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I Like You Paragraphs for a Girl You Like


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When you care deeply about someone, it is totally understandable that you would want to express these pure feelings.

Here some sweet little paragraphs you can send to your crush to both send a pretty strong hint about how much you like them, and to also give you something to talk about afterwards. 

Drive home your point in the paragraphs for that girl you like.

Whatever intentions you have, ensure that you try as much as possible to remove all form of timidity and pass the messages in the most mature way as possible. You do not need to be direct in the first instance, all you need to do is just open your mind up and let her know your feelings that you intend to start a more intimate friendship with her.

Sweet I like you paragraphs for her

1 Staring at you everyday brings a smile to my face. You thoughts put a stop to my world for a second. I dream about you day and night, and I realized that I like you so much more than I can imagine.

2 I know I may be shy and nervous, but please know that this is how I feel whenever my hearts beats for someone. I know that I might not have anything relevant to say when I am with you, but please know that it is just because I am awkward and it gets to me sometimes. I am not a crazy person, infact I am perfectly normal but I just get enthralled anytime I see you walk by. When I sit with you and stare deep into your eyes. I like you more!

3 I could be a couple of seats away from you, but my heart always wants to sit right next to yours. I like you so much and I hope you like me too.

4 I want to smile at you and have you smile back. I want to make you happy and that makes me happy as well. Let’s go on a date dear. I promise not to be too awkward and nervous, I promise to comport myself and have a great time with you. I promise to enjoy every minute spent with you because I am sure you will soon light up my life.

5 I may not be a king or a prince but you are a queen more than a princess, and I promise to elevate myself to the position of a king when you become mine. I really like and I hope you like me too.

6 Flirting with you excites me. I feel like I am on cloud nine and ecstatic when I realize how amazing my life will be with you in it. You are a special babe and you deserve a special man. I truly like you dear. Let’s get together.

7 I am seriously crushing on you and I need you to know this. I am ready to let you know that I am crazy about you, and whatever you say does not matter right now. All that is important is that I like you and I want you to know that.

8 I was having serious palpitation in my heart, so I went to see a doctor who informed that I was suffering from nothing at all. My heart is just sick with love and it needs your touch to get it back to life. I am crazy about you and I need you to know. Let us be more than friends.

9 For the very first time in a long time, words fail me to explain the depth of my feelings right now. I have been looking up books to tell you how I feel right now and I just could not find it. You are beautiful and inspiring and I want to get to know you more. Your presence creates a feeling of beautiful flutters in my tummy. Let me get it out, Let me tell you that I care! Now, here it is!

10 The chemistry between me and you is different. Infact, no maths can calculate it and no English can define it. I am seriously crushing on you and I am sure you do as well. Let’s get on with it then, shall we?

11 I do not just like every other normal girl on the street, I like one of the most beautiful humans in the world. You are more beautiful than beauty itself and I just marvel at your level of intelligence. You are the only one for me.

12 I have been wanting to tell you this for so long. I have tried to give you hints and make you see that you are different, but obviously, you did not see that. You take my breath away darling and I like you so very much.

13 If my heart had hands, I would pull them all out and grab your heart to sit with mine in a loving way. You are the sweetest and loveliest person I have ever known and met. You are a different species of human entirely.

14 I feel loved, I can see it. You do not need to feel it just that I am into you and I’m crazy about you. Do you see it as well?

15 I pray each day that whenever I come to meet you, that you get to like me just the way I like you. I want us to go on a date dear. I want to be with you and to have you like a close soul to mine. I want you every step of the way!

16 I need you to know that all I need today is your smile, and my life will never remain the same again.

17 Please be mine from now till forever. I really and truly like you

18 I like the fact that we talk every day and I can’t wait to have you by my side every step of the way. I really like you!

19 I will always say Hello to you until you realize that I really value and like you.

20 I dislike always having to say goodbye because goodbye to you is the hardest thing to say.

I like you paragraphs for him

21. From your conduct and attitude, I realized that I began to develop some funny feelings for you. this is indeed miraculous, nice and wonderful. It is just a pure and fantastic co-existence because the atmosphere is super inspiring.

22. Never mind the way I look at you, it is because I have come to develop this strange likeness towards you. you always do things that make me happy and I will always be fine with a gem like you because you know how to make my day.

23. Truly, I can’t deny the fact that I have started developing a superb affection towards you. if you can just give me the chance to make you happy I will be the best friend for you. I like guys like you as a friend.

