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Freaky Paragraphs For Your Lover

Freaky paragraphs

Freaky paragraphs for a lover: You love your partner in a freaky way? Then check these freaky paragraphs out.

1. You are my life that I dwell in; you are the joy that my heart feels every morning and night. I love your smile, your height, your complexion, your body, and your soul if I can see it. I love you lips the way they taste whenever I have an encounter with them. They are like a sandwich full of cream and chocolate. The way your eyes move makes me feels deep joy in my heart. I love you.

2. I may not be that sweet guy but to some extent, will show you some degree of romance you won’t like to escape your heart. I shall keep you happy all your life as it is my responsibility. No matter what, your love will not live my heart. It will keep increasing every day just like a river rises with time. It will always be there when you need it most.

3. Life is Hell when there is no love. Life is war when there is o passion. Life is nothing when you are not there. This is why I want to always be with you every day of my life. I want to be your superstar and the one you cherish with all your heart. I want to be the reason why you are always happy.

4. I have been in pain all my life until I met you as a God sent mercy. You came to wipe away my tears with your skill in love. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see my past pains being broken away. I began to love myself since the day you came into my life. I am lucky that I met you.

5. With you, I believe I can still make this life a perfect place to live. When you accepted my proposal, I was happy as I saw a wife material in you. I love your calmness, the gentleness with which you handle problems and the wisdom you apply when things get out of hand.

6. If I can make you smile every day of your life; I will. I shall make sure that I put a smile on your face every single day of your life. Give me all reasons to love you with all my life so that I will sacrifice it for you. Be the reason why I’m happy so that the world will be at peace

7. Your thoughts have taken over my heart to an extent that I can no longer think for myself. It has reached that point in which I don’t need any other thing again except to see your beautiful face. I love your smile too as it gives me this wonderful feeling as though I’m in the paradise. I love you, my sweet love.

8. I have been so sad since the day you left and this really makes me show some concerns about my life. I am so lonely and my heart is being accumulated with pain every single day just because I could not see you. I will wait until you are back once again to make me smile forever. I love you, my lady.

9. Take me to space where I can only see your face full of love, passion and powerful smile. Let me feel the impact of your love in my life. Though, this life will not be fine until we find a way to meet to depart no more. You are the smile that appears on my cheek, the laugh that comes from the inner part of my heart.

10. A sweet chocolate angel like you is not more than one on this earth and it is you. I love your eyes as they glow like a pearl just found beside a beautifully flowing river. It is like a chain of joy that I love to ear around my neck forever. I will like to taste the two lips that stand in the middle of your head. I love you.

11. You are the heart that beats in my heart; you are the sun that shines on me every day while I smile. You are an angel that spread the mat of endless love in my life, I love you so much that nothing can stop me from sacrificing everything I have to make you happy. I will always be yours for the rest of my life. Great things began to come my way the first day I set my eyes on you. Let me tell you something special, you are the most beautiful flower in the rose garden.

12. If I can tell you something special, it will have been to say you are my second nature because in you I found another reason to smile again. I was so tired thinking that this world will no longer bring joy to me until I met you and every story changed. The day I met you will forever be remembered in my life. I love you.

13. I realized that I can’t live in this world alone without your presence so managed to reach out to the depth of your heart so that you will always be by my side. You are my pearl whose face is full of light that makes me feel deep joy in me.

14. I have never come across a treasure of love like you. Can’t you see how beautiful you are? Except that I don’t see you in a day, will not be completely flabbergasted by your presence. Your gorgeous look; your beautiful face; your powerful smile that precious virtue that you gathered alone make life a better place for me to live.

15. The most beautiful thing I have seen ever is your wonderful smile. You are a nice lady and this will always make me happy because there is no pearl comparable to you among the ones I’ve seen before. I love you with my life and wish to make me happy forever.

16. My rose, your fragrance smells passion and the passion mesmerizes my heart as it sets a blazing fire of love in it. I will never forget you in this world because you are my life itself. I cannot sleep without hearing your voice in a day. I will die if you leave me. I love you.

17. Let the world know that I have a queen that is always where I am. She takes good care of me and always the reason why I smile. Whenever I look into your eyes, I see a paradise. I see something lovely that will always be the reason for my strength.

18. If I can take you to a palace whose bricks are built of love, happiness, and compassion, I will have done so to make my life more joyful for me. You don’t know how much I love you. You don’t have the idea of the special feeling I have for you. A mountain of love, how are you?

