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100 Cute Love Captions For Instagram

cute love captions for Instagram

Cute love captions for Instagram. This is the best time for you to send best captions for love, cute love captions for Instagram so that your lover can really see how in love you are.

Before you post your love captions on Instagram, you should be aware of the KISS attribute which is keeping your love captions for Instagram short and simple. You know that cute love captions for Instagram that are long will not necessarily be appropriate for an app like Instagram where people are more inclined towards videos. Therefore it is up to you to decide if you would want your cute love captions for Instagram to be long or short.

All you just need to do if you are sending your love captions is to make sure that you telling the story behind the picture posted perfectly. You will not want to confuse your followers will you?

Also you can keep your love captions as even picture texts on your Instagram handle. I have seen a lot of Instagram users rely more on cute love caption for Instagram rather than pictures sometime. Like I mentioned earlier your cute love captions for Instagram are yours! Make use of it as you wish!

Lovely and cute love captions for Instagram

These cute love captions for Instagram are what I term as strong and lovely. What do you think?

1 I think I am just there. However, if people call me sexy and cute, it gladdens my heart

2 Life is not about the money in our account, nor about all the smiling faces on our Instagram handles. Life is about how we can have happiness within our limits. That should be what your life is.

3 The best feeling in live is the feeling of consistent happiness. What is your best feeling?

4 Life is that reality that you have to experience not a problem that you need to provide solution for

5 You are a strong human when you can smile in your affliction, grow vigour when you are stressed, and stay happy  and contented even in the midst of the recession. Feeble minds shrink at the slightest scary opportunity, but only the strong’s heart remain firm and will surmount all challenges because they have chosen to remain upbeat in the midst of advertises. Are you a strong person?

6 I have noticed in life that the most successful people do not just sit back and accept the status quo. They go all out for what they are passionate about and this is what makes them successful

7 Your life should be an epitome of altruism. Love is not selfish. Love is selfless in the purest way!

8 Anytime I feel sad and that I feel so bad. I just grab a wad and play with a lad!

9 I love to be cuddled. What do you love?

10 People who fight for love remain the strongest in finding love and getting up from heartbreaks. You know why? Because they have grown their psyche to be fighters. Love is meant for every one, all you just need do is get on your boxing gloves and fight for your love.

Captions for Instagram to serve as savage responses

Some times you may decide not top share cute love captions for Instagram put to provide savage memes and responses to some cyber trolls or cyber bullies. Don’t you think we need to do that sometimes?

11 I can live my life whether you are here or Nah!

12 I do not care about what you think about me. I am happy the way I am

13 I am not even pissed a little about you! I just want to let you know what you miss, even when you want to come fresh and new

14 You have a terrible attitude but I know you are caring within my heart

15 It is time to take possession of your property, else people will take it away from you

16 I may be kind, but I am not weak. Did you get that?

17 I bet you will not be able to deal with me when I come hit you with my manual of instructions

18 It is easy to forgive but to forget? You are so on your own

19 You left that part of my heart that kept you. Now you have created a vacuum forever

20 If you are not here for the real deal. Then I do not need you around in my life

Instagram Captions that can serve as Instagram quotes

There are some Instagram captions among the cute love captions for Instagram that can serve as Instagram quotes. Let’s try this

21 I just met you and my life has never remained the same

22 You are attracted to me yes, I know. You are attracted to me, my heart told me so

23 I will finish your face with too much kisses from my heart

24 Your body deserves a lot of hug off my skin

25 You never deter from searching for joy in the same place where it was lost

26 I woke up this way and I want to go back to bed this way

27 It is a new day you should spread your wings like a butterfly

28 If only I can bring back the past. I would have stopped you from happening

29 Do you need smile heals the heart from a lot? Keep smiling, it is a beautiful thing!

30 I can prove that I love you. My Instagram selfie says so

31 Please go get me my breakfast, that is why I love you so

32 You are my sunshine and rain. Will you be my moon and star?

33 You are most special friend in my life. Because you make me smile and laugh all the time

34 Stay classy, you deserve the best

35 Sometimes life brings you down, all you just need to do is get up and say it was all a coincidence

36 Our lives are just like the kite, we need to let them go so that we know how high they can fly!

37 I know life isn’t perfect but hell my body is

38 Put a smile on your face no matter your predicament

39 Karma is such a b**ch, I am happy you got paid in your own coin

40 Why sobbing back at me! Isn’t it your pain?

Cute love captions that you need for Instagram

Let us make use of some love captions that are very cute for Instagram

41 You make me forget all my issues. You make me fall in love with love again

42 We can never love a perfect person because there is no perfect person in this life. All we can do is pick an imperfect person and love him or her perfectly

43 I know you are sad, and I am sure you can be happy. Let us stay happy together in love

44 I just want you for me and with nobody else. I don’t like sharing! Unless you are a toy!

45 Nobody can ever be like you

46 I have gone to different places and I have seen a lot of faces, but I love you alone!

47 I promise to give you all my world because you love me

48 Please be my strength when I am weak, please be my voice when I can’t speak. Please love me whenever I feel down!

49 I am in love with you. That is the most important thing to me

50 I just want to spend the rest of my life with you

51 Will you say you love me because I think you are the one for me

52 Please stay with me and don’t you ever let me go

53 Your love is my drug, and my drug is your love. Please be my drug

54 I wish I could tell you to stay here with me, but I know that you just have to go

55 You are the one reason why I stay happy all the time

56 I am in love with the kind of loving that I get from you

57 I will love you so much till the end of my days

58 I will never forget the day that you said yes to me. You showed me I was a master of loving!

59 I can read your mind and feel what you are going through, but with love you will be a conqueror.

60 Let love lead us, let love provide the path, let love guide us, let love be th fruit that we have planted in our garden of hearts

