better, you say?. A Palo Santo smudge can!

Admit it or not, there are (and will be) hard feeling that would come knocking at your heart after a divorce. When burned, its wood becomes reminiscent of frankincense and it also has rates from Ecuador.

You don’t want to scroll past this if you want to help her or him.


12. Divorce Books

divorce party gifts

Divorce books make the perfect gift for those who are still in the throes of their divorce. For those who want to take a more intellectual approach to the end of their marriage, these divorce recovery books make fabulous divorce gifts.

Here are Some great divorce books that can actually help :

“The New Old Me ” is a perfect divorce recovery book for a divorced person trying to build a whole new life.

“I Hate My Ex-Husband Coloring Book” can also be a pain-relief even though it may look crude.

Your friend will be able to put behind the struggling that comes with divorce with this book titled “it’s OK That You’re Not Ok”


13. Divorce Candle

divorce party gifts

While this candle burns for approximately 50 hours (which is totally enough time to get over someone), its scent is made with yuzu fruit (Japanese grapefruit) and green tea with a hint of peppermint.

Even though most inspirational-quote presents are really cheesy, this divorce candle is surprisingly outstanding.

The quotation on it “Here’s to brave hearts and fresh starts.” was created by a poet. It isn’t that much comprehensive, but the minimalist design and pretty font make the candle something you’d actually want to put on display.


14. Cova Flower Vase

divorce party gifts

Who says you can get flowers for yourself or someone who’s going through a divorce?

Anyone going through something should probably buy a lot of bouquets because flowers make a space feel extremely relaxed and collected.

It’s even harder to unlove this as a divorce gift when you have this pretty structural vase to put them in. The partial spheres were also made to create a volume ideal for flower arranging.


15. Britney Divorce Mug

divorce party gifts

So there was a book I once read, and at the middle page, I came across these words “Truer words have never been printed”

Sounds like what I’m to describe this mug as.

Price Vary

So guys!
I do hope these divorce party gifts were helpful. For any other questions or remarks, please hit the comment box.

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