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One Paragraph of Love – Ready to share the one paragraph of love to the one person that you love. Sometimes just a simple one paragraph is enough to turn many things around. Send your one paragraph of love to the one person your heart beats for and see his/ her token of appreciation.

Let your one paragraph of love be unique and special. Love paragraphs are really great for lovers. See mine below:

My love, My heart, My love paragraph. It is you I wish for, every second, every minute and every day. I crave for you in a special way. My heart beats for you in a crazy way. I appreciate the first time you walked into my life and I will forever remember that one night you said yes to me, to our our love. To the fact that you were ready to climb the mountains and face all the challenges with me. You are so special, different and heaven sent, and I can’t just appreciate you enough for making me a better human. My love for you keep growing and our relationship keeps waxing stronger. Our love is the most beautiful and rarest gift I have ever gotten from God. I have been in love before but the love has always been wrong. With you everything seems so right and perfect. Not that we have not had our fair share of fighting and arguments, but because you have always stayed with me through it all so we could sort it all out together. We are just like Siamese twins because you are always with me physically and mentally. I will never forget your advice, word of support and providing the perfect shoulder for me to rest on. I will always love you darling. Thanks for being my paragraph of love.

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