Top 12 Counselling Services In Nigeria

counselling services in nigeria

Top 12 Counselling Services In Nigeria

A wise saying holds that “life is not a bed of roses”. Life is full of struggles, frustration and anxiety, only the strong-hearted can survive. The storms that accompany one’s existence can throw people into depression which can lead to cultivating suicidal thoughts. Oftentimes, millions don’t have directions about where they are going to or what to do with their lives, while others lack the appropriate education on health-related issues, personal hygiene or even the right diet.

In as much as the above mentioned conditions are destroying people’s lives, then counselors will come in to provide psychological therapy to mentally unstable patients who behave abnormally, counselling to individuals and persons living with health disorders, and so on. Guidance and counselling profession in Nigeria has saved many individuals from emotional and physical melt down. This is a confirmation of that fact that different counselling outfits are springing up rapidly, whereas a large number of them are quacks who didn’t even receive basic training let alone intensive education.

These unqualified counselors and psychologists have defrauded many innocent victims of their money, with no strong judicial sanction against them. This irksome situation has made it difficult for people who are in dire need of psychotherapy and professional guidance to identify qualified experts on the field. Fortunately, trust-worthy specialists still abound in Nigeria and we are recommending 12 of them based on their track records.

So here are the top 12 counselling services in Nigeria you can rely on.

1. DeeDee’s Relationship Counselling Service – DeeDeesMedia

If you want the best in telephone counselling with unparalleled quality focus on your freedom from life issues, then Deedee is your right choice.  Telephone counselling brings your counselor and therapist closer to you, establishing a solid relationship between the two of you. This medium of interaction also aids your endless problem-solving search.

The personality rolling the wheel of Deedee’s Relationship Counselling Service is a seasoned life and relationship coach, ‘Detola Adegbohun. Borne out of passion to help people through psychological issues relating to love and relationships, Detola started the wheels of counselling by using his amazing writing skills to push relationship contents all over the world before he began to speak and support people going through one relationship issue or the other.

In just 6 months of starting the Counselling outfit, Detola has helped not less than 100 women and men get over the throes of relationship heartbreak and depression. He just recently bagged a certificate in Counselling Psychology and Relationship Coaching to ensure that his vision for solving relationship problems comes to fruition.

Detola also enjoys creating documentary photography and editing. His passion lies with love and he strongly advocates for true affection among humanity as the best thing the world can offer. Part of his hobbies is depicting people’s experiences and happenings in visual representations, hence his decision to name himself the Photoblogger.

Basically, his digital media platform, Deedeesblog is a haven for life and love, a storage platform on the best counselling tips concerning relationships. Detola believes solving love and relationship issues is a call to serve and a ministry to spend a chunk of time on.

2. Institute of Counselling Nigeria (ICN)

Abuja-based ICN prides itself as the first psychotherapy and clinical counselling in the whole of Africa. ICN is a standard institute where varieties of professional counselling studies can be undertaken, with state-of-the-art facilities and conducive environment, as well as experienced professionals as tutors. They offer pastoral counselling, clinical counselling and psychotherapy.

ICN is aimed at promoting the intensive coaching and building skills in counselling, providing avenues for consistent expertise in counselling, etc. Established in 2010, ICN is a non-profit private academic organization which was founded on strict Christian principles.  The founders of ICN were inspired by unfulfilled plight of people who wish to learn counselling and psychotherapy professionally in Africa.  Benefits abound for applicants who want to enrol for their program. They will have the chance to connect with the expanding community of successful professionals in the field.

ICN also offers services such as normal teenage behaviours vs early signs of mental illness and concept of grief works.

2. Beyond the Heart Therapy

Bththerapy is spearheaded by a beautiful woman, Mrs Chiadi Ndu. She obtained her Masters education in Counselling Psychology. She holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and other professional certificates in counselling related courses like Addiction Counselling and Stress Management.  Mrs Ndu graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York as a Health Coach.

