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Detailed S*xting Paragraphs To Send To A Girl To Turn Her On

sexting paragraphs to send to a girl

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I received a lot of emails and texts from guys in recent times asking me to put up some of my s*xting ideas even after asking them to read out the collection of dirty and freaky paragraphs that I have here. I guess it is time to do that post, we all crave for. Right?

The Best Love Letter Paragraphs for Her to Win Her Heart

Our women should be one of our early priorities in life because they deserved to be respected, loved and celebrated. They play great impacts in our life, as our partners, they support us both physically and emotionally. They feel for us whenever we are down and wish they can take our place whenever we are in pain. If you actually love your woman, it is time to appreciate her for who she is. Don’t let her cry for nothing. Be a good husband to her or a nice fiancé to your angel. Onset, you should always find beautiful ways to entice your woman.

We have written lots of messages before now which we believe you will like to read too:

Here are the latest love paragraphs for her

1. Our happiness began the first day we met and up till this moment, this very glory still exists between us. I will always appreciate the fact that I met you in life because every single moment I spend with you always ends in love and passion. I have never seen a woman as special as you are before. Your laughter, that powerful smile of yours is more reason why I fall in love with you every seconds of my life. You thought has occupied my heart and therefore, wish we will always be together for the rest of my life. Baby, wherever you may be, just understand that someone, somewhere really loves you and would like to spend the rest of his life with you. Do not forget me even for once. Don’t give up on me because I will never stop remembering you. I love you, believe me. How about our son, I hope he is coping over there? Tell him that daddy really miss him and will soon reconcile.

2. Sometimes, I sit down to recall the shining face I used to see right before me, and then feel sad because you are not beside me. I feel sad and lonely because those powerful smiles of yours are not be easily accessed. I truly love you and will like to always find you beside me. Truly, your beauty is super sparking, nice to the beholder. Your legs are so sweet to see; after all they belong to me. Whenever I wake up next to you, the first thing I see is your beautiful face as you touch me and you smile and your mouth whispering wake up honey. I will always wish that I have such privilege for the rest of my life; however, today you are not by my side. The only this I know how to do now is to hold the pillow that can’t even represent you at all. Baby, come back soon, so I can see your beautiful face once more.

3. I am missing you badly. In fact loneliness has eaten deep into my heart and the only remedy I have is to see your face once again. I don’t know how to stop thinking about you because the reflection of the moments we shared together keeps occurring to me. I love my life because I have you by my side. This is the reason why I will always thank God for bringing a kind heart angel like you into my world. I love everything about you so do not panic, because I will never forsake you for any reason until you prove otherwise and then I will leave you for love. Over the past three months, I have been longing to see you once again but God’s willing, after this national mission we shall reconcile once again.

4. For so long, I have trusted you so let your mind be at rest. I am not afraid that you are far away from me because distance does not really matter if two hearts can be faithful to each other. We are now in the era of telecommunication, and I believe that the best way to maintain a bond is to hear from each other when necessary. All we need is maturity, sense of responsibility, respect for each other’s interest and then trust in God and each other. I love you, that’s for sure and I won’t lie about that. I am willing to let you understand that been in love with you is more a reason why I live younger. Though, I have really missed your cute face, it does not matter since you are there for our own good. Still, it is not a guarantee that you should relax over there, I can’t live longer without you by my side because you are now the oxygen I breathe and it is exhausting fast.

5. Since the day I met you, I began to experience fortunes in my life and I am not ready to replace you by anyone. In you I found the joy that pleases my heart. Living with you is a great pleasure because you are so calm, nice and your anger does not last. What a great luck to me? Baby, I know that in one way or the other, I have not been able to achieve one special thing for you, even when you refused to complain, I can feel the patient in you as a pain in me. You only control your emotion so that I won’t be hurt. Indeed, you are a good girl, and I will always be grateful to God who gave someone as special as you are to me as a girl. The most interesting thing about you as I observed is the fact that you are so respectful. I love you my dear lady.

