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Romantic Love Letters For Him

Romantic love letters

Romantic love letters for him: The guys should not be the only one sending love messages to the ladies; ladies are also advised to do the same. Compose beautiful messages for your guys whether husband or fiancé, they also so feel being loved. Remember, communication helps a lot in relationship and it shouldn’t based on asking alone, it should contains words such as I care, I love you, I need you. Tell them how they make you feel and how your life has changed since the day they came into your life.

Romantic love letters for him to send today

1. You are my prince, the true love of my life who sacrificed everything for me. You are the only reason why I smile today; thank you my beloved.

2. The prince of my life, I will never forget you in this world for every minute you make me happy, for every minute you wipe away my tears. I love you.

3. You are my light, the treasure of my heart that puts smile on my face. You are the rose of the love garden that spread fragrance on me.

4. I have been in love with you time without number; just like a child, I rise and fall in love with you every seconds.

5. I am so much in love with you, the heaven and the earth may testify because I am stocked in between them while I fall in love with you.

6. Every minute I spent with you, every moment I shared with you, all the days I saw your eyes tells me the passion that love brings to my heart because I found you.

7. I have found the love of my life; I have found the comforter of my heart and the reason why I smile. I love you my blessed love.

8. You make me happy every seconds of my life; this is the reason why I am always baffled by your amazing love.

9. Truly, I must confess that you have been the only true love I have in life; I have tried to love other men but can’t just do so. I love you.

10. Whenever I look into your eyes, I see the comfort I have been searching for. I see the love that I have been denied over years.

11. While I was standing in the middle of doubt and the truth, only you I see as my hope. I pray that God joins us together as one in two fleshes.

12. It brings tears to my eyes; it brings pain to the heart and destruction to the body when the one you love changes his attitude. I love you.

13. I will not forget the love you showed to me; even now, it appears to me as if you are gone forever. Your absence has caused agony in the temple of love located in my heart.

14. I can no longer stop the flow of love that comes to me whenever I cast a glance at you. I love you so much that I can’t stop it for once.

15. You are my last man standing; you are the most handsome ma that could cause my tears when you were not around. I love you.

16. I will never forget the day you quench my taste when I had the taste for love. You came to me rescue as God’s sent. I love you.

17. When I was thirsty for guidance, I called upon God to give me a man and then He gave me a mercy. I love you.

18. Place your love in my heart, let me see the impact of your kindness and preserve my love for me. I love this man reading this message.

19. I have been so sad all my life until I met you—indeed, you are a great mercy from God. You took me out of pain with your kindness and wash away my agony with your endless love.

20. I thought I’m done in life, when the world has been completely boredom to me, when I had no one to say I love you anymore, you came and wipe away my tears.

Romantic love letters for him to send tomorrow

21. Today is the day of mercy, the day of patience, and the day of my happiness because I am opportune to reach the love of my life.

22. When I was in serious pain, when I was crying searching for whom to aid me, searching for the comforter to console me, I pray to the only true God who sent you to me.

23. The Lord have seen my heart, He knows how bitter I am because I lost the love of my life; I was sad and thought of killing myself until a greater mercy came into my life. I love you.

24. Sometimes, when I look into your eyes, tears of passion drop on my cheeks. Your eyes signify your merciful heart. I love you.

25. I have come to realize that you are the only man that can make me happy; you are my precious rose and I will never get tired of plucking you.

26. I imagine myself in your company. I realized that you mean everything to me. You gave me the special love I have been searching for.

27. I just want you to hold on to me forever. I don’t want you to leave me even for once. Let me feel the impact of the precious love you have for me.

28. Open the gate of your love for me. Let me dwell in you to witness the tears of my eyes since the years I have been shedding tears, praying to meet my happiness.

29. I can see in you the love I have been searching for; I see in you the remedy to my past pains. I love you.

30. The love of my life has gone for too long and never want to look back to the innocent girl he left behind. He has really changed my life and blessed it with the love it deserves. I love him.

31. I have been shedding tears for too long. When I met you, everything changed. I became a new person with perfect joy.

32. Whenever you cast your smile on me, I see paradise in it. I see the comfort deserved only by a lucky woman.

33. If you can look back at me to see the pain of the love I have for you burning in my eyes. If only you can see the sorrow I face thinking about you in loneliness.

