Good night prayer for friends and family – Have you sent your good night prayers for friends and family just yet? You know they need your prayers, you can therefore send to them through text messages and SMS, as I have shared with you below.

Good night prayer for friends and family

Heavenly father, we give you praise for this night. We appreciate you for making the night great and thank you for all the goodness you have given to us. We thank you for always making us happy and allowing us to learn a lot of things as the day pass by.

You made us special in your sight, just the way you want us to be. We thank you for your protection and for shining your light on our paths everyday. Forgive for us when we are wrong oh God, and bless us that we may never lack. Thank you for all your love and compassion even when we go astray. We pray for people that are still far away from you that you bring them close so that they will understand, see and feel the affection that you have for them.

Bless our families and our homes, oh God. Be with them as well. Protect them and support them. We thank you for our houses and food we eat and water we drink. Help us to be better for ourselves and to be good people for them as well. teach us how to love and confide in you more. Make us learn how to cast our cares on you. Send your angels down to our homes to protect us through the night and give us the power to understand your word the more.Precious God, make us believers of your word, and let us be amazing partakers of your kingdom. Thank you king of glory. Amen.







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