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30 first date ideas

first date ideas

You just met that awesome partner of your dreams and both of you have agreed to go out on a date. I intend to help with first date ideas alright?

Getting to engage your date should be paramount in your mind as there will be the need to get creative with the woman of your dreams. You can pass of as being shy and the meet up could be a little bit awkward, but that’s fine.

You know what?

Before you start thinking of the monetary and financial implications of going out on a date. Just think things through first and then see among the host of ideas what you would like to play for you as it fits into your budget!

Believe me, every guy and lady loves a first date and your first date ideas may just be the added spice that can make your babe fall in love with you at first sight!

I have noticed that a lot of guys find it difficult and lack the creativity to deal with first date ideas when it comes to driving the point home that they want to have the woman of their dreams. First date leaves a first impression, not as a result of the financial investment, really, but as a result of the extra time, creativity and thoughtfulness involved in carving out an amazing first date.

In as much as you want to make it as casual as possible, you need to understand the how and what that is needed to be done to live and enjoy the date.

You need to make it a well thought out process, so you don’t end up as being too casual a prospective boyfriend. You may be at dearth at where and how to go about your first date ideas, and this is the reason for this post!

If you are with me to this point then, I am sure you are ready to get started on giving the babe of your dreams the best first date ever.

Now to the real deal. These are the 30 awesome first date ideas and tips that will help you get to know the woman you like better, and if you are lucky enough, get to win her totally to you.


1 The Beach

My goodness, I was just at Atican Beach a few weeks back for an event and I wished I was with Babe. The environment was lovely, intensely curated for families and friends. A walk on the beach is so perfect for a first date.

It has been shown that beach water has a therapeutic effect on the human soul. You can explore this assumption together as much as getting to know yourselves better. A date; glass of wine, light music in the beautiful scenery will be sure perfect for a first date.

Not to forget the dancing in the water that accompanies the splashing of the waves against your legs. Stay in the water together and watch as the sun takes a slap against your face as you soak romantically in the waves.

Who wouldn’t explore the beach for a first date? Huh?

2 Dinner Date

Although this is cliché, dinner dates have been a classic from time immemorial till date. A dinner date obviously shows your level of commitment.

Well, this sounds like I know this already, but the importance of the traditional dinner date can never be over emphasized. Get a good place for a dinner with babe. A top restaurant or a modest place that won’t break budget can be explored to have a go at babe in getting to know her better.

There is a clincher for me though, a restaurant with a view sums up a perfect first date idea. Take advantage of the view to relish the moment. You get what I mean?

3 A drink at a bar is not a bad first date idea

Talk of the alchohol that would be flying around to reduce nerves and tension between both of you. You can take a dig at bar if you want a simpler and effective way of hanging out with babe on a first date.

You can also savour the environment as you would expect to see various chit chats from people; male and females alike, so you see? A bar is a cool place to warm up to your prospective date and have fun between drinks.

But hey, you need to be careful, a very smart babe would ordinarily think you intend to get her drunk in between drinks. The best way to go about this is to ask if she digs alcohol or if she is a teetotaler.

Another disadvantage is that there may be too much noise booming from speakers placed at strategic positions in the bar enough to distract you both from achieving the objectives of getting to know ‘each other’.

Unless you really want to stay alone in the bar for some couple of hours to yourselves which I am sure that would be pretty cash crunching to achieve.

A perfect place to have fun in Lagos on a first place is the Bheerhugs bar in Lagos. The ambiance is really out of this world.

You will just get to love and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the amazing hospitality that is cramped out in that not so big space.

4 Drink in a coffee shop

While I would term this as a not too romantic way of getting your date out there, it is a better way of not spending too much money and still reliving experiences from the prospective babe.

As I mentioned earlier, a bar may be too noisy and sleazy for you to really strike a decent conversation and have as much fun getting to know each other as you would have liked. The coffee shop provides the perfect way to enjoy a straight conversation with the babe in question.

While it may seem so bland and unromantic as you can do this with friends and family, you can take the notch higher by visiting an upscale coffee shop like the Café Neo coffee shop in Lagos.

I bet she will enjoy that coffee-like date.

5 Attend a Carnival together

I missed the Calabar Carnival last year and this sums a perfect example of a carnival date.

You can both decide to try out new things. Get on competitions and giveaways at the carnivals. Hug some cheesiness – try out the alcohol, make new friends, and explore your differences at the carnival.

I met a couple of guys on first date at the Lagos Street party last year in Lagos and it was the perfect scenery for first date ideas. A great way to get to know each other is while partying out and having fun at the carnival.

In cases where your first date does not turn out the way you think it should, having a carnival date is a sure perfect way to release your inner child, get silly and have all the fun you can in between drinks and chops.

