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Love Shayari In English

Love Shayari

Love Shayari In English – Find below the best collection of love Shayari in English that has been translated very well for you.

1. Happiness is not bought

not worked for

It just comes

but I was lucky and blessed

when I found that joy called  happiness with you


2. I see the tender flowers

Beautiful scenery

Flowery orchards

Grape Vines

And I begin to see you in them

For you are beautiful

And whenever I see amazing things, I think of you.


3. I would tarry

I would wait

Till I could wait no more

I would stick

Till I am stuck

I would wait for you

With you, I see the world in you

I see the world in your eyes

And everywhere I go

I see your eyes in the world

Everyone I come across begins to look like you


4. You are my desire

This is my stance

That you will always be what I require

All I want

All that satisfies me


5. In quietness I found you

In serenity and tranquility

For you were solemn, calm and worthy of my attention

Your talks were modest, meek and homely

In you I found virtue

With you, I see piety


6. You are my heroine

For you fought the battle to my heart

Destroyed my defense

And firing your sweet salvo into my soul

You conquered me

Tamed me

And now crowned

The queen of my heart.


7. Loving you appears a wrong

But I am willing to damn the consequences

I am willing to take the pain

I am ready to take the trolls

Just to have you

For you are worth the pain

For the gain

Of having you

In my life

Around me


8. My once empty heart

Now filled with love

My soul has found peace in your love

I know I can trust you

To catch me if I fall.


9. If only I could explain

how much love I have for you

How my bones quake for  you

Then maybe, just maybe,

You should feel it too.


10. You build a fortress

With me in your arms

I am in a safe place

When you hold me tight

For I have no other home


11. Your gaze over me

Tells me you’re always there

As the snail is with its shell

Your eyes see deep in my heart

As you know my cravings


12. I am lost in you

Lost in love

I need to find myself again

My love, please find me


13. You are the only one who sees my best always

Handles my worse moments

Tolerates me my excesses

You are the one who sees my imperfections but stays glued to me

You are one of a kind


14. If I could walk away,

I would take a long walk with you

Far to distant lands

Where you and I

Would live new lives

Make new friends

And new families

If I could run away

I would fly with you

Up there in mass

In a new world

Serene, solemn

Whence you and I

Will be in tranquility

Together alone forever

If I could.


15. You have a place in my heart no one can take

Your absence creates a void no one can fill

Your position is secured and safe with me

You are irreplaceable


16. I see the flowers

Lovely petals

Green leafs

The landscape

Nature at its peak

It reminds me of the natural moments we share

Not with the usual glitz and glamour

But two hearts in solemnity

Beating as one

Two minds in unison

Thinking as one

Two heads in synergy

Happy as one.


17. Seeing you is not only what I miss

You being here is not only what I crave for

But the precious time spent

The meaningful conversations

The mind-blowing talks

The soul-lifting charges

I desire you more for these impacts in my intelligent mind

I miss you.


18. There is an inferno

A fire

The heat is warming my heart

The warmth is soothing to my soul

You are the fire burning in my heart.


19. To some, it’s a fairytale

To us, it is a story worth writing

For the world to have a read

Of how love found us in a lonely place

In a forgotten land

And here we put our pen to paper

To write

Our love story


20. I have an amazing woman

I met a soulmate

A lover

A sister and friend

Glamorous yet modest

Learned yet pious

Enchanting yet meek

I have YOU.


21. The butterflies in my belly

Are still dancing and whining

You put them there.


22. For the love you planted in my heart

The affection you cultivated

The bliss we are harvesting

It would never wane

Even in time of distress

Seasons of pain

We would pull through.


23. I remember the crazy nights

When we whisper those words

When we tickle our fantasies

Of when we will be together alone

No worries

No mama and papa restrictions

Just you and I locked up together

In each other’s arms

Lost in an affectionate embrace

Oblivious of the rest of the world

Just YOU and I

I and YOU

The day is here

And here we are

Fulfilling our fantasies

Dreams and fixations

Here we are.


24. I look into your selfie each passing day

I glance through my phone screen awaiting your call

Smile sheepishly at your messages and read them over and over again

I record your voice when you call me so I would listen to it over and over again

For talking to you send shivers to my spine

Then I look into your eyes when you are around, my heart melts

I love you so much my honey

I always wanna be with you

Talk to you

Have you wrapped in my arms

Hold my hands

And give me that love assurance.


