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I received a lot of emails and texts from guys in recent times asking me to put up some of my s*xting ideas even after asking them to read out the collection of dirty and freaky paragraphs that I have here. I guess it is time to do that post, we all crave for. Right?

Hot s*xting paragraphs to send to a girl

I like it so when your body is pressed on mine. I enjoy it when you hug me so tight. I can feel your warm body pressed against my masculinity. I love it when the twin mound on your chest press against mine and then you slowly and gradually let your slip play the really intense play with my earlobes. It drives in and out slowly like a lizard that darts in and out of its hole! I love when your full body rest in a straight lines one. I like it when you go slow by moving back and forth checking out the lines of my back. I love how hard you are when I press you. I love the colour of your skin as it matches your lips. I love it when I kiss so roughly but you still manage to call my name and tell me not to stop! I love the crazy look in your eyes when you are so intensely passionate and you want me to go step further into you!

That time, I pause, take a deep breath and will continue where I stopped!

I like it when you make feel in total control, allowing me to do all the dirty things to you. I like it when you put me down only knees and rest your sexy face on mine. I like the way our lips touch when I have knelt down in front you wanting to lick you all over. I love you when you moan so sexily and urged me to go on! I love how you never get tired of doing dirty things and allow me to do freaky things to you.

I love you when you tell me, I own every part of your body and I can do anything I like or want to it! I love it when I LOVE YOU!


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