6 Have a picnic at the park

I was at the Muri Okunola park for the beat of Lagos carnival sometimes last year and it serves as the perfect location for a first date. This is a complete drift away from the regular dinner dates and takes a lot of time to put together, but for partners that crave the quiet and serenity of the environment.

Having a picnic at the park is a sure first perfect date idea for you and prospective babe.

An important thing to note is that while considering the picnic, your conservation skills must be on point, and you must sure be an humorous individual as might just bore pretty lady off when she realizes you are having a hard time stringing up convos.

You know the picnic date is different from  the bar and carnival date. You can have fun in between your talks, unless maybe you get a bit lucky and can make a movie of other people that are around at that time!

What do you say?

7 Movies

A very good way to break the ice for a first date is to see a movie at the cinema together.  Let’s say you saw an hilarious movie like that of the recently box office ‘Wedding party’ or the Ayo Makun’s ‘30 days in Atlanta’, then you will see why a movie date is enough to get to know your prospective babe better.

You would have fun laughing together. Even if babe fakes a lot of things. Do people fake laughter? I guess not!

You will really enjoy the date especially if babe is an happy child who likes to have fun and laugh while at it.

It puts you in a relaxed mood and you can begin to work around how to play with your conversation when it is time to talk in between movies.

A lady friend actually advised that, Equipment room in cinemas are really a nice place to get the quiet and have a bit more fun when heading to the movies for a date.

All that is needed to do is just talk to the cinema manager and have fun while at it.

You like?

8 Art gallery

Is she an art lover? Does she place much value or culture on art and tradition? Then a visit to an art gallery would be perfect for your date.

Here, you will need to do a little upscale online to check which art exhibition is coming and maybe do a little review of the owner of the gallery and the art they are exhibiting at that time.

See, you might be thinking of beating yourself based on what has been mentioned above. Don’t beat it, really. Just do your research and ensure your potential babe is filled with all the information that you know already.


Try as much as possible not to bore her out with so much information. You need to play with words as soon as you hit the gallery and you may just end up pulling the date off.

You like already?

9 Get lit at a Karaoke bar

Ask her whether she is a music lover, then got lit up a karaoke bar. A croaky voice should not stop you from having fun while discovering yourselves.

Within the hilarious laughter of missing the lyrics to the ‘wow’ factor associated with having a great voice.

The Karaoke bar allows you to live and suck in the moment while having fun and living the life.

Imagine the effect of cool love music on your souls at a first date? Give it a shot will you?

You have been wallowing in your bathroom displaying my miming skills, now is the best time to display your skills to the woman of your dreams!

What are you still waiting for?

10 Go play an arcade game

I met a babe sometime ago who was really into games and stuff. She knows all the latest Hitman series, God of War and all the PES soccer that are available.

She even planned to take me out on a date! You think I would reject the offer? I sure love games!

The first place that would hit my mind on a first date is to go play a couple of games at a public place.

You worry too much about the clumsiness this may bring? Having two grown ups in the middle of children?

You will be shocked when you get to your location and meet grown ups like you. Trust, a few games is enough to bring our your inner child and experience an awesome date.

11 A short walk

There is nothing that beats a short walk when it comes to sucking in the environment around you. You can have a walk on a picturesque street, even get lost in the middle while walking; taking turns, finding new places to drag your feet into, buying chops along the way and asking questions from people to get acquainted with where you are walking into.

This allows you to spring up meaningful conversations while you savour in the fresh air in the environment.

Note that you don’t take a walk too much that would satiate your prospective babe. A short walk is different from an exercise.

A walk of 500-1km will just do greatly in an evening with cool fresh air.

Nature walks are also very cool places to have a first date. Ask your date if she is an admirer of nature and leverage that. Thereafter look for a romantic setting to sit and spend a few moments of romantic evening together.

12 Cook, eat and see a movie

I have mentioned a movie above. Yes I see that you know!

I will get to that.

You can decide to cook and eat in your house or at a cook and eat restaurant. The cook and eat restaurant can help you laugh wittily and connect while you mess up the whole kitchen, and also rediscover the art of cooking when you juggle up a perfect dish.

To achieve this, your babe must love the art of cooking, and you need to be clear on that. To get her to cook in your house, you must have reached a reasonable level of closeness to get her to agree to come to your place without much fret and uneasiness.

When you are done cooking in your house, you can both decide to eat the food while seeing a movie at the same time.

Better still, why not invite her to your house and cook a special dish! Maybe one that she looks forward to eating!

Be careful with this though, in order to achieve set parameters of having a first date. You can only invite your date to your house only if you know her well.

Anything outside this is a NO NO!

13 Do the thrift

I remembered my first date with a lady in 2014. She actually told me she loved to shop. I thought I was in for trouble and she would be a heavy shopper girlfriend, only to realize that she actually loved to thrift!

