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Long Distance Love Letters To My Lover

Long Distance Love Letters

Long Distance Love Letters To My Lover – Falling in love is definitely one of the most magical feeling in the world. Love will fill your life with colours from thoughts that have seemed almost unimaginable.

The fact that you cannot express yourself thoroughly to the person you love should not deter you from conveying how you truly feel to them. What you find difficult to express can be done through letters. We believe in the powers of long distance love letters as they have been saving relationships from time immemorial.

Writing love letters will never fade away – especially with the advent of social media, it is easier to communicate your feelings with that lover who is not physically present with you at that moment.

Be rest assured that no matter how far away you might be from the love of your love, it does not mean that the love does not have to grow weaker? Of course, there is the popular belief that absence a times quicken love, you don’t have to dwell on the fact that you are far apart from each other. Try spicing everything up by adding some magic to that relationship.

You can send love letters which you might want to compose form the heart a time or choose from the ones that would be presented in this article.

You can celebrate that long distance relationship with touching words that are penned down from your deepest feelings.

These long distance love letters work wonders for couples staying apart and would love to read or listen to words of affection being sent to them, every now and then.


Check out the following long distance love letters specially curated for your use:

1. Sweetheart,

To my sweetheart, know that the distance cannot make our hearts apart even though we are miles away. Each time I think of you I smile to myself. Despite the distance, your love for me makes me feel that you are always beside me.

I miss you and I am missing you a lot my dear one. I hope you will reply this message soon and not make my heart wait too much for you.

Right now, I am living with the memories of you and they keep my company every second. Tell me it is the same with you. I miss you.

2. My Love,

Since the moment I first laid my eyes on you, and till now that we have finally come together as one, I have loved you and still love you. I was confident that I had met the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’m hurt here, spending my days without you, it weighs my mind down seriously. And I understand that we cannot help it for now. I love you with every fiber of me and believe me when I say I would do anything to make this last till infinity.

Take care of yourself, my dear.

3. To you my Beloved,

It is painful right now that another day has passed and yet I still cannot see your face and your beautiful smile every morning when I wake. It hurts me that you that I love stay very far from me.

If I could do anything to be with you right now, believe me, that I will.

Even with the long distance between us, I know we can always make this work. The fact that you are mine fills me with much excitement everyday baby; I love you more than you can even think of. So just continue to love me like I do you.

4. Darling,

Staying far from you is harsh to me as I miss your touch and warmth. The way you hold and comfort me whenever I need them is something nobody can do for me.

I dream every day that you are by my side and when I wake the harsh reality hits me that my mind is void. I miss everything about you. Thoughts of you fill me with the strength to face each day.

I can’t wait when you will be back.

I love you.

 5. My Love,

My greatest joy is wanting to be with you and spend every hour of the day with you. I am so happy right now that I found the special one which is you. The fact that you are mine forever feels me with great joy as that is what I have always fantasized about ever since I met you.

I want you to be there for me no matter what. I know that this distance between us cannot in anyway diminish our love for each, instead, it will strengthen our bond the more. As absence makes the heart grows fonder, that is how my heart sync with yours. I love you even more with each passing day. I will love you forever.

6. Dear,

The first time I saw you, I just knew I had found someone wonderful. From then on, all I want is just to be with you. You brighten my day with your smiles and words.

Darling, you are the most loving and forgiving person I have ever known. Your beautiful heart is one of the attractions I got from you. I promise to do all I can to make you happy. We will have an everlasting friendship of two inseparable souls who cannot live in isolation. I will forever cherish what we have.

Thank you for being there, at least on my mind, for now.

7. Dear Beloved,

We must not in any way lose hope darling, because if we do we’ll surely be lost forever. Even if the world forbids us coming together, we will still meet under the starlight in the open mountain and profess our love for each other.

We will forever talk together, embrace each other, and do everything together.

