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How To Make Traveling With Kids Less Of A Nightmare

How To Make Traveling With Kids Less Of A Nightmare

How To Make Traveling With Kids Less Of A Nightmare – Flying alone as an adult may seem very tedious and stressful most times, not to talk of flying with kids. Kids tend to be unconsciously frustrating and a bit overly excited because of their witty and carefree nature, hence, parents/guardians have to be alert and keep an open eye when with them so as not to have a nightmarish trip with the kids, whenever the need for travel arises.

This post will highlight necessary tips that can make flying with kids very comfortable and less of a nightmare. You never can tell, those cheap flights to USA or other parts of the world may come sooner rather than later.

1. Get to the airport early:

Early arrival to the airport eases stress as it cancels out all the struggles that will be involved with the rush when you are late to the airport. Once you arrive early at the airport, you are able to sort yourself and ensure that your things and that of your kids are in place.

2. Check in early:

Checking in early ensures you get proper and comfortable sitting positions on the plane. One wouldn’t want to be separated from their kids as it will be much of a hassle. Checking in early puts everyone together.

3. Sit the kids in the middle:

Placing your kids in the middle seat ensures attending to their needs way easier and keeping an eye on them. Their fears and anxiety may increase if they sit by the window, and they can slip away easily onto the aisle and cause disturbances and embarrassment most times if they seat at the extreme.

4. Best sit at the back:

When your kids disturb other travelers, it could be too much of a chore to you trying to deal with their disturbances and all, so, instead of trying to sit at the middle of the pack in the airplane, you could head over to the back seat.

Apart from being a bit far fro other passengers, Sitting at the back could provide ample play space for the kids. Or what do you say?

5. Ensure you use the bathroom before boarding:

Kids frequent the restroom more during trips. Ensure your kids use the restroom and relieve themselves before boarding. This ensures lesser bathroom trips while on the plane, and increasing rest time a bit.

6. Be nice to other travelers:

Be nice to everyone when travelling with kids. Kids cooperate better when approached nicely. Fellow parents offer help with your kids on board when you’re nice to them. The way you interact with airline staff also determine the level of help they are bound to offer when needed.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help from other parents or people around you when your kids get out of hand and too much to control.

7. Patience is a virtue:

You want to get along with your kids, and not be at logger heads with them when flying. You need to be very patient and attend to their needs in a calm manner. Losing your patience can result in misinterpretation of their wants and cause them to be fussy, and make the journey very stressful for you.

8. Do not set expectations:

Kids are very unpredictable and dynamic beings. Thus, any form of regular routine needs to be cancelled from your mind as I can assure you that the way things go when flying alone would not be same when flying with kids.

9. Do not forget fun activities:

Carry along puzzle games and check board games to keep your kids occupied. By keeping them occupied, you ease stress for yourself and relax a little bit.

IPad and tablets should not be forgotten when flying with kids. These devices should have enough games. The games should be the ones your kids love and would always want to play.

10. A little snack is a winner:

Snacks help to keep their mouth busy, but please do not depend on airline snacks as they might be allergic or just not vibe with them. Carry snacks that your kids will like along. Chewing also helps with the raging of the ears.

11. Pack catchy and interesting books for the kids:

When flying with kids, you should carry catchy/interesting books along. Kids love to feel their eyes and would not mind flipping through books that can hold their attention.

You can also bring along writing materials: Kids would want something to scribble on or just pour their imagination onto. Writing materials such as notebooks, pen/pencils, crayons and colouring books help when kids start having experimental phase on board.

12. How about a movie marathon?

You can never go wrong with cartoons. Cartoons capture the interest and attention of both kids and adults. Stock up your electronic device with enough cartoons. By doing this, you are able to keep the kids still in one position and maybe yourself busy during the trip.

13. Remember your wipes:

Kids are very prone to mess, and the wipes make cleaning life way easier. Lesser sticky situations come to play when wipes are with you.

Pressure on the ears when flying can be very annoying and irritating to adults, and will be much worse with kids. Ears muffs should not be forgotten when flying with kids. If their ears are not protected, they would get fussy and create a scene.

14. Blankets and pillows will help as well:

Have pillows and blankets to keep your kids warm and comfortable. Kids tend to fall asleep in very weird and awkward angles when flying, but having a pillow will keep them as comfortable as possible. Remember that there is a difference between camping blankets and normal travel blankets, but you should know that you can use a camping blanket in an aeroplane as well. It does same work, doesn’t it?

Travelstart, a travel agency operating cheap flights in Nigeria recently created an info-graphic showing tips on how to travel with kids, see below:

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