24. Never the less you will not understand how you make me feel anytime I sight you from far; just like a prince, I see you coming to me anytime I close my eyes. I love you beyond what you are thinking and like your simple lifestyle.

25. You are just too handsome; nice look, powerful smile never leaves your face. This is the kind of man I wish I have around me. Since the day we met, I have not been able to erase the few moments we shared together.

26. I wish you understand the level of the likeness I have for you; apart from loving you, I like everything you do because, through them, I fall more in love with you. I just can’t stop thinking about you all my life.

27. I think I just have to tell you how I feel for you. it is a good idea because if I have someone like you in my life, things will be super awesome. Your dancing skills are mind-blowing and it is part of the reasons why I can’t do without thinking about you.

28. Except the night does not come, then I will not remember you. you are the smile that emanates from the womb of passion. You are the happiness I feel every morning when I set my eyes on you. I so much admire you.

29. Don’t you think it is good to be yours forever? Life is good living it with you. Life is the best option if a gem like you is around. I know I will miss you but the memories we shared will continue to reign in my heart.

30. I never knew how much the love I have for you will last but I have two dates in my heart; until eternity and forever. Good morning to my excellent boyfriend, you are my pearl and it the reason why I will not stop adoring you always.

31. I have always thought hie to make you happier than this, this is because if someone has you around him, the world will be a better place to stay. You will be the happiest ever. I love the feelings that I experience anytime I see you.

32. Thank you for the supports and love shown to me; thank you for all the good things you achieved for me in this world but I have a confession for you. I just want to let you know that I sincerely like you.

33. My heart beats normal until I see you it beats faster than usual. This is a sign that we may have been meant to be. Don’t you see how I feel whenever I am around you? this is a feeling of satisfaction and reliance.

34. Maybe you don’t know much about the special feelings I have for you. that feeling that brings tears to the heart. Yes, that’s just the force that exists in my heart for you. I have come to realize that I can’t stop loving you.

35. I am in love with you, in fact deeply in love with everything about you. I like your smile because it gives me mental comfort. That’s just the power of your love in my heart. I thought I could do without you until you left and then I realized there is nothing I can do except you are around.

36. Love is happiness and rest of mind if you have it with a god heart. I have come to realize how much it means to have a wonderful guy like you around. You are such a precious friend and I wish you all the best.

37. There are many reasons that make a woman to like a man, as for you even words cannot explain why I so much admire you with continuous passion. I must confess that your presence gives me happiness that no one else can give. I love you my beloved.

38. I shall be happy always because it is my routine to be with you. Whoever stays with you can never leave without been overwhelmed with joy, passion, happiness, creativity, and a continual feeling of satisfaction. I love you.

39. If I said I like you, it is like I am telling a lie; infact, I adore you deeply from the part of my heart that cannot do without loving you. I know you will be shocked, but I cannot hide what lives in my heart. I love you my sweetest angel.

40. For the special one I wish to settle down with; don’t you see that my heart beats with so much passion for you? Do not let me collapse before you understand the power of the kind of love I have for you.

41. Hey there. I just wanted to wish you a great day today. I know times can be rough, especially with work/school. But I know you can get through it. I believe in you and in how talented you are. And whenever you think you can’t make it through the day, just remember there’s someone here who cares for you. Never hesitate to call me when you need anything or if you just want someone to talk to.

42. There’s just something about your presence that makes me feel so at ease. I don’t know what it is exactly. But just talking to you and being around you is enough to make any bad day better. Your radiant smile and your infectious laugh make me feel so lighthearted that I can’t help but feel uplifted. I can only hope to do the same for you one day.

43. I know we don’t get to see each other very often, but I just thought you should know that I think about you a lot. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I just think of the last time we talked and it makes everything feel so much brighter. You’re like the sunshine after a cloudy day. You’re like the rainbow after the rain. You’re like the first break of dawn after a long night. I just thought you should know that there’s someone here who thinks about you a lot.

Great I like you paragraphs for her

44. She has always been the lady I wish I can spend every moment within my life. I don’t know why her thoughts will never leave my heart but on a true note, she has become the best option for me. I just can’t hide this feeling.

45. When you like a woman, her thought will always come to your heart but when you love her, you will not be able to do without her. A lady that wins your heart is that one that does things you can’t stop admiring.

