Home Remedies For Firming Saggy Breasts

Strictly adhering to some of the home remedies that has proven to help others in the past will help you get results you want so badly on your breasts.  Asides exercises and massages which has been vouched for as the top on the list of how to keep your breasts firm and in shape, below, we will explore many more home remedies that will be of help.

1. Breast Exercise

home remedies for sagging boobs

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Women whose breasts have dropped significantly and others who specific exercises that help with the pectoral muscles and tissues around the chest and they go a long way in adding to the breast’s firmness. Some of those special exercises that helps with the shape and firmness of the breasts includes round-about push-ups, chest presses and dumbbell flyes. With pectoral exercises being one of the best ways to achieve firmness, the other most popular and easier exercise to engage in is push-ups which strengthen the pectoral muscles from beneath the breasts.

The end result of these simple yet effective chest exercises is reduction of excess fat deposits in the chest region which in turn help in shaping up the breasts. For those who can do the rigorous bit, lifting weights, arm curls and so many other variations can help when trying to get your chest muscles working like they should. In the case where you are not buoyant enough to pay a personal trainer, you can check the internet for video guides at almost no cost.

While engaging in the exercises highlighted above are effective, they become even more effective when you equip yourself with a supportive or sports bra while on it.

2. Yoga


Various studies about the benefits of yoga being a primary mechanism of toning and increasing the flexibility of the human body as a whole have been widely conducted. Some of the toning going on in the body while engaging in yoga can be channeled into the breasts depending on the yoga positions being practiced as different yoga styles have the specific part of the body they aim to improve while the positions that focus on the shoulders, upper arms, upper body and pectorals have been proven to be the best way known for adding firmness to breasts by people engaging in yoga.

The triangle pose, cobra pose and the standing forward bend has been known and recommended by people who have been practicing yoga for long as the best positions for strengthening the chest muscles. Some yoga positions have been known to counter the effects of gravity which is a major cause of fallen breasts, positions such as the backbends, headstands and inverted leg stretch has been proven to reverse the negative effects of gravity on women’s breasts.

3. Massage

Olive Oil is very good for breast massage

Massaging the breasts with whatever variety of olive oil up to three times in a week will go a long way in improving the skin tone, texture and adding firmness to the skin. Not only that, it will also tone the chest area and increase the elasticity of the skin in the long run. As proven by renowned researchers, massage basically draws blood to the surface of the skin as a way of stimulating muscle growth, cell repair and several other factors that help reduce the appearance and complexity of fallen breasts, all of these through the help of increased blood flow.

4. General Physical Activity

Some day to day behaviors and physical activities that seem unavoidable are in unknown ways detrimental to the firmness of the breasts.  Habits and activities like jogging, excessive forward bending and running can all act as a speeding agent that makes the breasts sag faster.

The jerking motion the breasts imitates while engaging in these activities stretches the skin and the chest area is not left out, thereby, continuous engagement in these activities will make correction of sagging breasts a daunting task. However, due to the many health related benefits of activities like running and jogging, most women still want to engage in them, the ideal solution for people in this category is to buy fitted sports bra that restricts the movement of the breasts. If it doesn’t sound like an awkward idea for you, you can actually consider wearing two sports bra for even more movement restriction during running, jogging and other sporting activities.

5. Posture

Poor and wrong postures are often overlooked as a cause of sagging breasts. By frequently hunching your forward and lowering your shoulder occasionally, you deprive your breasts of structural support thereby making them hang freely and at the mercy of gravitational forces. Women with big breasts often suffer back and muscle pain due to their bad postures which makes their breasts prone to sagging at an early age.

6. Special Bras


Putting the type of bras to choose into consideration when your fallen boobs are becoming noticeable is important. There is need to not sit in your home and order for bras online, you need to go out there into stores and retail outlets to purchase the kind of bras that will keep your breast in place, keep it high, and makes it firm. There are specially made bras in the market equipped with strong holders in form of support at the cup bottoms and they help in lifting and keeping the breasts firm. As earlier stated, simply walking into a lingerie store is all you need to do on your own part, store attendants will point you in the right direction as in the type of bras you can get to best suit your needs.

7. Essential Oils

Some of the essential oils that can aid and help improve the firmness of the mammary glands includes, cypress oil, lemongrass oil, spearmint oil, fennel oil and carrot oil. Constant application of these essential oils can help strengthen the properties in charge of restoring the elasticity of the skin. All you need to do to rejuvenate those properties is to massage your breasts regularly with these oils at chosen intervals during the day.

Be extra careful to not use more than two drops diluted in carrier oil every time you intend to massage your breast as two drops of oil are more than enough to duly serve the intended purpose at every point you want to apply it, besides, direct and excessive application can cause a burning sensation in the body. So, it is in your best interest to, in the absence of carrier oil mix the essential oils alongside vegetable oil. In order to get the most out of the essential oils application, you should endeavor to massage for up to 15 minutes to better improve the blood flow and properly stimulate cell repair. Massaging of the breast should be done between four to five times in a day.

8. Breast Mask

Women who have too much on their hands should consider a breast mask which requires little to no effort as it can be used just once in a week to get maximum effectiveness. To prepare a breast mask is easy, all you need is a cucumber, an egg yolk some butter or natural cream in the absence of butter.

home remedies for sagging boobs

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When the needed ingredients are complete, blend all into a smooth paste and apply on your breasts allowing the paste to comfortably sit for half an hour or thereabout depending on how long you want it there. When you are satisfied with the amount of time the paste has spent sitting there, you can then wash it off. This technique is good for strengthening the tissues in the chest area and they in turn add noticeable amount of firmness to the breasts.

9. Ice Massaging

home remedies for sagging boobs

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Ice massaging is another efficient homemade remedy to get saggy breasts back into their former glory. Using two cubes of ice to massage the breasts in a circular motion every now and then will surely help. The ice massage should not be done for more than a minute as the skin is sensitive and it can get numb from having ice on it for too long. This simple act will help tighten and tone the skin around the breast area.

Cold temperatures have been known to naturally tighten up the skin and slow down cellular movement. What the ice does in essence is to make the chest tissues contract thereby making the breasts appear firmer and lifted. This technique becomes more effective when a fitting bra is put on immediately after the ice massage, lying down face up right after will allow the cold water sink in the more and reach the core of the mammary glands thereby leading to increased effectiveness. The proper way to go about this is to apply two cubes of ice in a circular motion around each breasts, dry with a soft towel immediately after, put on a fitting bra, stay in a reclining position for half an hour, repeat multiple times in a day.

10. Vegetable Oil

home remedies for sagging boobs

As mentioned under the essential oils, vegetable oils like grape seed oil and almond oils can be massaged unto the breasts to help nourish the skin, tone the structure and give the breasts extra suppleness. Women who have been using the home remedies for long also add essential oils like the olive oil to the mixture to increase the effectiveness of the application.

Reading through these tips and concluding you have finally gotten a hold on how to magically transform your saggy breasts will only mislead you as along with the recommended home remedies for Sagging Boobs and exercises. It is better to prevent having saggy breasts than to wait till the deed is done.

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