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You Mean So Much To Me Quotes For Her

you mean so much to me

You mean so much to me! Yes YOU! That is why I always send the you mean so much to me quotes for her. What does your lover mean to you? See what she means to you here on the blog.

Whenever I have that feeling lovey-dovey feeling of awesome love by my woman, I will send her a series of love quotes that tells her how much she means to me. I have decided to put up these collections for you so that you can also share with the woman you love so much.

Lovely you mean so much to me quotes for her

1 Am I scared? Why will I?
I will not be scared of your love
Because you mean so much to me

2 You are everything in me
I think about everything in you
Because you mean so much to me

3 You mean so much to me
You are all I ever need and hope for
You are all I ever want and pray for

4 You mean so much to me
And that’s what makes you special and pretty
You are my one and only
You are my personal person

5 Our time spent together means a lot to me
Our moments of love means so much to me
Your beauty means so much to me

6 I am indeed lucky to have
I am indeed grateful to have you as my love
You mean so much to me

7 You make me smile all the time
You keep me going when the chips are down
You live around me and I feel your breath
You mean so much to me

8 You surround me with your sweet loving
You fill me with so much happiness
Your warmth battles my cold
You mean so much to me

9 Words cannot simply express
How much you mean to me

10 Without you
I would be a nobody
Without you
I would be lost with no hope
You mean so much to me

11 You are the only reason why I am not lost
You are my queen, in a world where there is no king
You mean so much to me

12 I love my name when you call it
I love my life because you are in it
You mean the world to me

13 I want you to know today
That my love for you knows no bound
You mean everything to me

14 You have helped me forge a new path
You have supported me in creating a new beginning
You have seen me even more than I see myself
You mean so much to me

15 I had to go and hide
From all the pains of this world
But you came into my life
And brought happiness that is so sure
You mean forever to me

16 I felt hollow and shallow
I felt sad and distraught
But you came around and ministered to my soul
You mean so much to me

17 You stayed with me in famine
You have stayed with me in plenty
You have wiped my tears
Whenever I am weak and sad
You mean so much to me

18 I was lonely
But you kept me company
I was jobless
But you gave me hope
You mean so much to me

19 If I die today
I will be grateful
For the opportunity
With you so true
You are special and I mean it
You mean so much to me

20 You gave me your shoulder to lean on
Even when I had no shoulders to use
You gave me your smile for free
Even when I was lost in sadness for real
You mean so much to me

21 I think I owe you so much
that I cannot even think about it
I think I can only make a promise
To be with you in your darkest moments
You mean so much to me

22 I will always help and support
I will also admonish and encourage
I will always love and cherish
Because you mean so much to me

23 I promise to hold you tight
I will make sure I am always there for you
You are truly the best person ever for me
You mean so much to me baby

24 No matter how long it takes us
To hit the fulfillment of dreams so high
I know that no matter what
You homecoming to my house is so nigh
You mean so much to me

25 I hope you remember today
How much you mean to me
I hope you do not forget today
How much I cherish and will support you
Because you mean so much to me

26 Wherever you go I’ll go
Wherever you stay I’ll stay
Wherever you move I’ll move
You deserve all this and more
You mean so much to me

27 You should acknowledge today
As the day I promise to hold you close
You mean everything in the world to me

28 God bless the day I met you
Never did I know I would want you so badly
Never did I know I could crave for you so intensely
And now that you have come to stay
I just want to let you know
That you mean the whole world to me

29 Just like the twinkle stars
Just the kettle so warm with water
You have twinkled my heart and
Filled my life with so much warmth
You mean so much to me

30 I will never turn away from you
I will never grow weak for you
I will never turn my back to you
I will never stop thinking about you
I will never make false conclusions
I will never do anything to make you regret
How much you mean to me

You mean the world to me messages

1. In case you don’t know how much you mean to me; I want you to understand right now that you mean the entire universe to me.

2. I just want you to know that you are my world, you are my peace and the angel I put my heart upon. I love you because you mean so much to me.

3. I have come to realize that without you the world will be a boring place to be. I wish you all the best my dearest.

4. I have come to realize that you are a God sent angel meat for me. I will always be happy with you for the rest of my life.