6. I saw your text and instead of it to make me console you, rather I became happy. Why did I say such word that it made me happy? It is because; I don’t want you to see failure as end of life. Failure can never shake you until you allow that to happen. Baby, you don’t need to cry at all, just make sure that you put your trust in God and then be hard working. Who knows, tomorrow might be brighter than today? You are special and that’s why I love you. I chose you to become my life partner because you are a hardworking lady, so it will surprise me to realize that I am the one telling you to work hard. I know it is my responsibility to make you happy whenever you are sad. I love you from the deepest part of my heart.

7. There is this confidence I have in you and it is the fact that you are special and trustworthy. To the most beautiful woman in my life, I wish to let you understand that a second without you can cause lots of havoc in my heart. My heart may stop beating if anything eventually happened to you. However, if I don’t accept you as a truthful person, I will not have been called your husband today. Never have that single doubt in your heart that maybe I don’t trust you, I do. To prove this to you, I want to send in some cash into your account so that you can continue the project I started. You are a good girl, so I can give everything to you to manage for me. I love you my dear lady.

8. Sometimes, I reflect about the kind of nature you possess. I realized that a patient woman like you is very hard to find. You are my pearl, and for this reason, will like to spend the rest of my life with you. Let me use this opportunity to apologize for things that transpired between us of recent. I realized that I made a mistake so forgive me. It is only a patient girl that can tolerate my previous actions towards you. Thank God for your kind of human, perhaps this marriage will have become a story. I love you so much. I promise never to hurt you again. Yesterday, when I was coming from the supermarket, I saw your friend Amanda, and she sent her regards to you. I hope you will appreciate this report from me?

9. If we can come together once again, I think the past will be forgotten. I don’t think this fight is enough to make us go our separate ways. After all, it is just the first fight since we fell in love with each other. Don’t you think it is another means for the devil to get to us? I love you my dear lady. I can’t live in this world without you. Believe me; I am really in love with you. I don’t want anything to happen to you, it is my greatest fear. I pray that very soon, we shall come back again as a husband and a girl. Let me use this opportunity to ask after your baby girl, I hope she is fine? What about her food’ have you bought the new items? If you still need more money to take care of her, kindly let me know. However, I wish I am taking care of both of you in our home. I love you.

10. I want to be that special friend that can put smile on your face. I want to have you right beside me every seconds of my life because you are interestingly beautiful. Your presence in my life means a lot to me. I don’t know what to say, but it is absolutely important to let you know that you are simply the best lady I have ever met in life. I love you beyond the sky and wish you will always live with me until the end of time. I don’t want to shy away from any responsibility that involves you because I truly love you so don’t be scared. I love you more than you can image. You are the most interesting person I ever seen in this world. The way you play is a sign that your heart is super free for anyone. I love you the angel of my life. I am sending my dear girl lots of love and passion. I hope everything is fine over there? Don’t worry, when I am back, I will find a way to stay with you as long as you wish. Not only that, I will make sure that we go out and have some fun.

11. I am writing to the most beautiful girl in the world. I hope that this letter reaches you in good health and best condition. I want you to know that I have really missed you. I don’t actually know how to cope sleeping alone in a home where my second half is nowhere to be found. Have one of the most beautiful moments in the world. I love you for what you are. Remember the first day we met, I promised I will stay by your side no matter what may transpire between us. I love you and I have never said I don’t for once. You are my pearl, the sensation of happiness that my heart is pleased with. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I am so much happy with everything about you. Maybe you are not happy right now, please open the refrigerator, I have a chilled chocolate kept for you alone. I love you.

12. I am so much in love with the best girl in the realm of love. Let me tell you something, on the valley of love, no girl looks like you. You are simply the best match for me. I love you beyond the sky and wish you all the best now and forever. I can’t even tell why your thoughts refused to leave my heart though I cherish you to the core. My sweet lady, I am writing this letter in order to extend the special feelings I have for you. I am so much interested in making you happy in this life. Have one of the most beautiful moments in life. I just wish you are right here before me. I love you my sweetheart.

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