25. I would walk round the world

Go to places

Walk miles

To see you smile

To satisfy your wants and needs

I would gladly walk thousand miles

Over land and over seas

To see you happy

To see you wear that smile

You are my life, my hope

All I have

And I would do everything

To see you happy and glad


26. I wanna sing a new song

Render a melody

My heart mumbles few lines

But it is incomplete if you do not  whisper back


27. In your smile, I see something more beautiful than the stars

In your laughter, a see something more appealing than the beat of a drum

In your whispers, I see angelic lullabies


28. It takes two to make one

It takes you to meet me

It takes you and me to make US

It takes US to make love

And it takes LOVE to rule the world

Let’s rule the world.


29. All I see in your eye

Is sparkles,

With love and true affection

I feel the love in your eyes

The gentle whispers

I have come to have you as my religion

For you are a deity

I need to worship

A queen I Adore,

And revere.


30. You love me unconditionally

You love me for no reason

Yet, you give me reasons to love you

You shower me with reasons

And that is the ultimate happiness


31. I just wanna be with you

Locked in your arms

Deep in your embrace


32. I all but want a life with you

Lost in love

Found in you


33. In serenity

and tranquility

In peace and love.


34. Milady, even nature is in tune

with this beauty that

grace your visage

the way of your hips

the  charming elegance

the music in your tease

Ah! I want to dance

Dance with you

Lost with you

Oh milady


35. Take my hands

Take these words

From my heart chords

You are a superwoman

You queen o’er females

You shine, the sun pales.

You illuminate my life


36. For the beauty in your smile

Like the sparks of many stars

I would seek and seek again

The laughter in your mouth

I wanna see you in that charming state

In elegance and glamour

I want to see my love

In happiness and beauty of life


37. With all the time we spent

You open up your heart

Because you trust I won’t tear it apart

You always make me smile

And make me see reasons to be happy

You pampered me like a baby

Shielded me from troubles

I am grateful you are always true

From you I take a cue

Of how love can make you

So fulfilled and happy

Happy in love


38. You are my sunshine

Your beauty radiates my life

Your elegance and grace gives me something to ponder

Then I begin to wonder

How lucky I am

To have you around me.


39. I love you not because you are available but because your heart is open to love me truly.


40. You are a part of me

Without you, I am not complete

I am part of you

Part of your dreams and visions

You are all of me

For everything I have is you


41. Our love has reached a cross-road

Where I must leave or come with you

My heart pondered over the decision

And I ignored the darkness of my doubt’s

Decided to take a lifelong walk with you

For you so lifted the love lamp

And here it shows in your face

The path I should follow

I will always be with you.


42. All the times I have been with you

You gave me peace of mind

The moments spent

I had tranquility of soul

For you are a soothing soul


43. Knowing you love me deeply gives me strength

Thoughts of you being there for me gives me courage

Having you around gives me confidence.


44. Your love soothes the pangs of fear in me

Inspires me to great action

And craft a life to my deepest choices


45. My love for you is unconditional

My affection for you is unfettered

My feelings for you are pure

And my thoughts for you are full of life


46. With you no barriers

No laws

No restrictions

Just loving you

And loving you

Then keep loving you.


47. Like a dictionary, you give meaning to everything I do

Like an open book, you read my thoughts

Like an encyclopedia, you know everything about me

You know me and surely know how to treat me right.


48. I didn’t fall in love once

I keep falling and falling

Falling in love with you.


49. The kisses and touches we had

Is playing in my head a thousand times.


50. I want you now,

Next moment

Next hour

I want you tomorrow

And everyday

For I do not wish to leave your side for anything


51. When I thought I was nothing

You made me something

When I lost hope in love

You opened my eyes to see You

You opened my eyes to see love


52. You tickle my hearts

With your gaits and expressions

For everything about you is awesome.


53. My heart races anything I see you smile

My heartbeat when I look into your eyes


54. Your smile erases the fear in me when I am nervous


55. You are my dream

I don’t want to wake up


56. You told me you love me once

But the words played in my head a million times.


57. No matter how hard I try

I can’t erase the thought of you in my head.


58. You are my sickness

You make me sick for your love


59. With every hour clock,

Every passing moment

Your love magnets my heart


60. When I smile for no reason

I think of how you hypnotized me


61. When I look into your eyes

I see myself

I see me in you

For love is in your eyes


62. In love is life

My life is you

All I ever dreamt of

Is to find someone like you

All my craving is to come across your type

Now that I have you

I have the world in my hands.


63. Missing you is sickness

Having you around is the cure

Please come back home my medicine


64. When I stumble and fall

Your soothing words are therapy

That heals my wounds

I love and adore you

When gloom comes

Your assurance brings the boom

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