5. I need you for every second in my life and this is because you are so blessed that no one can joke with your matter.

6. What can I do to put an endless smile on your face because to me, you are one special gift, a divine gift indeed?

7. There is no moment I don’t think about you. In fact, your presence is intimidating because of your excess beauty. I miss you, darling.

8. There are many reasons why I cannot stop loving you, a blessing in human clothing. You are a light worthy of being loved.

9. I need your smile all my life. I need your face to shine with endless love and everything about you to be glowing like a rainbow.

10. Who can change this world without you? I think it is only God. The reason is that the kind of beauty you possess is the very love the world needs.

11. I may not be there with you but your beauty is always an impact on my life. You worth more than a billion-carat gold to me.

12. There is no one as special as you are to me; you are the endless blessing I have and the most handsome man in all corner of life.

13. Who can compete with you to win my heart? I don’t think such a dream is possible in reality. I miss the only reason why I smile because you mean so much to me.

14. I am strong because you are always in my life. Your presence in my life is a divine blessing; there is no doubt in this.

15. Indeed, if I can show you how much you mean to me, an ocean of ink cannot write down the words to describe it.

16. I come to realize that I have been in love with the right person. Your caring skills are amazing, I must confess that you the reason why I laugh every day.

17. No matter how boring a place is to me, once I perceive your fragrance, a kind of spirit of happiness rises in my heart.

18. Loving you is a thousand times a great privilege. You are the most precious love ever seen and your smile is a cure to sadness.

19. I need you to understand that no matter how things are difficult, you will always be the number one on my mind. I miss you.

20. You are that lover anyone should be proud about. You are cute, wonderful and above all the best for me to marry.

How much you mean to me paragraphs

21. I can’t deny the fact that you are inseparable from my heart; you are cuter than I can ever describe. No single word can explain how you mean to me.

22. I will always be there for you as a good wife as a sweet mother for your kids. You are the best for me and I mean it.

23. Loving you is my goal, I want you to understand this fact from the onset. You are my life, the best for me. I miss you dearly.

24. When you have a woman who is in true love with you, you must be the luckiest man. this is the reason why I am trying my best to always take good care of you.

25. I don’t know why I love you this much. I don’t really want to stop loving you. Your care appears to like I am in a paradise.

26. I will forever want to be yours all my life and the reason is that it is very difficult to find a man like you. I miss your songs too.

27. Those moments we shared together. Those things we say to put an endless smile on our cheeks will always be a reason to love you more.

28. Nothing is too much to put a smile on your face. You are the most interesting man in my life. I need you to know that I can do everything for you.

29. Whatever it takes to make you smile, I will do. I will always build a relationship that will always leave you satisfied with life.

30. What will make sense the most is to be where your partner is? This will give both of you the opportunity to express full love for each other.

31. I hope everything is fine? Anyway, I just want to remind you that out of billions of men out there, you are the only one I chose.

32. Life has brought you close to me. I think I will never let go forever. You are extremely special and I love the way you smile.

33. To the woman of my life, I am using this opportunity to say thank you for always been there for me. I wish you a great day ahead.

34. I have searched everywhere to see if I can meet anyone more special than you are, but I’m yet to see and I think there none like you.

35. I miss you like never before and want to always be with you for every single jiffy. You are to me as the rain is to the earth.

36. When I realized that I cannot sleep without listening to your voice, I understood that you have become the blood that flows in me.

37. People may not know, the vision I have for you; but deeply in my heart, I am only trying to sacrifice everything I have just to make you smile.

38. One thing I hate most is to fail to prepare your favorite food before your arrival. I love you so much and it is just the truth.

39. I need you all my life; I will never deny this fact because it is one of the reasons why I fall in love with you. What is this reason—just because you mean everything to me.

40. I know I cannot stop thinking about you so I decided to give my heart to you to keep. Always be careful with it because it can break without you.

You mean so much to me quotes

41. In you, I found my happiness. Wherever you come around me, I am always overwhelmed with passion from the deepest part of my heart.

42. Loving you has always been a reason to smile all my life. You are just the flame of love burning in my heart.

43. You are more important to me than the sun and the moon. I love you more than the food I eat and the water I drink.

44. The most beautiful lady in this world, how wonderful your smile has changed my life. if you want me to be happy, just take good care of your beauty.

