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Love Dope Rap Lyrics And Best Romantic Rap Lines Ever

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Love has gone beyond just sending the best love messages that you can find around. It also goes into leveraging your creativity to pull together a collection of word play to create dope rap lyrics for the man/ woman of your dreams.

What do we mean by dope rap lyrics?

Dope rap lyrics are the lyrics that you another person gets to listen to and classify the lyrics as dope! Hey you’ve got dope rap lyrics up your sleeve! I think you may need to rap it out for the man/ woman that you love! He/ she will surely get the dope rap lyrics message.

Here is my dope rap lyrics for the woman that I love! Share your thoughts with me when you are through with my dope rap lyrics!

My Cool dope rap lyrics for my Woman

Verse 1

When I saw you yesterday I was sure you were that black gold
I pushed the boundaries and moved close to you even before you were told
You have an amazing personality and I was sure you were more than a node
Any guy who must surely walk up to you definitely has to be bold
I moved a bit closer to you start and all of a sudden you said you were leaving
Hell No, you wouldn’t want to leave a young man with good intentions standing
You never really cared, you said you had an auction in which you were bidding
But I told you, it doesn’t matter, we could both get ahead and leave the building
You flipped, rolled your eyes, dilated you pupils and all of a sudden you were ranting
Hey baby, you need to calm down, I am a good guy and I’m all for your taking
A good lady will not rant on a guy whose love is all he wants for the shaping
You were obstinate and you told me all guys are only just playing
All they wanna do is have a woman selfishly and add then to the life they are living
Just in case you don’t know, you are a very special lady even if your eyes were red
My intention is to love you and not even think of taking you to bed
I will keep my manhood in check and let all lustful feelings about you rest
All I want is a super and strong woman who will pass the love test and simply be the best


Oh Baby you are my love
Oh baby it is you I trust
Oh baby I will never lust
Oh baby you are my pulse


If you have my love, I will
Give you all my trust
You will never have to leave in a bus
Because I will be all that you want
Even when you think it is all lost
My love will be filling till it bursts

Verse 2

We may not be perfect in everything we do, we may even fight
But know one thing for sure, my love will not allow you leave in the night
I will try to make everything perfect with you with all my might
You deserve to understand how this things work and know my plight
Everything may seem wrong at some point but I will make it right
I have always experienced darkness but now you are my light
Even when things be come difficult and situations start to become tight
You will be the only one who would be with me until I reach that enviable height
Let our love be the solution to all that problems that come
So that we can weather the storm and be the thunder that storms
I will make our love and romance so fiery that every other guy that see you will run
They will see you everyday and realize you are no longer a pun
You are a special being and truly deserve a man who would make you fun
That is why I am ever thankful you came my way and now I am better
I will be your sun and stars and you will be my water
And I am sure no one in this whole can put our love asunder
You will be my lieutenant and I will forever know my self as your commander

What do you think about this dope rap lyrics, are they romantic rap lines as well? Let me have your thoughts!

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