Happy resumption SMS – Resumption time is here. The moment for a new beginning has started. I pray that this year will be filled with amazing stories of success, promotion, development in all phases and areas. Find below the collection of happy resumption SMS to share with family, friends and colleagues.

Great happy resumption SMS to share

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1. It has been fun all through the holidays, now is the time to get back to work, reach all milestones, face new challenges and learn new styles of working. I wish you all the best as you start work today. Happy resumption.

2. It just seemed like yesterday when the holiday came, and now today is here. Work has started already. Enjoy the rest of the year at work, stay positive and motivated. Happy resumption.

3. I am sure you will be the best this year. I have so much belief in you because I know you have greatness in you. Happy resumption.

4. Going back to work is another show of life must continue. It tells you that there is the time to work and the time to play. Now that the time to work is here, I pray that you enjoy and have the best of it. Happy resumption.

5. I know you may feel a bit let down now that the holidays are over, but then, remember that all play and no work makes Jack a dully boy. Get to work and be the best version of you. Happy resumption.

Back to school messages for students

6. You inspire because you work really hard. I am sure you will have great grades this new session/ semester. Happy resumption dear. Enjoy!

7. Remember that for continuous development, learning is really key. In order to sharpen yourself so you can shapen your life, you need to get back to school to learn new things. Happy resumption.

8. Remember to be who you are. Don’t try living another individual’s life when you get to school. Do not allow anyone to change you into becoming who you don’t want to be. Your decisions in life are important for a smooth future. Happy resumption to you.

9. To the best student of the year. Happy resumption to you. Go now and have the best of it.

10. Remember to work on what is right for you this session and just not what you think is easy to do. Have a happy resumption. Enjoy!


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