Best funny Instagram captions

We can also share some cute love captions for Instagram as funny. I have some of them below for you:

61 I know life is not perfect but hey I am sure my body is

62 I just back to my Ex-tra large Pizza

63 You are the reason why I just want to scream out loud

64 When did you become Nigeria president that you want to work from home?

65 That moment when you fart and everyone hears the sound

66 I wish I could slap your foul breath out of your mouth

67 I wish I could love you but hey you are a lover already

68 They say when you are in Rome, you act like the Romans. Guess what I did, I acted like a freaking Nigerian

69 Why will you covet me? Am I gold or Diamond?

70 Take it or leave it…Yourself or You!

Best Friend Instagram Captions

71 Our friendship is as tight as a high waist jeans. I love it

72 I will rather walk with you in the dark than me all by myself

73 The best friend of friends always check each other up in good times and support one another in bad times

74 I don’t know how I have come to deserve a best friend like you

75 Be my friend and my support. Be the one I can run to in terms of help. Be the one that will never say NO to me. Be the very best friend that I adore

76 Let me show you what it means to have a best friend. I would turn you into a gossip partner

77 Share my pains and I will share yours. Stay with me and I will support you. Be my friend and I will value you

78 My Mom said I don’t need a friend but I told her I needed you

79 People usually say you cannot fall in love with your friend. But guess what, I just fell in love with you.

80 Your friendship is something I still have not come to terms me. You are the best thing to ever happen in my life

81 They say friends turn their backs on each other after some time. But we have been together for 20 years and you remain a great and wonderful friend

82 The support I have gotten from you over the years have been overwhelming. Thanks for being such an amazing friend

83 I will forever hold our friendship in high esteem. Because I know that you deserve so much that being held in high esteem. Thanks for everything you have done for me dear friend

84 You are truly a blessing that most people really do not know. You have been a blessing to me, my friend

85 You have always been my partner in crime. Although we always try to get home in time.

86 It me and you my friend forever till eternity

87 Sometimes you can be such a pain in the butt. But most times you are such a friend that creates happiness

88 Me + You = Happiness

89 Crazy you + Happy Me = The best memories

90 This life was meant for awesome friends and silly moments

Instagram captions for me

91 You do not need to change me from being me. I am just me

92 I am just the way I am. I do what I like, the way I like, in whatever I like, however I like. I do not need anyone’s go ahead to be who I am and not what I am not

93 It is better you accept me for who I am or watch me take my steps and leave

94 If I were you, I would love me

95 No one is perfect, not you and not me. You cannot force me to be perfect because I am not

96 I just want to be myself, with or without your approval

97 Are you being silly or what? Becoming like me is just a choice. You need to do you and I will do me

98 I am proud of myself; who I am right now and who I am still going to be

99 Are you proud of you? I am always proud of me

100 I am not a slay queen nor a pepper gang. I am just that smart girl who wants the whole world

101 I am shy but I am confident

102 Since you don’t need me then I don’t need you. So, get the hell off my couch

103 Who cares whether you sit on a pile, or you wane with your sight. I only care about my light and I don’t want anyone hovering on my plight

104 I can only be my friend and not some else’s

105 I don’t care what you know about me. I just want to be me because I can’t change who I am.

Dirty Instagram captions that you can share on your feed

106 Can I take you out for dinner? I just want to kiss your face behind the Instagram handle

107 Do you like hanging out on a couch? We should do it together soon

108 I want to borrow a kiss from you. I promise to return it soon

109 You are so beautiful that I want to drift into your PM and draw you out

110 Nice gown, can you help you zip down?

111 Why not come home with me? I have got a lovely jacuzzi we could both slide right in

112 I want to slide into you just the way you are

113 Is sleeping your hobby? We should do that together sometime

114 How can I love you? You are just an Instagram account

115 You are cute and I am into you

Lovely Instagram captions on success

You can also share some cute love captions for Instagram that bothers more on success. Everyone likes to read successful Instagram captions, trust me!

116 You do not need to talk too much or prove to anyone you can do it. Just do it!

117 If you believe it then you can achieve it

118 All you need to do is just get on with it. At least you tried

119 Attaining success is not an easy job. You need to fight with all your strength and might

120 Who said being a millionaire is easy. You need to double your hustle and be better for it

121 Take ownership of your actions. Stop casting blames on other people

122 Giving excuses will just not work for you. You are bigger than that. You need to be accountable

123 Don’t procrastinate. Start NOW!

124 You will always be the one to welcome good things if you hustle very hard

125 Impossible is nothing. You can never make the impossible possible if you do not try. All you need do is TRY!

126 You need to work now and ignore others so that when other are working you will be sleeping. Get on with it! Hustle hard

127 If you do not double your hustle you will only be termed mediocre. Double your hustle and work smart

128 Even if no one gives you credit for working hard, never relent. Keep working, your time for credit will come

129 Your future is in your hands. Do whatever you like with it

130 No one holds your future but you. Always know this, as you lay your bed, so you will lie on it!

Now that you have seem some cute love captions for Instagram. What are you still waiting for? Start typing and start sharing the Instagram captions!

Cute love captions for Instagram!




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