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From Workers’ Meeting to Marriage Ceremony – Bobola and Nike’s Beautiful Love Story

beautiful amazing love story

Dee Wedding stories is back, and this time it is the beautiful love story of two amazing people who dated for 5 years and are now poised for the holy conjugal bliss that is on our radar today.

For a man who loves God and church, where else will Bobola (Bobby) find the wife of his dreams if not in his church’s Chorister group. I have noticed that there are usually beautiful girls in the church choir, with beautiful voices, and why won’t a young bachelor fall in LOVE on setting his eyes on these adorable Christian worshipers?

No reason whatsoever!

Bobola and Nike came across to me as a young couple who understood love, commitment and what they wanted from life, and this was exactly re-iterated in their beautiful love story. A story that transcended through the good and difficult times and now to a safe landing, it is safe to say that indeed LOVE is a BEAUTIFUL THING.

A journey that started from the Church workers’ meeting many years ago to now a beautiful holy matrimony, serenades the lovely togetherness of 5 years. The love story is all you need to know that indeed, LOVE knows no boundaries and is limitless if you truly understand what it stands for! This beautiful couple will be getting married on the 19th August 2017 and ‘YES’ that is the confirmation that there is more to love than just ‘LOVE’.

Bobby and Olanike in 2011

Are you in a church chorister group and you are gorgeous? Trust me, there is that man in the congregation that stares at you every Sunday in church, admiring you and hoping that you are his. This love story will make you see that!

Sit tight as I take you on that ride of ‘awwww’, ‘ooooh’ ‘woooow’ and all the mushiness and tardiness that comes with reading amazing love stories.


How We Met

5 Years Ago: Love is indeed worth waiting for



I first met Olanike casually through my sister. My sister organised a mini-party and she invited her church co-choristers to grace the day with her. She came and we only greeted. I never really had that attention towards her (was even an introvert then). I always see her in several church events but I always mind my own business. However, in November 2011, we had a chance to talk with each other.

I had known she was a decent but quite timid type of lady. Modest in dressing and committed to God. ( A couple of young bachelors out there still love modesty in dressing though, and not the slay queen and mama kind of weirdo outfits all in the name of fashion)


We met in the church during a general church workers’ meeting. When the feast was over,  Bobby and some group of members where having a friendly talk about relationship, in which I was given a chance to contribute to the talk,  I and Bobby later exchange contact.

Before we had any talk at all, I have been hearing from his friends that he is a good man; God fearing, diligent and hardworking man. when we exchanged contact he was so friendly and accommodating.

Was it love at first sight?



However while Olanike was already in love, Bobby was just crushing and had never scored his intention to be really deep:

While having general conversation with her, I had the opportunity to discover some qualities in her. The most attractive were her beauty and smile.

However, it was not love at first sight because I needed to immediately check myself whether I really liked her or I was just attracted to the physical qualities I saw.

Olanike continued by saying:

He asked me out on 25th December 2011, early in the morning through a phone call, and I never gave it a second thought because I love his personality even before he asked me out. ( Talk about someone who was already in love from first sight, will she rather say ‘NO’?)

Relationship Issues

A major pointer to a relationship filled with tricks and turns, as usual for all relationship growing seemed to be highlighted by Bobby and Olanike:

Seriously, we initially had a lot of issues ranging from lack of understanding, trust, impatience and poor communication. We were able to sit down, highlight each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and agreed on certain things to help each other. Though there are still a few issues that come up,but we handled them maturely.

Olanike also confirmed the above by Bobby:

Yes! Trust issue and poor communication. Bobola is very handsome and I really find it difficult to believe I was the only one he is dating.

Though he assured me he won’t go out with another lady, but I found it difficult to believe. I always remember him in my prayers and we sit down to discuss any issues and find a way to solve them.

We usually have that particular quality that excites lover about their partners and Bobby was not left out of this ‘exciting realization’:

Of a truth, her sexiness excites me the most. Her soft, seductive voice also triggers my feelings.

Olanike also said:

His personality and his handsome look excites me a lot. He was also caring to a fault. ( Talk of a man who knows his onions)

On Proposal and Engagement

Olanike continued:

We dated for 4 years and he proposed to me on 10th of June 2015.

Bobby in his words said:

I promised myself not to clock 30 years before getting married. The questions now is who is worthy to be called my wife. A few ladies came my way but due to justifiable reasons they couldn’t get there. Thanks to God who help me discovered that wifely virtues in her. So I didn’t waste time to propose to her in June 2015.

On their definition of LOVE

Bobby said ‘Love is Love is a strong feeling of affection towards someone   while Olanike said Love feeling of affection and care towards another person.’ ( Love is indeed beautiful and amazing, isn’t it?)

Couple’s advice for budding relationships and lovers wanting to get married?


Be committed to your relationship, give rooms for communication and be contented with what you have or get from each other. Furthermore, deal with issues early before they escalate to bigger problems.


Lovers should be sure of whom they want to spend the rest of their life with, to both partners “they should allow trust and understanding to be their watchword’.

This indeed an AMAZING love story. On behalf of the Dee Weddings Team, Congratulations on your togetherness and may God lay his hands of blessings on your home. We dedicate this beautiful ‘Patoranking’s song This Kind Love ft. Wizkid to your family.

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