Good Night Tuesday Blessings – Just before you head to bed, remember to say thanks for all the things you have achieved from Monday to today. Also be thankful particularly about what you have faced in the past 24 hours. Thank God for beautiful moments and memories.

Good night Tuesday blessings from me to you

1. I love the stars that adorn the sky at night. They brighten the sky in the night beautifully that we wish we were like stars in the sky sometimes. I pray that your star will shine brighter than ever this week and everyday of your life. Think about God’s goodness and be thankful for everything. have a lovely night rest.

2. I get so tired sometimes that I look at the clothes I have on, and I feel so tired to remove it from my body. Sometimes, I don;t even remember to pull of my socks. I am staring at my socks and I’m like ‘oh dear socks, we are sleeping in you tonight, but it’s fine, tomorrow is another day. Do you feel this way sometimes and I hope this night is not one of those nights..LOL. Have a great night rest.

3. All I wish for is the nights when I’ll be with the love of my nights and all other nights will not be cold and lonely. Have a beautiful night rest and don’t be as lonely as I am.

4. While you sleep and dream, I pray that all your goals and hopes in the dream comes to fulfillment. I pray that God almighty with bless you with all what you have wished for and you will live to enjoy the grace of God in your life. Have a great night rest. Cheers!

5. The end of Tuesday is here, hope you had a great day. Not to worry, the rest of the week will be great. Good night.

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