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10 Romantic SMS for boyfriend

1 You give me joy everyday. You bring happiness into my world and this means a whole lot to me. I appreciate your kindness and support that never stops. We may have a lot of people in this world, but this is just a pointer that I only know you and I totally belong to you in the midst of the world’s population. I love you so much darling and I hope you love me too.

2 I will show all the world that I am crazy about you. I will let them know that you mean a lot to me. I will walk the length and breadth of this universe to prove that it is only you and no one else. You are the living thing in me and I cherish every moment spent together. I will never take you or our love for granted because you are just special. You are the reason I want to fall in love over and over again. I love you darling.

3 Thank you for everything; for standing with me, standing by me, standing behind me and showing me all the support in my trying times. Your words of motivation still reels in my head till date and indeed I am grateful having someone like you in my life. I will always and forever love you darling because you mean a lot to me. I love you incredibly.

4 When you are bored and lonely, remember that I am just a call away. When you feel tired and weary, holla at me and let us talk, When you sad and feel terrible always know that my shoulder is there for you to lean on. I will be here to throw all my weight of support because you are on special and kin lover. I love you darling. You are siply the best.

5 When you are clogged and can’t think of anything, just close your eyes, mention my name and think of me. I will be there in my mind to minister to your soul. That is the extent of our love and relationship. I love you darling, one love keeps us together.

6 when the morning comes, you will be the early morning dawn, when the noon comes, you will be the strength that I need, and when the night comes, you will be the beautiful evening breeze that will come calm me to sleep. You bring joy and happiness to my world, you are great and I love you baby.

7 You are a very sweet lady. Your attitude and emotions drive me crazy. You love LOVE and everything it stands for. I love your kind of love and it suits me perfectly. Your love is caring, forgiving and spiritual. It takes a very mature individual to love in your own way, and that makes you special. I love you so much.

8 I feel so in love with you. You are the definition of a beautiful love story that I am about to write soon. You soothe me like the balm that I use on my aching feet. Always know that for better for worse, I am sticking with you. You are lovely and I love you so much. Thank you for all you have brought into my life. I adore you.

9 You are the song that has refused to stop in my heart. You are the person that my heart desires forever. I will never leave you because I don’t know where I will meet someone like you again. We are going to be together forever, I am sure of this. Thank you for making me ME. I will forever appreciate that. Thank you for everything dear.

10 My love, my life, my sweetheart, my everything. What I feel for you is real and my kind of love is just meant for one person, which is YOU. You brought joy into my life and you have made me feel alive in love again. I appreciate this and I thank you so much for your love and support. I love you!


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