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Baby Dedication Poem, Prayer, Blessing & Sayings

baby dedication poem

Welcome to the post where you will find baby dedication quotes for cards, baby dedication poem, baby dedication message, child dedication text messages, baby dedication speech examples, baby dedication blessing, baby dedication prayers that you need to share on a day when a baby dedication is happening.

Are you with me?

Baby Dedication Poem

Why not write a baby dedication poem that the baby will grown up to see and appreciate coming from you. See my baby dedication poem below:

1. Our darling baby

You are such a sweet and adorable child
A gift that is so special from God
God has given you to us and we remain eternally grateful
For this awesome experience that is heavenly and blissful

We hope that this day serves as a motivation
For dedication of our lives and resources to you
We will ensure that we teach you what is right in the eyes of God
We will use every word of our mouth to teach you the ways of God

We know you are very alert and can see everything so bright and clear
We know you would grow up inquisitive and wanting to know everything
We will try our very best to ensure that you never lack a thing
And you will be to the glory of God almighty

Your growth shall be free and seamless
You will increase in capacity, strength and wisdom
We will teach you to grow to be generous
We will teach you how to worship God and be different in Christ
We will try to explain to you the concept of obedience and the spiritual implications
And we hope you understand that this is the way we live

We will support you in everything you intend to do
We will love you with every breath of our life
And we will be with you every step of the way
We love you today and forever darling.

2. Before you were born I longed for you
The way you warmed my heart and took my breath away with your beauty
We have just started our moment forever together
You will always be a part of me darling, no one can ever come between our love

Just because I love you I will make it a duty to watch you grow
Just because I love you I will try so hard to make sure nothing bad happens to you
Just because I love you I will make sure I put you in God’s safe hands
Just because I love you, you will be on the best and the most adorable beings to happen to our family

I will teach you all the life lessons that you need to know
I will make you grow and ensure that you see that life is truly worth living
I promise to give you the very best of my love and affection
I will try and be a better person for your own growth

Through my eyes so misty will I watch over you at night
I will dim the light at night and sing you beautiful lullaby
I will make sure you know how much I love
And make sure I preach what love truly means to you

You are special and beautfiful
I thank God for bringing you to my life at this time
I love you today and always

Baby Dedication Prayer

Why not add a baby dedication prayer to your list of what is worth a new born baby. A prayer will mean you sincerely care about the baby, don’t you think?

3. Dear Lord I thank you today for this beautiful and amazing baby. We know that we are not worthy of this awesome gift of life but you have still blessed us with it. We come before you today dear Lord to help us protect this beautiful baby. Let your mighty hands stay on her oh God. Let us have every reason to be grateful for this new born.

4. We bring the new born before you oh God, in appreciation of your goodness over our lives. We bed you oh Lord to give us the grace and power to train the baby aright so that he/ she can grow understanding your word and fearing you.

5. Heavenly father, we dedicate the new born to you. We are fully aware that this is the greatest gift yet that you have given to us, and on this great day of baby dedication, we bring the child before you that you help us as we intend to start training him/ her in your way. Take charge and take control king of glory. May your name be praised today and forever. Thank you for everything oh God.

6. New every morning is your lord oh God, that you gave us this beautiful baby. Thank you for your love and for sending this beautiful gift to us. You are indeed a great God. We commit today unto you, as we dedicate this baby, help us oh Lord to train the baby aright according to your will and glory in the name of Jesus.

7. We bring this bundle of joy to you dear Lord. This is indeed a miracle from you and we are grateful for the gift of life. You have sent an amazing gift from the gates of heaven and we want to thank you for blessing up. Dear God, on this day of baby dedication, we pray that your angels wrap their protective wings around the baby. Amen.

Baby dedication sayings

You don’t have any baby dedication sayings yet? Check these out:

8. Just as the lord has given a baby, so will he bless and protect the baby. What are you scared of? He’s got the baby covered already and he will protect and guide the baby. Happy baby dedication.

9. Babies are exciting beings because of the love they bring into the house. The baby has come into your house today, I pray he bringsall the love and joy with him.

10. Hurray! Our baby is here. Congratulations.


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