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Oh My!!… How much have I missed my ‘ramblings’ and ‘ranting’. You guys would notice I’ve been too conservative of late!

Make una nor vex!

Elektra and some other personal issues took the most of my time! The Photo part of this blog has been challenging as well. Trying to hone my skills as a documentary photographer and also pushing my brand as an event photoblogger!

Please oh, help me tell a friend to tell a friend, I may need serious help with Deedeesblog soon! It’s becoming overwhelming! No be small thing!

Okay Enough of that! I’ve got gist. Where are all my male readers, come and book your space on this post!


What will a man’s eye not see?

How do male photographers even cope? You will go about jumping from one event to the other, snapping off beautiful ladies and ‘flirting’ at the same time, knowing fully well you are answerable to one madam at home – that’s for the married photographers.

God catch you, if you are now single and searching! Meeting all these ‘fine’ girls that is enough to last you a lifetime. How do we even come through with all our emotions when we all want to flirt but then struggle with our inner convictions not to!

I thank God for professionalism though.

I think that word works better for me.

Dee put on your glasses, focus in your viewfinder, cycle around your composition, ‘snap’ and not look back!

Professionalism is a blessing!

Where are the male photographers, can you guys relate?

But wait first, how do you guys deal? You just do your job ‘aye’?


To the proper gist, I was at the CAG Bloggers Forum in Ibadan last weekend and my ‘Lawd’ there were loads of beautiful bloggers rocking the blogging sphere. Now I see why my sister screams:

‘Dee, what creative thing have you done today? The sphere is rich and very competitive now!

She obviously has a couple of blogs she is following religiously; cult following I call it.

Well, Baby Sis, Come and read ‘me’ here! This is as creative as I can go! LOL!

CAG IBADAN had about 20 female bloggers to two guys (Yaaaas! I did a check count)  I think there are enough ladies to make we single guys love go around! Hehe! Enough of my stories joor.


This is not their real face oh – Or is it?

My guys, are any of you single? I know y’all are decent and all, but you are single, I know.

You know my advice? I’ve got a couple of very beautiful and creative single bloggers for you!

I just feel it is important that you stop wallowing in abject misery of being single and lonely (Are you enjoying it?) and join me here, let’s search very properly and find love possibly!

A lot of female bloggers are creative and stylish as well, very really! I have met a lot who are also doing well in their specific niches. I know a couple who are single and are ready to ‘mingle’.

I should call ‘em out? Oh Come on!? Don’t be mean! Is gossip blogging my niche? Trust me, some of them are reading this post now and they will feel like Dee wants to ‘Kiss and Tell’

Jack up your dating game! The blog just got richer! Don’t be shy! No? That’s not like my readers!

It’s find to find some real good loving!

Talk to Dee, Let me hook you Up!

Jump into my comment section below. Let’s Roll!!



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  • Reply
    John Annavi Olorire
    November 3, 2016 at 2:53 am

    Lovely piece Dee Dee. Your update was catchy all along from the Facebook update. I would have loved to catch up with you guys in Ib meet up.Just hearing about CAG.

    Anyways, how can I connect with the CAG Bloggers Forum?

    • Reply
      November 3, 2016 at 7:46 am

      Thank you John!

      Aww…so bad you missed it! It was fun and enlightening!

      I hope to see you again on the blog.

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