46.  It has always been in my heart to express how much I like you. for so long, the pain of passion has been sitting on my heart and so, unfortunately, I could not even alter a word of likeness towards you. I wish you understand the depth of my love for you.

47. No matter how cool this world is, if you don’t have that one person that makes you happy, still this life will be boring. Don’t get tired of me because it is not my fault that I fell in love with you. I miss you like never before.

48. Good morning to the best lady ever seen. You are so cute, nice, your sweet voice us astonishing and superior to that of any other lady in this world. I miss you like never before and wish you can just be mine forever.

49. When I realized that living without you can cause me pains, I quickly adapt to your presence so that it will keep me company in your absence. Truly, I adore you with great passion and wish you could just understand. I miss you my angel.

50. Whoever your heart is attached to, there is no way you can do without thinking about them. I have finally met you as the only true love of my life. You are just the best for me and there is no doubt about this. I love you my blessed angel. Thank you for always smiling at me. I like you.

51.  I don’t want anything to hurt you until the end of this life. I so much love every single thing about you for you have become the best in this world for me. Why did I say so? You took your time to put a smile on my cheeks anytime we are together. This means you will make a good wife. I love you.

52. For so long, I have allowed your love dwell in my heart; I have given you the best of my sacrifices which is my time but one thing I have not been able to tell you is how much I feel whenever I see you. You are just the best girl for me. You are precious, pretty and worthy of been loved forever.

53.  I may not find rest in my heart unless you give me that chance to show you how much you mean to me. I met you as a stranger, and then we get closer to each other every day until now; I cannot even separate my heart from your thoughts any longer. I love you.

54. Forget about what people say about likeness, I have discovered that I cannot like you. this only thing I can do is that I will always love you forever. You are far better than someone that should be admired, you must be loved my sweet angel.

55. Though, I cherish you and have found it difficult to tell you; but just know that it is always on my mind to love you forever. You are just the only true angel I have in my life. The most astonishing star that shines in my life.

56. If there is any way I can prove my love for you, I will accept, this is getting too much for me and now I cannot even tell why your thoughts never leave my heart. I will love you more and more until you finally realize that no other guy can love you the way I do.

57. When you have that special angel you spend your precious time with, love will become perfect and nice. The one you cherish will find peace in his heart. That’s just the way of the most beautiful people in the world. They never give up and will always be there to make you happy.

58. I just want to thank you for believing in me; I want to be the best you need in this world so, I will always be there for you. I cannot stop you from loving another man, but I can tell you that I love you with all my heart. I will not stop until you come to realize that I love you.

59.  There is no reason why I should stop thinking about you. You are to me like a blessed tree, you give me all I need and appreciate my love for you. Though I am in the friend’s zone, but the truth is that you are just the best lady n my life.

60. Being in love and silent can kill faster than malaria. For so long, I have been in love with you and wish I can express this wonderful feeling for you. this is amazing because I have taken many risks but thank God I finally summoned the courage to tell you. I wish you all the best my dear angel.

Special I like you paragraphs

61. Having found you as part of my life, I realize that it will be good and cool to have someone like you as part of my world. I just want you to know from henceforth that I have been nurturing your love in my heart.

62. Just like yesterday, there was no one to say I love you until I met an angel that is ready to sacrifice every for me. She makes me happy every single day but it unfortunate that I have not been able to tell her how much I love her. I have not been able to make her see the power of the love I have for her.

63. Today, I finally want you to know that you are my beloved. Since the first day I set my eyes on you, things have begun to change. I now realize that there are good ladies that are not that interested in your money but are interested in building your character. I love you my sweetness.

64. The reason why I began flirting with you is that you are the most beautiful being that I have ever seen. In that moment, I was stunned and awed that such a beauty could be real. Then, I discovered that you had the beautiful heart, natural intelligence and lovely charm to match your looks. Now, I think that I am falling more and more in love with you each day.

65. It did not take me long to realize how I felt. Soon, I found it impossible to fall asleep because seeing you in real life was better than any dream. The only thing that I can look forward to at night is the hope of seeing you when I wake up.

66. My dearest promise to you is that I will always strive to give you everything that you want and need. I will work to give you the best that the world has to offer and all of my time. In return, I only wish that you would give me your love. If you love me, then I need nothing else to be happy.

67. just wanted to wish you an amazing day today. I know that life can be tough, but I know that you can get through it. You are so talented, kind and amazing that you can accomplish anything in life. Whenever you need help, know that your greatest fan is here waiting to lend a hand.


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