This word has been a bone of contention for a long time now. I remember a guy who said he had no Ex(s), once it didn’t work out, then memory totally erased and no need of giving title to a fruitless journey. He so loathes the word (Ex), claiming it doesn’t exist in his dictionary.

Anyway,that’s not where I’m going today.

I was recently discussing with a friend (like a potential, you gerrit?) . He asked me how many guys have I dated and I went mute. I was mute because I was scared that I was going to chase him away with my answer (oh yeah, it’s that much,wait for it). I did contemplate for awhile in my mind while I was forming network is bad.

To cut the story short, I decided to tell him the truth and when I did, he was shocked (you better don’t ask me for the number) and of course I was embarrassed he was visibly shocked.

This got me musing,really does the number of Ex(es) matters when it comes to choosing your spouse?

Should that be part of the determining factor? I thought bygone is bygone, past is past right? Does the number of Ex(es) determine how good your spouse will be?

Like less number of Ex(es),more chances of been a good lady/guy? Or the other way round. Is this a determining factor to a successful relationship?

So, I went ahead to ask few of my friends and here were the answers I got:

Seun (Male):

It necessarily doesn’t matter. We have different backgrounds and some people might have gone into premature relationships not knowing what relationships are about. They just did it for fun. But there comes a time in a man’s life where he/she starts to think ‘straight’ so maybe @that point,they may have understood that relationships shouldn’t be just for fun sake but it should be headed in a positive direction which usually is marriage except something else happens.

Queen (Female):

It doesn’t matter. As in, if a guy has dated like 10 girls, I think its best you know what went wrong in those 10 times, you know some guys are **** boys. But the number of ex(es) shouldn’t determine your stand about dating him.

Pope (Male):

It matters to some extent o. Not a defining factor but still matters.

It’s a sliding scale..As in, it matters more if the supposed spouse has had plenty exes. I believe something or some reasons must have warranted the previous break-ups.. and that’s what one should investigate first.

Oreoluwa (female):

How it take concern me choosing a spouse?

So much to say, so little my words. Anyway, I’d love to hear from you, my awesome readers. What are your views? Let’s light this post up. Drop your comments below. Let’s engage!

P.s: If you like start counting 5,7,10,20 for me, I am sureĀ I’m not that bad….#roll eyes# how would you even imagine that much for me?#flipsweavonwalksaway#
See,I’m already thinking because I have only dated one person,I’m a good babe shey? Heheheh,if I hear??

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