19. Thank God for this wonderful gift of a cute angel. I love your lifestyle, your personality and the way you look into my eyes whenever we are together. Every moment with you reminds me of how a strawberry used to taste. This means that you are the reason why I am always lively.

20. I may not be able to let you know how the kind of love I have for you makes my heart beats whenever I see or think of you and those beautiful moments we spent together but I want you to know that your love in me has grown to a very strong level that cannot be easily taken for granted.

21. It is not easy to find a damsel looking angel like you anywhere on this earth. You are like a paradise to me whenever I see you. I don’t know the kind of spirit that spray beauty on you but I must confess that you are extremely pretty my super lady.

22. I fell deeply in love with you the very first day I set my eyes on you. This has made me become a man always searching for his missing rib just to be happy in a day. I want to tell you this simple truth, and it is the fact that I can’t think straight unless I see you beside me.

23. I have decided to spend the rest of my life with you because I have seen a great light in your eyes the first day you smiled at me. I saw this calmness that has no pretense in it and then concluded that you are the kind of lady I wanted as a wife. I love you.

24. Loving you will always make me happy and the reason is that you have a very beautiful personality. You should be celebrated every single day of your life. I am so much in love with you to the extent that a second departure from you makes me think the world has come to an end.

25. Sweetheart, whenever you are not with me; I feel like I’ completely empty. In fact, I feel miserable until I see you once again. I love your smile, calmness, caring attitude and many other qualities that qualify you as the kind of man I have been dreaming about. I am at the edge of expecting a good move (The move is for him to propose marriage but don’t tell him directly, just say a move) from you.

26. I love your idea of a romantic lifestyle you live with me; it shows that a prince like you is not more than one. It is a great experience that I met you in a life full of ups and downs. I will always love you until the end of time. I love you, my prince.

27. There is this wonderful sparkling light that emanates from your eyes; it signifies the special love that exists in your noble heart. I promised never to love any other person again because to me, you are God sent and I understood it to true. I love you, my superhero.

28. Let the entire ladies in the world know that you are my queen. Let them understand that you have no other love among men save me. I will do the same without hesitations because I finally realize that you are my heartbeat and no one can take that role again.

29. I am so happy that you accepted my proposal. This gives me a precious feeling of love and joy which will always be appreciated forever. If I look into the past, I shake my head and then shed tears that I really miss a lot has not been with you those days I suffered pain. I love you.

30. A heart that is broken when it finds a better love heals and become stronger and happier than ever. Indeed, you repaired my broken heart with your love and care. Your sympathetic nature was showered on my advantage and then you revived the dead love in me. I love you.

31. Thank you for always been there when I actually need you most. Thank you for your jokes and stories of love you tell to me. I will forever appreciate the fact that you are always the reason why I wanted to be stronger the other day. I want to make you happy all your life.

32. I may not be a superstar or a multi-millionaire but will try all my best to give you the best life you want around me. I will try all my best to make you happy so that your already beautiful face will be upgraded.

33. To my beloved guy, what is it that you want and I will do it for you? Just let me know what is happening in the deepest part of your heart about me and then I will give my heart to you to manage. I just want to say I love you.

34. I found out about an angel in my dreams and then when I woke up, it was you next to me. I thought you were just a human but then when you smiled realized that you are of the land of beauty. I love your life.

35. If I can bring this world to your kneel so that you climb on it to see the entire universe I will have done so for the sake of a beautiful view that will make you happy. If you want me to climb the highest mountain, I will do because of you worth such level of attention with me.

36. I thought that love has ended until I met you. Truly, it is not my fault that I fell in love with you in this manner. I become so precious in attitude since the day you became my girlfriend. I used to be arrogant but today I am one of the simplest guys ever.

37. I wish to see your enticing face, your priceless eyes that glow like a diamond star. I want to find myself dwelling in you, enjoying the odor of your body that comes with great passion. I am solemnly in love with you like never before. I love you.

38. If this is a complete pain of or mess, you are one of the solutions that will eradicate its effect on a soul. This is because I don’t know what pain is since the day I set my eyes on you. You changed many things about me which I cannot possibly imagine before now. I love you.

39. I want to let you know that a day with you is like a million happiness. Such happiness that counts in millions will make a man happy all his life. I am so glad that I met you in a lifetime. I will always love you till the end of time.

40. With your love always running through my vain, I realized that the world has got a gift from heaven. Luckily enough, you came into my life as a beautiful motivation that I will not forget for the rest of my life.

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