The realization that you are with me and for me makes me happy because it is a dream come true for me. My heart races wildly whenever I remember our first kiss, when we first held hands and our souls become one. Do you know that our first kiss will forever be etched in my memory?

I have this feeling that you have been fine for me. My love, I share the way I feel with you.

8. My Prince Charming,

Don’t even bother yourself wondering how much I love you, it’s like asking me how much air I breathe each day.

Know that you are the sun that brightens my day in the sky, the river that runs through and waters my soul, the very air that I breathe.

I have never believed it was possible to love a soul the way I love you but now I know better.

With your true and deep love exits for me because you are love itself.

Know today that I have always been and will always be totally yours.

Please come home soonest as I miss you.

9. Honey,

I am happy I have you in my life now despite the long distance between us though. I know it is for us to be comfortable later that is why you work hard now.  You are the one that gives meaning to my life and makes our home a paradise.

Our love will be a remarkable one that even the sun, moon and stars will envy.

I know you sometimes fear that I do not love you as much as you wish. But know darling that since I have met you, my life has turned into colorful dreams. I have known you, I have loved you and I always will without reserve or inhibitions. I have known you so much jealousy is even an agony to me.

Know that I would die for you my life.

Yes, I call you my life because you define life to me in another way.

10. To my darling,

My brand new woman. My embodiment of perfection. Do you know I could barely concentrate on any of my works at all? I have so missed you that I am contemplating and visualizing seeing you soon.

Baby, you are always new to me, do you know that? The last kisses we shared before I left home keeps lingering in my memory making my heart race wildly and seriously unable to concentrate at work here.

How are my little angels doing? I know you are taking good care of them as you would me. Please do my love; they are the seal of our love for each other.

I can’t wait for the next homecoming.

I love you, darling.

Be safe.

11. Hello darling,

I know I have terribly offended you. I am so sorry my princess. Work has been time-consuming but guess what? Your pictures on my table, your memories in my head, the kisses that we shared all makes me feel so fly at work that I breeze past my duties easily. I cannot help but admire your devotion to me and our little angels.

Although my mind has been discontented and restless as I cannot see you anytime I wish to. I see you everywhere.

The love we share is an immense pleasure for me, as you always dominate my reasoning.

I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again and tell the stories of our love to our sweet ones.

Take care as I hope to do and be fine till I see you again.

12. My hero,

Every moment, you grace my memories with your presence. I think of you over and over again as that is the only thing my heart can concentrate to do. I love you. I fall for you, over and over.

It does not matter whether you are here with me or not, my memory has you etched in it. More than anything in this world is your love for me, which makes me float and feel like the luckiest girl in the universe. One very sure fact is that you will forever be my sweetheart and there is nothing on earth that can separate us from each other.

13. To you my champion,

I know you might sometimes feel like I do not love you as much as I claim I do. Please know that I truly l love you. My schedules may be too tight that I may have to leave your messages unresponded to, but now that in my head and heart, you take a very irreplaceable place.
My heart beats for you and you alone. My body craves your touch.

Every kiss we shared is engraved in my heart. Not a single day will pass that I do not wish you are here with me.

The only consolations I have are that our babies are here with me; else I would have lost my mind.

Each minute apart makes us grow fonder of each other.

I don’t have to tell you as you already know that I love you and will forever do.

Hope you miss me like I do? Because my head is almost bursting out of me. Know that there is no single day that I want to spend without you.

Take care of yourself until we see you soon.

14. My world,

I want you, I want to be with you, I want you in my life, I want you forever. I don’t even know what to say as my heart is bursting out of words to say to you.

Thank you for showing me your love every day. You are not here but your love makes me strong. Life with you, whenever we are together, is the best.

You have changed my life completely as I see life and love in you. You make me feel important, even though you are not here with me.  You are my everything, yes; I would not mind repeating it every minute to you. That is just the way you make me feel.

I always look forward to whenever you would be coming home as my heart feels heavy with the way I miss you right now.

