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Amazing Home Remedies For Sagging Boobs

home remedies for sagging boobs

Home Remedies For Sagging Boobs – You may feel this article is not for you, but trust me after checking it out, you will have no choice than to drop a comment of gratitude in the comment section below.

Truth is whether you age or not. Your boobs will SAG.

Yes, seriously, a lot of factors from birthing, feeding babes to other lifestyle issues will contribute to your breasts losing the form that gave you the confidence and faith as a woman.

Now You See I have your attention, read on!

The dream of every woman regardless of age, tribe and race is to have breasts that are firm and perfectly shaped throughout their lifetime. Sadly, reverse is the case for several women out there and this occurrence is never due to their own undoings, thing is, saggy breast is a phenomena that is not uncommon especially for women who are in their prime.

home remedies for sagging boobs

Breast sagging has been classified as a natural process that happens as women age thereby making their mammary glands lose its elasticity and suppleness, though, the issue of saggy breasts can be referred to as a cosmetic one, people who have them often suffer from rock bottom low self esteem as they feel hopeless with the situation that has marred their physical appearance.

Ideally, women breasts do not start the process of getting saggy until they are well above 40, regardless, there are many other factors that can contribute to some women experiencing this earlier than the stipulated time, asides ages, some of the other factors includes but not limited to pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss, wearing poorly fitted bra, eating disorder, menopause and breastfeeding.

home remedies for sagging boobs

Although breastfeeding tends to take all the blame for saggy breasts, it is not the lone cause of drooping breasts, out of the ordinary and exceptional cases of breast sagging usually occur due to one of this many reasons; respiratory conditions like tuberculosis, excessive nicotine ingestion, alcohol and carbonated beverages, breast cancer etc.

Owning to the fact that breasts do not have muscles but are majorly made up of fats, connective tissues and milk producing glands, they need to be properly cared for in order to keep them firm for a very long time.

Out of the context of this article, there are a wide variety of both tested and untested products like creams and lotions scattered everywhere on the market and they all claim to tone up and help tighten sagging breasts. However, if you are the cautious type that is ever looking out for side effects of manufactured products thereby placing a preference on natural products over the other type of available solutions, you are on the right page as we will list out with instructions tested and trusted natural home remedies you can give a try without hurting your pocket.

Not to worry, we have done our home work by carrying out an extensive research about the many home remedies available to tackle the issue of breast sagging but, the number of home remedies out there that claims to be of help is alarmingly high, so, we made a list and filtered them down to ice massaging, olive oil massaging, vegetable oils, constant pectoral exercises, cucumber and egg mask, various essential oils and constant pectoral exercises. We do realize how important and urgent breastfeeding mothers want to regain their firmness but, there is need to take precautionary measures while contemplating on the kind of exercises and diet change that is suitable for you and your baby during pregnancy.

Before we dive fully into the solutions for breast sagging, it is important to understand the root cause of the phenomena so you can take preventive measures while undergoing treatments.

Causes of Breast Sagging

home remedies for sagging boobs

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1. Aging

Age is one of the main culprits when it boils down to reasons why women breasts are losing their firmness. Just like the old saying that is still valid in today’s world, size is really not important but, having a firm and nicely shaped breast goes a long way in keeping the mammary glands healthy and effective. According to various studies, when a woman attains the prime age of 30, the body lose its firmness and begins to blend in with the changes that come along with aging.

2. Pregnancy and breastfeeding

According to a research carried out at different times by the Oregon Institute of Breast Education and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, breastfeeding mothers and women who have gone through pregnancy eventually have loose chest tissues during and after nursing a child.

3. Diseases

As earlier mentioned in the introductory paragraph, some diseases have been known to aid fallen breasts with breast cancer and respiratory conditions like tuberculosis leading the pack, these diseases do not out of the blue contribute to breast sagging, but, because they attack the cells and cause a significant amount of weakening in the internal body structure, they get in the way of the support being received by the breasts from the body system thereby causing them to sag and fall.

4. Diet and lifestyle

This is by far the best and the most effective way to go about correcting saggy breasts as it is done through basic organic home remedies. The best part about this is, it does not have any side effect and going on a diet is a less expensive option to opt for.  Over time, excessive consumption of carbonated beverages, alcohol and nicotine have all been associated with speeding up the aging agents in the body and also weakening the body structure in the process.

Therefore, it is advised to stay away from the listed culprits as a form of diet and doing so has been proven over time to be an effective way to improve breasts firmness. Not everyone can go on a diet, so it is advised to consult your personal doctor or specialist before making the decision of going on a diet as there are various lotions and creams that can be recommended for you to use that might tighten your breasts faster. One other relatively safe method is going under the knife but its effectiveness over time cannot be vouched for and errors during surgery might lead to even a bigger complication. So, it is advised to opt for “diet” instead.

Let’s get on to the home remedies for sagging boobs on the next page.

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