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Gossip, entertainment and celebrity websites have not remained the same ever since the story broke of Branjelina’s divorce. Hollywood shook as well, and there were a few tears, here and there. Even in their recent post mentioned idolization! Ido’ Wha?

This is not the first time we have heard of celebrity feuds and divorce cases, however there is something so catchy and different about ‘Branjelina’, that I needed to analyse the whole situation.

If you ask me, Celebrity divorces are not stopping anytime soon, trust me. From what we see every day in the tune of show off to various despicable things done on the internet, It would suffice to say that we await more divorce cases. However, the earlier we look into the mistakes these celebrities make, the better for ourselves and our future!

Here are the five lessons I have learned from the divorce of Anjelina and Brad!

1. No one is Perfect!

Tiger Woods quote on his divorce in 2010;

“I kept saying, ‘I failed!’ Admitting that I’m not perfect was a wonderful thing that came out of this. There’s this fear that everyone is going to be disappointed in you, but I’m human. I don’t live up to any sort of ideal.”

Remember you are not perfect, prone to mistakes and certainly vulnerable whether you are a celebrity or even an unknown. The earlier you realise that you are not above the law of love and that things that was built up beautifully can degenerate so dangerously to the point of divorce, the better for you handling your marriage properly and appropriately. Even in the face of daunting challenges, you always realise you are not perfect so you can stay through and stand strong!

Acknowledge the fact that your partner is not perfect, and forgiving becomes easier!

I am sure at some point, in the relationship, there would be moments where forgiveness would come in either for the sake of their status across the world or for that of their family, but then someone somewhere just wants to be off finally regardless of the reputation issue the divorce would lead to! Hmmmn!!

2. Heartbreaks here, Hurt and Disappointment there!

Most divorce don’t end in happiness. Whether you tussle over finance or even the kids, some other issues pop up just around the corner and some parties involved end up getting hurt.

Even if both adults are glad that they are finally tired of putting up with themselves. What about the tripling effect on family and friends. Even if families and friends don’t want them together, how about the children; what they would go through, how they would deal with the impact! The hurt, the life lessons, the confusion. What happens to their lives going forward?

Divorce leaves so much more to be desired, rather than us basking in the euphoria the social media frenzy has caused! The cascading effect creates a deeper vacuum then thought about!

3. KARMA is real

Whatever you do, always learn and know there is a repercussion/side effect and impact. Whichever school of thought you belong to; Atheist, Christian, Muslim or whatever your religious tenets are. You do bad and expect to go Scot free? Karma is lurking around the corner!

You don’t believe me? Check out ‘BRANJELINA” and be subdued!

4. Celebrity status comes with a price

Expect to have people come for you, no matter how beautiful, handsome, popular you are. Nobody is ready to listen to the fact that you are human too, and only attained the celebrity status as a result of your skill or art. The internet never forgives they say.

If you are a celebrity, expect bashing when things go wrong for you. Expect a lot of it, I tell you! Be very careful when making decisions about marriage, and always learn to keep your marriage in the secret. Everyone wants to be associated with a celebrity, but when things go wrong, the social media will go crazy! Market must Sell!

5. There is more to all the show-offs!

A lot of celebrities marriages I know are so full of unwanted and unreasonable show offs! You will wake up early in the morning and then mouth marriage/ wedding prayers like

‘Oh Lawd, I wish my wedding was like that of Branjelina!’

Hey Sweetie! Be careful what you wish for!

While it could be reasonable to have celebs you look up to in terms of their skills and art. Do not ever pray to have their kind of marriages. Heaven knows what they go through and what they come out to portray! A lot of celebrities in Nigeria for instance portray exciting family and household togetherness on the outside whereas they go through a lot worse behind the camera!

Marriage is all about hard-work, trust me! It goes into understanding your partner and being ready to work things through from top to bottom!

I will end with final words from

Divorce is a life changing and traumatic situation and one that should only be undertaken once ALL avenues to having a successful marriage have been fully exhausted. I believe all marriages, except those involving abuse or repeated infidelity, can be fixed and would encourage anyone thinking about divorce to reach out to a qualified professional to help save their marriage.














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