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Valentine Special | Why Do You Love Him Or Her?

why do you love

Why do you love him or her?

Does love take away our ability to think? If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, then you need deliverance.

The Father of English Literature, Geoffery Chaucer, created an expression; “Love is Blind” to express the unconditional nature of love itself. Over the years, this expression has roughly been misinterpreted into love having the ability to take away man’s ability to think – an accepted excuse to stupidity and idiocy.

Love is a natural phenomenon, a neurological process like hunger, except that it is more permanent. What this definition tries to point out is the fact of love being affiliated to the brain, and not the heart as most people think. Reference: Your Biology Text Book; Functions of the heart (falling in love is not included).

Why do people fall in love?

Everyone is so engulfed in love, which I think is not so much of a bad thing but when it takes away our self confidence and makes us so dependent on a human being that most times, we give up life-principles for them, sometimes we even kill ourselves for people who end up being unworthy of these feats, you might attribute falling in love to weakness and vulnerability which is not supposed to be so. I realized that there has been an inborn fear, the most basic fear, the only fear we are born with- the fear of being alone.

People love people as if they are possessions. What this means is we do not actually love, we possess. We love in our relationships as if our partners were our cars, our shoes or any symbol of materialism that has our attention. We feel angry when other people take them away just like we feel angry when someone else uses a car we just bought without permission.

We possess people; they become our property – a non-living entity that is only meant to satisfy us inwardly by feeding our gratification, our pride. So you see, when we say ‘we love’ these days, we do not really love, instead we are reflecting our selfish and low-self-esteemed selves by depending our confidence on not just material possessions but on human beings as well.

Love is deep, ideally, but our idea of it has become laughable, we fall in love mostly because we want to escape our low self esteem or our loneliness but just like Aristotle’s idea of love suggests; if we cannot love our selves, how then do we expect to love other people?

So lemme ask again, why do you love him/her?

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