Although I wish that you are here with me, then the thought that you are working to help ease the comfort of our home makes me contented with waiting till whenever you would be coming home and we would see each other again.

Thank you to the only one that I want.

It is a pleasure spending forever with you.

I love you.

15. I will always be with you

Scholars have always said, out of sight is out of mind but that can’t be true for people in a relationship as when you are not here I can’t seem to get you out of my mind, and, if we happen to go our separate ways years from now, I want you to always remember something, you are braver & way stronger than your looks portray you to be and smarter than you think but, the most important of all these things is, even if we are torn apart, I will always be with you.

Long distance love letters for him from the heart

1. Missing someone you truly love is not all about when last you’ve seen them or had the opportunity to talk to them, missing someone special to you becomes unbearable when you are in the middle of something and you wish they are right there with you to keep you company. For me to not miss you so much until it hurts, I relive every second we’ve ever had to spend together because memories are the only thing I could hang on to till the next time we get to see knowing fully well that the scariest part of all this is being uncertain as to whether you are being missed equally or missed even more.

2. A long distance relationship is not as hard as people portray it, I’ve never tread this path but with you right next to me through the journey, there is no hard part to this, it is only a matter of trust, commitment and holding on as love knows no reason, boundaries nor distance, it’s sole purpose is to bring people like you and me together for a duration of time called forever. Missing you turns each of my pains to pleasure knowing fully well that, miles away, you are in the corner of your room missing me too, as much as I miss you.

3. Distance doesn’t strain any romantic relationship as you don’t have to see someone every day of the week to be in love with them, loving you made me realize distance means so little when someone means the world to you, for me, you are that special someone, you opened my eyes to see that the best and most beautiful of the things in this world cannot be seen nor touched, they can only be felt by two connecting hearts. I love and miss you so much that hearing your voice is the closest thing to feeling your presence here.

4. Loving you from such a great distance has made me come to terms with the reality that missing you so much is just a way my heart has found to express how much it loves you, being together almost made me took what we have for granted, you being this far from me at the moment makes my being long for you every minute of the day and I have come to know how strong my feelings for you are and as the days go by the memories of us remain, I will wait for your return every single day until you turn up in my front door waiting for me with open arms for that tight hug that lasts for like forever.

5. Distance is only a number measured in miles, but, my feelings for you can never be measured and time seems to have seized going about its normal routine as loving you has made my heart oblivious to the fact that time still somehow, somewhere exists. When it rains, it reminds me of you and although you are several miles away from me, I still walk outside in the rain to kiss it just for you, it has never failed and it never will, the rain will always come and I will always love you. Whenever it gets cloudy over there and you miss me so much, just get into the rain and kiss it for me as true love was never about being inseparable but being separated without anything changing between two lovebirds.

6. There is no greater joy in the world for two humans connected by love than to know there is a strengthened heart to heart bond between the duo and to be at peace with each other during those silent moments. Having you in my life is the best thing that has ever happened to me after receiving the breath of life, we may be worlds away from each other but it will only spice things up and add to the love we have for each other because there is the certainty that the time that we will be together until forever is already here.

7. In true love, the smallest distance can be tuned by the heart to be the greatest and with two connected hearts, the greatest distance can be bridged but, it has gotten to a point where I have missed you too much, the peak of it all where I have decided to turn my back and walk away from the stabbing pains I am having in my heart, get into the rain to scream my lungs out and have the sound of the rain droplets muffle it all up. Honey, I have had just enough of this waiting time, I need you more right now than I ever did since we’ve started dating.

