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Young and Trending PromKing’s Wedding Broke the Internet

Young and Trending PromKing's Wedding Breaking the Internet

Young and Trending PromKing’s Wedding Breaking the Internet. Check out these amazing inter-tribal wedding story of Kingdom from Abia State and Promise from Edo State here!

Join me and my wife for our wedding 5th of august in Warri….. William square hall Rice and stew very plenty, was the post that caught my attention when Kingdom shared the below beautiful pre-wedding pictures on Nairaland.

Check out the beautiful pre-wedding pictures that broke the internet

Dee Weddings Team caught up with the young couple recently and they had this beautiful story to share with the Team.

Kingdom started by saying:

We met through my brother  ‘Chuks’ who was friends with her.

One day she came home to our family house then we became friends, and that was how our relationship started.

I wondered who the cute babe was and her beauty and personality piqued my interest! I wanted to get to know her more!

Was it a case of Love at first sight?

Absolutely, it was. Kingdom beamed in smiles. I was attracted by her gentle demeanour and and her charisma. She was a dream lady to me. I wasted no time in moving forward and making her my friend.

Promise quipped in when asked about the relationship and love story:

He asked me out on 11 November 2015 and I said YES that same day because I was already into him and since I knew what I wanted in a man, I didn’t need to waste time in nodding to his advances.

Speaking about issues in the relationship:

There were no issues really. He is a pastor and to me, it was like he was God sent, when things came, we quickly dealt with it quickly; there was nothing major that came up during the course of our courtship and relationship.

What excites me about him is his lifestyle even though being a pastor he is hardworking and very very dedicated to any thing he does. To this relationship, he was truly hardworking and ensured that everything worked out from the initial stage till now. He is indeed a blessed soul!

Kingdom quickly contributed in this part and said happily:

What excites me about her is his her sincerity, truthfulness and the fact that she is so full of encouragement. 

We dated for 1 year and 9 months before our wedding.

When asked about why she said YES, Promise had this to say:

I said YES because I was already into him and I knew what I wanted for my life and my future! I did not think twice before responding in the affirmative when he proposed.

On their definition of LOVE, they both had this to say:

We believe love is a mutual understanding between both parties and if it is true forever will never be enough for the both of you.

Advice to ongoing relationships:

Our advice is if you truly and genuinely love your partner stay with him/her no matter what comes your way.

A beautiful love story it is. On behalf of the Dee Weddings Team, Congratulations on your togetherness and may God lay his hands of blessings on your home. We dedicate this beautiful ‘Simi’s song JOROMI to your family.

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