34. I thought the world is fair enough to balance the feelings that roam in the heart. I thought I could cope without you. I love you.

35. Thank you my love, my heartbeat and the mercy sent to me. I appreciate the clearance of pain you did in my heart. I love you.

36. The most merciful has given you to me already; the only One that can wipe away every pain has inherited you for me. I am the luckiest lady in the world.

37. Thank you my love, you are the one the Lord sent to put smile on my face once again. I have gone through pains that only an angel of mercy can remove.

38. You are the arc angel sent to wipe away my agonies, you are the comforter that comforts my heart with tears of joy.

39. When I met you, I realized I have been too wrong hands since these years of pain and abuse. I love you. I wish you all the best.

40. I have been so much in pain since the beginning of my life; I have passed through lots of disasters that almost take away my faith in God. I stood firm in the way of God who sent you as mercy to me.

Romantic love letters for him to send during Valentine

41. I will never forget the day I met you, that blessed day when it rained heavily. I was scared standing with you alone in an uncompleted building. Your action really made me fell in love with you.

42. Whenever your eyes shine along with the light of the sun, I see the sun in your eyes. Your face is to me like a brim of beauty.

43. Whenever I look at you, affectionate impact comes to my heart. I am pleased with what I see because you are my hope.

44. Let me feel the impact of your love; let me find the happiness in your heart where you kept it for me. In my heart is a burning desire to love you forever.

45. I am so much in love with you. I fell in love with you until I never knew when I was altering your name in my sleep.

46. Whenever my lips moves, just conclude that I am thinking about you; I so much fell in love with the song of love you sang for me.

47. My heart is for you, it has no other place to dwell again. The rain that falls counts the number of times I fall in love in you in a day.

48. You love is the song I sing, your smile is the food I eat. Your kindles is the bliss that never leaves my heart.

49. It has been long that I have been searching for a lover like you. How I wish the sun has risen from the north since this years. I love you.

50. I have you in my life; I have found the treasure everyone cannot have. I am happy because you are the love of my life.

51. Anytime I smile, I see the punch of passion mesmerizing my heart. I can’t stop dreaming about you every minute of my life.

52. I rise in love to touch the sky but when I opened my eyes, it was you I saw. You are the shadow of my heartbeat.

53. You are the reflection of my smile, the light of my joy and the grace the Lord sent to my life to wipe away my tears.

54. You are my companion that gave me comfort; you are the mercy sent from the corridor of the most merciful. I love you.

55. I went to the depth of the hole of love to search for true love, I could not see, I went to the depth of the ocean of love; I never saw what my heart desires. I came back alive and then saw you.

56. The pain of love has destroyed my heart before I met you; with time you rebuilt my heart with softness and kindness. I love you.

57. You are my lightning in the darkness that mixed with storm; you are my savior when the rain was too much for me to bear. I love you.

58. Every night and day, my heart beats for love and so I am called a passion hunter. When I sighted you from far, I saw the destination I have been crying to reach. I love you.

59. You are the light that drops from my eyes like tears. I don’t like it when you role down so I suck you when you reach my lips. I love you.

60. You are the most beautiful gift in my life; your kindness has given me the perfect comfort my heart really deserves.

Romantic love letters for him to use as love messages

61. It comes to my heart late to look towards your site; it has been too late to recognize a mercy like you. It is now painful that I lost the entire years to enjoy your love.

62. I began to fall in love with you since the first day you kissed my lips. I could not control how I feel for you. I love you.

63. If I have met you a hundred years ago, I would have forgiven myself. I regret never noticing you since these years. I love you.

64. I can’t still be happy, that was the statement that kept me strong until I finally met you. You have become my happiness.

65. I will never forget the day you pronounced your love to me. I felt like the world will break down on my head.

66. In your eyes is located a merciful light bigger than the sun, in your heart dwells the seat of love given to me from above. I love you too.

67. You are number one for me. You are the star that shines in my life when everything seems too dark for me to see. I love you.

68. If you could let me dwell in your heart, I will never think of coming out again. I just want to be part of your life. I love.

69. Spread the wings of your love on me, I want to fly with you to the end of life; I am happy to be with you.

70. My heart is open to you alone. My kindness wants your happiness alone and my life wants to be spent with you alone. I love you.

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