9. I am never a patient person but, I long and look forward to the day I will no longer have to dream about your kiss but have you here real time with your lips pressed against mine when your touch makes me come alive magically again, that time when the sight of you will arouse all of my senses. I have seen relationships where soul mates are only some minutes away from each other but they are nothing compared to what we have, a long distance relationship where I only get to see you every once in a while, it is the best of the relationships I have ever seen as watching two patient and longing hearts wait out and ignore the ticking sound of the day is one of the sweetest things to behold as to them, it is always worth the wait. Yeah, it’s hard for me to not have you here to hold my hand, kiss and hug me but one day we will, on that special day where we will get to bring back old memories and connect them to the present.

10. We have been  a couple for some years now has made a part of you fuse in me and override a part of me, I am half me, half you now, so, you see, we are inseparable now and it’s me and you forever regardless of the distance and the side talks by family and friends who might think we are wasting our time having a relationship over such a great distance, miles might separate us, but, we are always connected via heart to heart connection and deep down within me, the day I have been longing for is almost here, I can’t wait for the day that distance wouldn’t be a barrier anymore and I finally get to have you back and hold you in my arms.

11. Love has been known to not understand its depth until it’s the hour of separation, we cannot be together now due to circumstances we signed up for, but, we will never truly be apart as no matter what life throws at us, you will always be in my heart and I will forever love you as distance is only a test to see how many miles you can travel to be with your loved ones and I am willing to cross the seven oceans and seven seas just to spend a split second with you, see your glowing face and see you smile one last time before being snatched into oblivion.

12. We are inseparable because even though we are miles away from each other and we might never get to be in each other’s arms soon, missing you gets easier for me every day as every day keeps me further from the last time we last saw and even better, it keeps me closer to the next time we will get to see and even though we are hundreds of miles away, you still occupy the larger part of my heart and I promise that special place you occupy in my heart will never be dark and that keeps me going because I know the situation of things has made us inseparable, if we could cope for this long in a long distance relationship, then, we can face anything life throws at us fiercely without backing down for any reason at all.

13. I have always been missing you and saying it to your face every now and then but tonight is a little different, most of the times when I miss you, I only long for you to be right beside me as I want you near me, crave your talk, want to see you laugh, share how my day went with you and argue about cute little things, the difference here is, me missing you today is all about me feeling incomplete without you being here, I feel something crucial is missing from my essence and that is you, honey, I need you to be here to feel whole and complete again because it feels as though I am missing the other half of me and without that there is no how I could feel complete without you here.

14. Distance means so little to me because you are a special person to me and sometimes, people who are a thousand miles away from you makes you feel better than the people that are right next to you and every time I miss you, I get in bed, reach out for my pillow and pretend it’s you but it never worked out for me as well as using you as my pillow gives me the best kind of satisfaction word cannot describe.

15. Distance is never for the fearful, it is for the bold who are willing to spend a lot of time working towards spending a little time with the one they love, it is for those who value seeing a good thing for a brief moment no matter how long they have to wait for that moment to come. I know when either of us leaves to be away and keep us at a distance again, no matter how far we are from each other; nothing can change the feelings I have for you in my heart.

16. Couples out there think having a long distance relationship affect the quality of love and make it diminish over time especially when the communication is poor or not there at all but, I say to you, loving you from a distance has only tested how strong my feelings for you are and they keep getting stronger with each day that passes by. I find leverage in knowing that, sooner or later we will get to meet again and be a happy couple and if the only place where I get to keep you in my arms was in my dreams, I’ll never bother to wake up, I will sleep till the day after forever.

17. Love has been said to have no boundaries and long distance relationships prove that it backs the claim that two people though thousands of miles away from each other can fall in love without having a physical contact. Most importantly, this type of love sums up what agape love is all about as it knows no age nor distance. Love in a long distance relationship gets even better, cinematic and unreal when couples finally get to see as the host body gets flushed with series of emotions. Love, a smile, a tear, compassion, tender care are a sign of goodbye and welcome back attitude attributed to couples in a long distance relationship. For you and me, we don’t say goodbye because we know that one day, we will get to see each other again and make up for all the times we’ve been apart.

Do you want more long distance love letters? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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