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100 Happy Halloween Messages, Greetings, Sayings

happy halloween messages

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You will find them all here.

When is the Halloween Day?

The 31st of October every year can be seen as the scariest day of the year as it is set aside for Halloween.

Enjoy our happy Halloween messages

Below are some happy Halloween messages you can send to friends and loved ones to ignite the spooky flame.

1)  I’d be a fairy today to grant your wishes and make sure you don’t run out of candies.

2) Pumpkin carvings and candy cravings? Yes that’s the Halloween spirit!

3) Imagine an October without October 31st; that’s me without you. The feeling isn’t complete.

4) Hey I think the devil just tapped you! He wants you to trick or treat!!

5) I hope I get to see you scream today because it’s surely going to liven my day. It’s Halloween after all.

6) Have a splendid Halloween and don’t let the candy monsters attack.

7) I’d do anything for you today because today is a special one. Your wish today is my command.

8) Silent Night,

Ghostly Night,

Tiny shrieks keep Halloween going.

9) Win the fight over candy today and be the sweetest out there.

10) Have fun with the shadows tonight; there won’t be another night for such this year.

11) Halloween wouldn’t be complete without pumpkins. Don’t forget to carve yours.

12) I hope the vampires don’t suck on you and make you dry this Halloween! Stay safe!

13) Having you in my life is my sweetest treat. Have a wonderful Halloween.

14) Its a call for us to pig on candies. Come over let’s not waste this opportunity.

15) Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Pumpkins are meant to be carved upon today.

16) Don’t run out of candy today else you’d be worse than scary.

17) My costume this Halloween is to be dressed as your stalker because I can’t get my eyes off you.

18) You can never get too old for trick or treat! Join in and experience the joy.

19) Channel the Halloween energy and charge up your wings! It’s take off time! Go spread the Halloween love.

20) Go scarce or get scared! It’s Halloween! The shadows shall attack you if you don’t go out.

21) Dressing up as a Cat? Ghoul? Ghost?  I’m sure your character will frighten others and get you enough candy.

22) I wish you an Halloween filled with adventures.

23) Trick or treat and carry out all your pranks today. You only live once!

24) You’re never too old to trick or treat!

25) Having you by my side is enough treat for me today.

26) Don’t be afraid to have fun today! After all, that’s the reason for Halloween.

27) Check the loop and crooks, you’d either find a devil to an angel but don’t get too scared to trick or treat!

28) Wishing you a fun scary night.

29) Here’s me wishing you the scariest night of the year.

30) Everyone is scared of something; I hope you find yours.

31) If you get scared tonight, remember I’m just a call away.

32) Enjoy the dark moments; connect with your inner self and be at peace with yourself. Happy Halloween.

33) Trick or treat is fun, but would be much better if we go together.

34) Here’s wishing you at a candy filled day and a sweet life.

35) An amulet for you to drive out the witches, ghost and ghouls away is my gift for you this Halloween.

36) Cancel out the frights of Halloween with the delights of candy.

37) I wish you a happy Halloween and tasty treats.

38) Halloween is the perfect time to let out your inner child irrespective of your age. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

39) stay safe and away from the cupboards lest the skeletons appear.

40) Happiness is all you deserve and I hope you get it today.

41) Don’t be a scaredy cat today. Catch the magic as it flies over and make your fairytale.

42) My hand is on my wand and ready to grant wishes because it’s Halloween! Send in your wishes now before I let go of my wand.

43) Hey dear save my candies or I’ll tell the shadows to leash out on you.

44) Remember candy keeps the monsters away, so have many of them.

45) I’d be sending a pumpkin with my face carved on it your way today. I hope it brightens your day. Happy Halloween love.

46) Rock your day like none other!!!

47) Make sure your goody bags are set because it’s time to get some treats.

48) Happy HOWL-lo-ween.

49) Hey don’t let the vampires fang out on you today. Wishing you a scary Halloween.

50) Have a haunted Halloween darling.

51) The skies are dark,

The stars are up,

Guess what?

It’s time for trick or treat!!!

52) Hope your broomsticks are ready for takeoff? Can’t do Halloween without the good ole broomstick.

53) May you have a SPOOK-ta-cu-lar Halloween.

54) be merry today and forget all worries. Let the Hallowen scarce all worries away.

55) Today is the day you get to scarce people. Have fun doing that.

56) Its Halloween! Remember to be stronger than the monsters today!

57) Halloween with you by my side makes life 100 times BOO-tter.

58) May your candy bags be over filled today. You shall never run out of goodies.

59) Trick or Treat!!!

60) build your web like that of a spider today and spread love by trick or treating.

61) I hope your candy bags are filled cause I’d be paying you a visit this night.

62) are you sugar high yet or your candy bags need a refill? Remember to pig on candies today.

63) Its candy season!!! Feast on those candies without regrets today.

64) All I want today is to give you a bear hug and make you feel special. Happy Halloween.

65) It might be a scary night, but I’d rather be scared by your side.

66) Let the goose bumps spread while candies fill your dreams with Halloween.

67) No matter how scary Halloween is, it preaches love as trick or treat brings everyone together.

68) I hope your Halloween is all treats and no tricks.

69) No one deserves a bag of candy as much as you do today. Have a sweet Halloween.

70) Halloween is a feeling that you just have to tune into today!

71) Happy October 31st.

72) You know its Halloween when the shadow get close, brooms fly over your head and whispers are heard from the walls. Don’t you scared it’s only a spooky holiday.

73) I wish you a treatful Halloween.

74) You’d always be on my mind today, no matter how haunted the day might get.

75) Its so much fun to get scared a little. Get scared and go scare others.

76) Don’t let the candy stores go free today! Attack it like you’ve never done.

77)  I have a sugar crush on you.

78) Is my face carved unto your pumpkin yet hun? I’d be waiting to grant your wishes.

79) Take time for yourself and have fun sketching your favorite monster today.

80) Put everything away and have a crazy Halloween.

Halloween party sayings and witty halloween quotes

Share these halloween party sayings and witty halloween quotes on the halloween day:

81) Have a treatful day dear.

82) An October without Halloween? Trust me that isn’t a complete October.

83) Have a FANG-tas-tic Halloween dear.

84) Make this holiday freaky fun for yourself, and enjoy to the best of your ability.

85) Who wants to pass up the opportunity to scare people for candy? Have a delicious Halloween.

86) It isn’t Halloween if there isn’t the eerie feeling! Go batty!

87) Have a scary and candy filled Halloween.

88) Having a magical Halloween.

89) My love for you shall fill you up like the feeling of candies.

90) Scary waters and shadows but none shall affect you; your life shall remain as sweet as Halloween candies.

Cute Halloween captions for Instagram

Why not share these as your cute halloween captions for Instagram?

91) Don’t get intimidated by other pumpkins in the patch remember you’re the cutest pumpkin out there!

92)  No matter how scary the night might get, remember that I love you.

93) Don’t get too scared today when the spooks pop up. Be your own version of scary!

94)   Halloween is the best time to unleash your inner freak.

95)  I wish you load of excitement this Halloween.

96) Be careful of what you wish for because the pumpkins are ready for you. Have a happy Halloween.

97) It is that time of the year when you get to act whatever way you want without judgment. Happy Halloween.

98) The aim today is to get sugar high and be as free as you can be! Don’t dull!!!

99) It’ll be a crime to stay without having fun today. Let the howl of excitement begin!

100) Have an amazing day.

Wishing Nigerians a happy Halloween with these Happy Halloween messages. From South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and all over the continent, Happy Halloween!

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 – Chidinma Emenama


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