Ndu is skilled in deep therapy that drives into the psychological realm of her clients, with a rare style of communication. Ndu uses a wide rang of teaching methods and therapies to help them have improved health. Her friendly, informal and relaxed attitude towards counselling had won the hearts of her customers, exhuming heartfelt concern and not being judgemental. Mrs Ndu is also an author of several books such as ‘Anchor Beyond my Fears”, a guest writer on BellaNaija blog and a seasoned motivational speaker. She loves working with young people to help them discover their inner potentials.

The mother of 3 established Beyond The Heart Centre that offers services on psychological therapy and total wellness. Beyond the heart is a radio show anchored by her on IFM and CFM.

3. 23 24 Relationship & Family Counselors

Looking for the best counselling on family and relationship? then go to 23 24 Relationship and Family Counselors, a counselling firm that has the reputation in the area of family issues and relationship training as far back as 2008.  23 24 works with highly trained counsellors who handle marriage problems, relationship issues, counselling for adolescents and teenagers, post-traumatic counselling, therapy, etc.

For those who may not know, therapy appointments are not the same as counselling due to their different coverage and results. However, 23 24 is an expert in both areas, placing maximum emphasis on self-rediscovery and total recovery. Sometimes, some cases may demand more professional interventions so this counselling firm has the right to invite other specialists into these cases if the need arise.

4. Dayo Ladi-Omotunde

Dayo is a Lagos-based experienced specialist on counselling and psychological therapy, who also founded 23 24. Dayo know his onions when it comes to fostering strong and lasting relationships.

Mr. Dayo Omotunde is a motivational speaker who had featured on many TV and radio programs for many years, bringing smiles to homes among married and singles. His educational qualifications as a certified psychologist, family counsellor for married people, and other degrees from schools like University of Lagos, testified to his deep and unparalleled knowledge.  His firm allows interviews via electronic means like video and telephone calls, social media platforms and emails, for those who cannot make physical appearances to his office.

5. Marriage Matters

Marriage Matters is a Lagos-based consulting firm that recognizes the need to bring intensive coaching and relationship training to married and unmarried people.
Their services include counselling for married couples, self-development, personal counselling (issues like stress, fear, restlessness, temperament, addictive challenges, etc), counselling for intending couples, coaching on parenting (how to educate your children and teen kids) and many more.

Marriage matters was established by Bose Fawehinmi who began her counselling career over a decade ago, teaching counselling to people and providing succour to countless marriages.

She bagged certificates in several disciplines like Biblical Counselling from CCEF, Professional Counselling and other relevant studies both in USA and Nigeria.
Bose heads a vibrant team that places premium importance on efficient and fast response bordering on psychological therapy and counselling services.

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    PsychoTechnology of Success
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    Hello Detola Deedee, this is really a great writeup i must confess, as it helps your audience identify counseling services & psychologists in Nigeria.

    We at PsychoTechnology of Success are psychologist in Lagos and offers counseling courses for Individuals and Organization.

    We also offer free value video content on Youtube to help all audiences

    We are asking that you kindly include us in the list of counselors in Nigeria too help add more value to your audience. Thanks

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    Nonye Francis Madu
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    Hello, I am the coordinator of 360 Psyche ( At 360 Psyche provide therapy, coaching and training services in Lagos, Nigeria via online/offline service options. We have 5 service locations in Lagos State, Nigeria in a bid to bring our services closer to you – Surulere, Lekki, Ikota, Festac and Ikeja. In addition, we offer online services as well as in-home/office services (concierge services).

    With a variety of plans to choose from, our services are tailored to include options to help you without you revealing your true identity (anonymous help), without having to visit our office, stigma free, simple to access, efficient and effective.

    Psychological and behavioural health services… anytime, anywhere, any day. Our therapists, counsellors, psychiatrists and psychologists all possess the required level of qualifications and experience to provide the best services in the industry.

    We are built on these four major tenants – educate, discuss, connect and research. We are passionate about your every you…

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