45. Nice, you are here, all I have been trying to see is your beautiful face full of life and romantic light. You are my best friend.

46. No one knows why I am madly in love with you. But in a high sense of justice, I have completely fallen in love with you.

47. Who will make me smile if not you? Now tell me, is it possible for me to take you for granted? Never! Such will never happen because you belong to me.

48. Your life is like a precious stone, very hard to get you but when found the world will be at rest. You are the most adorable love of my life among girls.

49. Thinking of you is the first reason why I am addicted to you. Just for you to know, that you mean a lot to me.

50. I can’t deny the fact that you are special. You are not just special but extremely nice, wonderful and sweet.

51. Whoever does not have you in his life has failed a lot. No one will find you as a lover and lack joy in life. I miss you so much, you mean so much to me.

52. You are the sweetest angel in my world. The most interesting queen I cannot do without. I miss you like never.

53. What is the meaning of an existence that does not have your part to play? The writer of destiny has chosen a good thing for me.

54. I need you from the beginning of my heart to the end because you are exceptionally different from everyone around me.

55. I am lucky that I have you in my life. You are the most precious person in this world for me. I will always be there when you need me the most.

56. Knowing that you are the lady that brought the light of happiness to my life, I decided to spend the rest of my life with you.

57. Don’t worry; I will always be ready to be of help for you every single day of my life. I love you to the core and there is no lie in what I said.

58. I realized that I need you all my life. You are my angel, the most precious love the world will always remember at any time.

59. I must tell you one truth, since the day I knew you, no one has been able to replace you before me. You are exceptionally wonderful.

60. Who can make me feel as comfortable as you do? Seriously there is no one for now and there can be no one forever. I miss you.

You are special to me messages

61. If there is any other wife like you, it means this world will become a paradise someday. You are my heart and I need to take good care of it.

62. Truly, you are special and your smile can’t be bought in the market because it is too expensive to find anywhere in the world.

63. Your smile is so powerful that the only force that can make me resist it is your hot kiss and warm hugs. What a nice wife.

64. Meeting you in life has really changed a lot about me; this is exactly what I have been praying for all my life. You are sweet I swear.

65. To you my beloved, I want you to know that you belong to me in all corner of life. You are just the most adorable girl in my life.

66. You have given me all the kind of love I want. You are now the most precious person for me; so I will always love you forever.

67. Just know that the special love I have for you cannot be found anywhere again. Trust me, because I know how I feel whenever I set my eyes on you.

68. You are my sweetest angel, the most beloved woman my heart beats for a lot. I will always be with you all my life.

69. I will never forget you all my life and the reason is that the kind of patient you have can only be bought by those with a billion dollars.

70. All my life, I have been searching for a way to make you happy. You are the most precious treasure that deserves my love.

71. I will not stop this affection with you until after my death; and then when I am resurrected, I will continue my love with you.

72. Much love for you from the best part of my heart. This is because you are special, nice and wonderful. I love you, my sweetheart.

73. Who can tell me more about how to make a man smile? There is none since you are part of the world. You are far more important to me than the most expensive treasure on earth.

74. I miss you and there are many things I wish to discuss with you but only a wet lip can make you understand. I love you, dear wife.

75. Well-done for being a good wife. I will try all my best to make sure you are always happy in this life. I promise and my promise will not fail.

76. All my life, every day and night, there will be no day your thought will not come to my heart. There is no day my lip will not say a prayer for you because you are important to me.

77. What this life has brought to me is special. I mean, you are that special gift every other person cannot get her type.

78. I miss your beautiful songs, your extraordinary beauty and the mistress like walking step that mesmerizes my heart.

79. Except you are not around, I am always in the mood to burst into the flame of joy anytime I set my eyes on you.

80. Just one hug from you will make me happy all day. A night with your thought will do an extra job for all I care.

Now that you have seen the collection of you mean so much to me quotes for her. What are you then waiting for? Keep choosing, keep sending. Keep appreciating. Endeavour to say a word or two of thanks when you have gotten the particular quote you need make your love smile in appreciation.

You readers mean so much to me!

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