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10 Fatal First Date Mistakes

fatal first date mistakes

10 Fatal First Date Mistakes – We live in times when a date doesn’t oblige men to be dressed in tuxedos and demonstrate exquisite manners. But some elementary rules still exist, and one shouldn’t underestimate them, as it’s good old classic. Guys, don’t make these common dating mistakes on the first date if you plan to ask her out on the second one.

Mistake 1: Having no clear plan

Firstly, it’s important for your companion to know where you’re going because she needs to pick the right outfit. Secondly, when asking her what she wants to do, you create at least two problems for yourself at once. First, you risk wasting one or two hours before the girl finally decides where she wants to go. Second, you may have to go to a place you either don’t like or can’t afford.

Mistake 2: Staring at other girls

If you think that she doesn’t see you doing that, you’re wrong! Girls notice everything. Get your eyes off those cute waitresses walking around in miniskirts. You will never be good in dating ladies if you cannot stop on time, after all! If you don’t want this date to become the last one, you should focus on one woman only. And make sure that this is your girlfriend!

Mistake 3: Talking too much about yourself

No one doubts that you’re cool guy, alright? Otherwise, the girl sitting next to you wouldn’t agree to go on a date with you. So do us a favor and try to make sure that there’s a dialogue between you and not an endless monologue about your personal achievements. Even if your companion looks interested in your stories and keeps showing this by saying: “Really? That’s awesome!” she’s unlikely to go on a second date with you.

Mistake 4: Showing bad manners

Good manners are not old fashioned! Well, actually they are, but they’re also the best way to show her that your intentions are far beyond a one-night stand! After all, finding a real gentleman is close to impossible in our days. Hold the door for your lady, help her sit at the table, stuff like that. But the main thing here is not to make it look like a superficial attempt to seem kind. There is nothing worse than a guy who stops acting like a gentleman right after he realizes that he won’t have sex tonight.

Mistake 5: Paying too much attention to your phone

No matter how busy you are and how many things you need to take care of, while on a date, turn your phone’s sound off and don’t get it out of your pocket. Otherwise, you risk finding yourself sitting at the table alone. This date mistake also applies to girls. Let’s show mutual respect.

Mistake 6: Rushing things out

Of course, we’re all grown-up people and free to do whatever we want. But this one’s not about sex. You should avoid such first date mistakes as calling your new girlfriend by cute nicknames and giving her a huge bouquet of roses or a five-foot teddy bear on the first date. These romantic moves will only make her confused.

Mistake 7: Getting too drunk

For a girl, sitting in a restaurant with a shit-faced guy she barely knows is the worst pastime possible. Even if you think that you behave yourself and act adequately (trust us, you don’t), you shouldn’t let dating mistakes like this one happen.

Mistake 8: Talking about your ex

The only thing that’s worse than mentioning your ex on the first date is shouting her name during sex. Word is that the phrase “You know, my ex was…” makes your companion’s limit of tolerance automatically fall down to zero. Don’t count on the favorable outcome of your date after telling about how terrible (or great) your ex was.

Mistake 9: Telling rough and vulgar jokes

Sure, some girls also love jokes that are a bit over the edge, but still, the first date is not the time to be witty. Get to know each other better first and joke as much as you like if you feel that you’re on the same page.

Mistake 10: Being overconfident

There’s nothing to explain here. Sometimes it’s just ridiculous.

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