Tired Of Your Current Look? Here Are 6 Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Here Are 6 Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Do you find that after getting dressed you look at yourself in the mirror and your outfit just isn’t doing it for you? Are you over everything in your closet but can’t afford or bring yourself to replace your entire wardrobe? Okay, so you are in luck! You don’t actually need to replace everything.

There are a few simple ways to upgrade your style using a few things that you might already have, as well as incorporating a few new pieces into your wardrobe. You can take your wardrobe from drab to fab with only a few changes, an open mind, and a smidge of creativity.

1. Take yourself shopping in your own closet

You likely wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. Go to your closet, inspect every hanger, re-evaluate what you wear, and rediscover what you’re not wearing. The fact that you bought something means you liked the way you looked at it at some point. What’s stopping you from wearing it now?

It’s probably because you’ve forgotten about how good they make you look and feel and are buried under a pile of other unworn clothing. For some advice on what sort of outfits to look for in your closet go to threadcurve.com.

Then, lie your clothes out on the bed and try them on. Try to look at what you already have with a new perspective and think of new ways to put outfits together.

2. Purge your closet.

Think of purging as an opportunity for rediscovery. Things fall off hangers and get shoved to the back of drawers. Eventually, we forget about them and that we even owned them in the first place.

Older pieces get worn less than more recent purchases. This is because your body changes and your style preferences evolve. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to renew how you see the things you already own.

Take this time to get rid of the items you don’t want and donate them to a charity store.

3. Try it on. Then try it on again.

Try it on once and if you like it move it to the potential pile. This pile is then submitted to more rigorous testing. Sit, stand back up, bend over, slouch, pretending to tie your shoelace, stand casually, walk around, — do anything that you might do during an average day, and see what looks best and is the most comfortable.

4. Be realistic.

The items you bought, or still have because they would “totally fit” as soon as you lost a few pounds. It’s important to let go of the notion that your body needs to fit an item of clothing. Be realistic. You are putting this item on your body. It needs to fit you, you don’t need to change to fit it.

5. Consider the details.

Look at the quality of the clothing. If you don’t already, you should pay attention to the material, the stitching, and the colors of the clothing. Quality over quantity.

Also, think about what you plan on wearing underneath your clothes. A bra and/or additional shapewear can make a big difference in how something fits your body. The same goes for shoes. If you’re unsure about a pair of uncomfortable shoes or have shoes that you never wear, do not keep them.

6. Play around with your look

Just wear that hat or those shoes. The only way you will find what looks good on you is if you keep trying different things and different outfit combinations. Often, more so than you think, what really makes an outfit look good is the confidence behind it.

Make your outfit and whatever statement piece you choose to wear with it look intentional.

As is the case with any other item of clothing, certain styles of hats, shoes, even jewelry may look better on you than others. This is why it is so important to experiment. Have fun with your outfits.

Try on a bunch of things until you find a style or two that really work for you and become a person who can wear anything with confidence.

Here Are 6 Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Take away

Your ideal wardrobe is definitely something that you can’t curate in a single day. Being mindful and deliberating on your outfit choices can go a long way to reducing frustration and saving money.

It is important that you are aware of your bad habits if any when it comes to evolving your wardrobe. Look at not only your own behavioral patterns but also at the very basic elements of what makes a decent closet.

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