As faceless as Nigerians thought Nairaland forum was, friends who had built a strong bond off the forum decided to come together to hang out at the Nairaland House Party on the 2nd of June 2018.

With previous editions held successfully, last was which was the Nairaland Beach party 3.0, the stake was raised higher to ensure everyone sees Nairaland not only as a faceless brand but as people from all race and dimensions coming together to celebrate love and friendship.

Being a media supporter of the last edition of the Nairaland party, yours truly was there again as media partner to join in celebrating love and friendship, and all you have here on this page are the total representation of what went down at the party.

Not only did the party allow night crawlers and fun lovers to connect, it also provided the opportunity for Nairalanders to network, exchange complimentary cards and discuss business and investment opportunities. It was a beautiful house party!

From the young and hippy guys who wanted to have fun dancing and partying the night, an M.C who took everyone through reels of laughter to the ladies who wanted to dance their hearts out, it was a memorable night, truly.

By the time you are done viewing this content, you would surely want to be available for the next and subsequent editions of Nairaland parties.

Pictures from the Nairaland House Party 4.0


Would you want to miss the next Nairaland House Party?



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  1. Aanu

    Mehn with these pictures I can see that y’all had fun. I pray not to miss the next one


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