Hurray! The International literacy day is here. Happy International literacy day to everyone. I have a number of happy International literacy day messages for your motivation here.

What is the International literacy day?

The International literacy day was a day set aside on 8th September every year by the UNESCO to highlight how important literacy is to individuals, communities, groups and societies. The International literacy day is celebrated in many countries all over the world especially United States.

It is painful to know that about 700 million adults lack basic literacy skills, and according to Wikipedia, one in five adults are illiterate and about 66% of these adults are women. Interesting!

The international literacy day 2017 theme

The 2017 National literacy day has been themed as ‘Literacy in a Digital World. The objectives of 2017 International literacy day are:

. To reflect on what it means to be literate in increasingly digitally-mediated societies;
. To explore effective policies and programmes for literacy skills development in a digital world; and
. To explore how digital technologies can support progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal 4, especially Target 4.6 on youth and adult literacy.

Happy International literacy day messages, quotes, wishes

A reader is important in every facet of life. He is knowledgeable and smart. The man who fails to read, will be a failure. Literacy is key!

One of the most important thing in life is reading and poetry. I’d rather die a literate than remain an illiterate. Happy International literacy day.

Spend 60% of your time reading and acquiring knowledge, most of the important things in this life is hidden between books.

Reading is the biggest form of entertainment ever. You want to know why? Pick a book of James Hardley Chase, then you will know what I’m talking about.

Dedicate a little time of your life reading books, then you will see how much impact and value you have added to yourself.

Happy International literacy day everyone. Have fun with it.

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