6 Ways to Keep Your Startup Team Motivated

Being part of a startup is truly a unique and exciting experience – you have great opportunities and a chance to earn much of the experience that traditional corporations can’t match. However, it can sometimes feel tedious and challenging to keep your team motivated, but with the right people, anything is possible.

Another dark side is that no one can know what the future holds, and working at a startup can often be a bit frightening. That is why leaders have to do their absolute best to keep their teams motivated and help them overcome any bad feelings through apprehension and care. So, here are some of the great examples of how you can keep your team motivated and startup successful.

Regular Meetings

One of the easiest ways to keep your team motivated is to have regular meetings with them. Meetings are there for you to keep the whole team up-to-date and to make sure you are all staying on the same page.

Also, without such communication, the business and team will suffer, because no one will have all the information or have different information. What is more, regular meetings will show your team that you care about their professional well-being and that you want to appreciate their input and ideas when it comes to the business.

Repeat Your Vision

Sometimes, you will have to act like a parrot when it comes to explaining and reminding your team about the vision. However, you have to repeat it over and over again and make it the lifeblood of your company.

This is important because by constantly repeating your vision, the entire team will build the belief in it and then they will believe in the company. What is more, if the team is well aware of the vision and believes in it, it will get easier for them to do the work because they know what the goal is.

Allow Some Playtime

Long hours, not know what the future holds, occasional working weekends, all that can be stressful enough and can lead to serious burnout. And the best way to avoid such burnouts and exhaustion is some playtime. You can all go for lunch together, talk about stuff and personal lives which will create strong bonds between the team and help you unwind. Also, you can all go to karaoke nights, go play sports together, solve puzzles in room escape and so on.

Another interesting activity is playing golf with your team, yes you heard well… Golf is one of the relaxing and calming activities so prepare your golf gear and enjoy the game. Possibilities are endless, and those smaller team building activities will help you all stay fresh and motivated.

Leading a startup and maintaining a healthy environment for your team can be a challenge. However, with great organizational skills and great ways to motivate your team to do better anything is possible.

Remember to show how much you appreciate all their hard work, celebrate those small wins and always communicate. This way, everyone will be satisfied and eager to come back to work the next day.

Invest in Training

If you’re looking for a sure-shot way to keep your team motivated, you should learn from the example of bigger companies – training. Constant learning and improvement is something that your team will appreciate and they will appreciate you more for providing them with a chance to become better at what they do.

What is more, by sharpening their skills it means that the company is providing something for the team, while they can use that later to improve the quality of their job for the company itself.

Make the Small Wins Count

The road towards the ultimate and huge win is long and often tedious. That can make your team tired and overwhelmed and they need smaller wins in order to feel useful, accomplished and appreciated. You should have micro-tasks that lead to bigger goals to keep your team going.

For example, every time the sales team gets the chance to even present to an important client you should celebrate it. For the finance team, achieving lower operating costs for this month is also a win, so make sure to praise that. Keep your eye on the goal, but make sure to celebrate the small wins and make them count, otherwise, everyone will just get tired and demotivated.

Give Rewards for A Job Well Done

Even though you pay your employees well, money isn’t everything. Many studies have shown that money is not really the most important motivator in order to perform the job well. What actually counts is being appreciated and that shows that your employee or a team is valuable to you and integral to the company and the success. This feeling of appreciation is what motivates people to do better.

So, whenever someone does a great job, there are several ways to reward them. You can go for simple verbal praise,  you can provide detailed feedback and some suggestions so your team can know how they are doing, and you can even give out rewards in the form of awards, as in trophies, as a gift for great performance.

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