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Hi Guys, Missed Deedee?

Sorry, I have had a lot on my plate of late; from work to events coverage to networking, to even re-branding and socializing. I’ve been everywhere. You know that feeling you get when you intend to take your blog to another level and then as the lone ranger that you are, you need to do all the work by yourself.

Apologies for not dropping a lot of posts, I hope to work on being consistent going forward, dropping my witty gists as it’s HOT!.

I almost missed this email that dropped into my box last week, but surfing through the mail box this morning, I sauntered on the email by Joshua.

Interesting as it was, I should have responded to Josh like almost immediately, but I felt it would be better if I drop this for my blog readers so they could relate and advise as appropriate.

Hi Deedee

I stumbled on your blog when I read your comments on the naijasinglegirls blog and ever since I have been visiting.

Amazing work you are doing here, and I’m sure you will get better with time. It’s so queer seeing a guy blog about relationships in a niche where you think, ladies are very good at. Kudos! ( Thank you Josh! I hope to get better with my delivery)

That said, I will make this post as short as possible, However I think it is key if I told you about the beginning before jumping into the middle and then the end.

I am a 26 years old engineer, working on one of the oil firms in the Country, My better part of the year is spent offshore (I spend 3 months off shore, and then come to onshore – Port Harcourt for my 3 weeks break). My busy schedule as made me non-sociable. Not that I can’t/don’t socialize but really, my busy lifestyle has gotten the better of me.

Last Month, I was just sitting bored in my office and decided to surf through hashtags on Instagram, there was this particular one #beautifulnigerians where I stumbled on a picture of one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, Danie. Quickly, I slid into her DM and complimented her beauty, to my surprise she responded gratefully.

“Awwww…Thank you”

By that time I was already thinking of what to say, I introduced myself and I asked her questions.

Danie is a Beauty consultant and a blogger. It was fun from the first.

I continued ‘sliding’ and chatting. Her responses were friendly and accommodating.

We started chatting regularly and I realized that both of us, had huge dreams, she loves what I like, and then she is very witty and sensitive. I realized that I couldn’t get enough of our chat. We continued chatting everyday for a month before I realized that each day without her chat translates to a boring day for me.

From Instagram, we exchanged numbers and moved to WhatsApp, I started calling her, she starting calling back. Within two months, we had talked about big dreams, and awesome ambitions. We usually make each other laugh when we are both bored with work.

The third month of our InstaChatting, and Whatsapping, I realized I was beginning to feel a strong connection between us. I will wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes to mind is Danie!

Butterflies all up in my stomach, by butterflies, I mean ‘wild nauseating feeling’ and a ‘rush of adrenaline’ making my heart beat in heavy spasms. There was something different about our conversation that makes me look forward to chatting with her through out the day.

We decided to take it a step further, Skype videos. It was an amazing feeling ever for me and then she confessed she liked me from the onset.

At the fourth month, I could not bear the thought of not having her chat with me everyday of the week. I voiced out my feelings and told her about my concerns at this our social media togetherness.

To my surprise, she talked of same too, that she was beginning to like me very much and then she looks forward to our chats and skype videos everyday.

Our last skype video lasted over 4 hours. Crazy, yea? I could really sense something special happening.

Deedee, I think I am in love with Danie! Funny right!? I told my colleagues and friends about this and I find their conclusions confusing. While some say it is right to fall in love on social media, some spelt that it could the beginning of my doom!

I told Danie about the way I feel anyway, and she responded in the affirmative too. But here lies my confusion, my feelings are sane, my thoughts well aligned and I know I feel happy chatting with her and all.

But can we fall in love through the social media? Is online dating really real? I have seen a lot of stories online but I just need to be understood by the 21st century young, single and eligible men out there!

I am confused Deedee. Please help!

Family?, what do you think? What has experience thought you? What advice do you have for Josh! I know you all have stuffs locked up inside to say to this email.

Pray tell, advise by dropping your comments below.

Yours in Love


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  • Reply
    August 7, 2016 at 8:17 am

    Hi Josh. It’ll be wise to meet this babe in person, if u still feel the same way after talking to her, then congrats. If you have marriage in mind, you will live with the real person and not the social media “person “. Dee, waiting to read ur comment.

  • Reply
    Salmah barbie abdulsalam
    August 7, 2016 at 9:42 am

    Josh sounds awfully like a lot of people i know, I think he should give it a try. After all you can’t pick and choose where you find love. I should be doing a post on this topic real soon. Stay glued to my blog..

  • Reply
    August 7, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    Hi Josh, it’s very possible to fall in love with someone online.. But as a guy, I wud suggest u meet this lady and get to know more abt her before u move to the next level… You need to be sure of her before anything…. Online love cud cause more danger than u ever bargain for…

  • Reply
    Mr Amodu
    August 7, 2016 at 10:05 pm

    Hmmmm don’t be confuse my dear, taking from experience, it’s actually not bad at all. I mean both of you share a lot in common, have fun with each other
    (although only through the Internet till now),
    and may already have a crush on each other(I
    guess). That’s exactly how a relationship
    You only need the last step: meet each other

    in real and make sure you are comfortable
    with each other not only on the Internet but
    also in reality. Because sometimes the crush
    online doesn’t work in reality. Don’t be shy
    and just give a try. Otherwise you may lose
    someone who may walk you through the whole
    Good luck!
    And don’t forget to be more careful. Notify me when you reply my comment.

  • Reply
    August 7, 2016 at 11:00 pm

    I think it’s better to meet her first. There’s no crime trying, so far it’s dating and not diving str8 into marriage. Josh should give it a shot if what he sees is in resonance with what he wants..

  • Reply
    August 8, 2016 at 7:13 am

    Well I don’t have a personal experience about online dating.
    But I think its common sense to meet each other…. If the feeling is still very strong afterwards. Then it might be Love!

    And I hope Josh is matured enough to handle the trust issues and other ish that comes with long distance relationship…. Its so sad you guys are not in the same location. That would have really helped.

    Because its one thing to fall in love, and its another ball game to trust each other.

  • Reply
    August 8, 2016 at 8:26 am

    Hi Deedee. I think Josh should meet her in person first probably as much as he can before concluding. When on social media, we tend to be more free with our words and telling everything about ourselves since we are typing and not seeing face to face. I think this means there is some genuine connection between you two.

    Love finds you anywhere; but you just have to be careful about everything online these days.

  • Reply
    August 8, 2016 at 8:03 pm

    I have been here, too many times.
    Here is my $0.02 advice:

    1. It is plenty of work as time goes by.
    Communication via texting isn’t easy.
    Distance isn’t easy.
    If you are willing to sit through with all of it, jump right in

    2. You would have to meet up to see that there is no awkwardness offline
    (This is the scary part)
    And the sooner that happens, the better

    3. There would be plenty of lonely days and nights, I hope you’d be prepared

    4. Just make sure there is plenty of trust from both angles

    I wish you best of luck.
    It’s not easy but when it’s worth it, it’s worth it.

  • Reply
    August 12, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    Nothing wrong in meeting on Instagram but your relationship must not be built on Instagram. By your busy work life, it seems you have no time for people around you, so if you are not ready for physical intimacy, keep off. Don’t even think about long distance relationship

  • Reply
    August 20, 2016 at 7:53 am

    […] I know you guys have been expecting my response email to Joshua on the Instagram love post, yea? For those that did not know about the email I received from Joshua. Well, I shared it here, just click and read here. […]

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