So, why not try to understand whether your prospective babe loves to shop and take her thrifting on a first date. You might not necessarily buy stuffs infact. Who says you can’t window shop at a thrift shop?

Take it a notch higher, save up some little cash and try out who can spend and achieve the most buys within the little budget. Who says you can’t take out time to even shop for each other?

Isn’t that a great way to go on a first date?

14 Go on a boat ride

The Lekki/ Victoris Island peninsula offers an array of opportunities for people to have boat rides. Does your date have a love for the waters? Then see how you can talk her into having a boat ride where you can both have fun and get to discover yourselves better.

You can either do a romantic paddle which is slow and avails you time to converse better or take the speedboat which is fast and more fun.

Whichever you both want to go for should be dependent on what you intend to achieve on the first date.

Choice is yours!

15 Walk around a Zoo

Walking around a zoo can help you guys reduce tension and be comfortable with each other. You know that excitement associated with staring at wild animals? The giggles and the blabbering that comes along with it.

Who doesn’t want his date happy and comfortable?

16 Do the outskirts date

Get into a car, drive to the outskirts of the city, sit on the booth of your car. Park some food and have lunch, dinner as it is.

Ask questions and discover yourselves. This is the way to go when you need the time to discover each other.

17 Go watch a live footie match

Does she love football? Then a live match is perfect for you both to have fun and discover more about each other.

There is usually Football games every other day at the national Stadium lagos. Why not try that out sometime?

18 Visit Monuments and Memorials

Why not ask her if she would like to have a walk around the National Theatre and Fela Shrines of this world. A lot of ladies are actually interested and would love to visit places of historical value and this is the perfect opportunity for you to leverage this idea.

Why not try this out with bae?

19 Take a yoga class

Looking out for a relaxing date with partner? Then try out a very cool Yoga class.

You will be shocked how relaxing and ultimately fulfilling this could be for both of you. Yoga helps to relax and calm the nerves and gets you ready for the next set of date events.What happens to daters that sweat together.

They stay together!

What do you say?

20 Explore photography

A lot of ladies like taking selfies and pictures therefore you both can explore your environment and take pictures for the social media during your explore.

Get a location that you don’t know too well, snap photos, make a collage, and you will be glad you did!

Enough of all the ideas, I am going to add specifics tips on what you need to put into consideration when embarking on a first date:

21 Know the reason for the date.

You need to do a mental reflection of the reason for the date? What is the goal eventually? You want to flex your financial muscles or want something more long lasting? Confirming the answers to these questions will prepare your mind for what you intend to achieve. Clear intentions bring about purposeful meeting.

22 No to flattering.

Do not flatter, not for any reason. A flatterer turns up as a liar. While I understand that ladies wants a little bit of flatter, but being practically honest helps a great deal in knowing your woman better. When you flatter, you are already building a foundation of lies.

23 Be yourself

Go as natural as you want to.Do not fake anything. Do not also pretend so as not to come off as misleading to your date. Remember the dating goal is all about finding that one person who shares similarities with your ideals and is ready to go all the way with you.

Don’t mislead your date by setting wrong impressions!

24 Have fun

Ensure that it is all about fun and making your date comfortable. No matter how much you intend to squeeze out information, make her feel relaxed by having a lot of fun.

Trust me, fun is a perfect tonic for mood relaxation on a first date.

25 Discuss relevant subject-matter

Make sure your subject discussed at the date is all tuned towards ensuring that there is relevance in determining whether the woman you are on date with plays into ‘a girlfriend material’. Irrelevant conversation will take you nowhere.

Take note!

26 Make your date as comfortable as possible

You do not necessarily need to stretch her outside her limits if you don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable within the space and just enjoy the moment.

27 Be creative about it

Try out games to make it exciting and not just hang out together simply because you want to hang out. Keep it exhilarating and exciting. This can work perfectly if you have awesome first date ideas to source from.

28 Make it as simple as possible

You don’t need to spend too much to impress your date. Keeping it simple yet beautiful is very key here. You don’t need to dig a hole in your purse as early as this time.

29 If you did not get an alone time during the date, then you can now decide to get some ‘YOU’  time after checking each other out.

It is better this way than just deciding to go to a secluded place before the date. Please note that girls can also appreciate secluded places for a date so it is important to also bring the lady in about choosing the perfect location for your first date.

30 Finally, there is no scarcity of opportunities for amazing first date these days. Turn in the corner and you will see just the perfect first date ideas and new ways to enjoy a first date.

See what you need to do?

Check out the aforementioned ideas, think creatively and plan something with your date.

Remember to put your date into consideration when making the plans! Do you have other first date ideas that may work or has worked for you in recent times?

Drop your comments below and let us learn together!





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