I remember when I first came to Lagos; Mama Mistura comes to mind.

The joy of always seeing her at her canteen willing to feed Oga officer’s hungry bones with loads of ‘beef’ and ‘bokoto’ comes to mind!

I will never forget my first year in Lagos, fun and exciting..still..away from the stress and rigors of the day, into welcoming arms of MaMa Mistura’s pot of ‘you know what’…

If you like form buttyish and say you only take the junks of Lagos Island’s Palms, the ice creams of ICM, the poundos of Kilmanjaro, Pizza of Debonaires and what have you….name it, we have eaten it all.

But when the chicken comes home to roost, it’s with MaMa Mistura’s bokoto…

Deedeesphotoblog had the opportunity of capturing MaMa Mistura’s pot of gold in our Canon Lens..and viola, here we are…Welcome to the ‘loki’ world.

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  1. JoJo

    Chai! I love me some Iya Mistura amala and gbegiri. Missed it much. Maybe I’ll visit her today


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