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Best Instagram Quotes, Selfie Quotes and Selfie Captions

selfie quotes and selfie captions

Instagram quotes, selfie quotes and selfie captions: Selfies has taken over the world of social media and I am sure you know that already!

Now that Instagram has worked on its algorithms and made sure quality contents are what drives traffic and followers, A lot of users now try to take the best pictures with the perfect Instagram captions to attract the perfect audience and eventually the right followers.

Just in case you don’t know that attracting the right audience with the selfie picture is not just enough to convert them into followers. You need the perfect selfie quotes and selfie captions to do justice to your already awesome picture.

In this post, you will see the very best Instagram quotes, Selfie quotes and captions for selfies that you will need to drive the followers to your Instagram feed.

From funny captions, to cute, to lovely selfie captions – We have shared the best Instagram captions and Instagram quotes for selfies for you.

The most awesome selfie quotes and selfie captions collections for you

Instagram Quotes Collections

1 It is time to now stop running away from me. No point doing that anymore, I will always be me

2 Tread the path of your dreams confidently. It is time for you to embark on the journey you have so much craved for

3 You can win what you have not started, with pure confidence

4 If you will say it, if you will believe it. Thank you have won the battle you haven’t even started

5 There is beauty in everything. It is such a pity that not all of us have the eyes to see

6 Life is not just about us being selfish and thinking only of ourselves. It is about appreciating others and lending a helping hand

7 For us to succeed, we need to give failure the back hand and embrace the desire to be successful

8 To attain and achieve success in this life. Your desire to be successful must be far greater than the thoughts of being disappointed

9 You can never succeed by being someone else. You just absolutely wasted who God created you as

10 You should not only strive to be successful. You should also look at the possibility of adding value along your path of success

11 Whenever you find yourself on the path of people agreeing to your opinion. Then it is time for you to take a sit and think deep. The crowd should not always go with you. The crowd should go FOR YOU!

12 It is not yet late to become what you have always wanted to be. START NOW!

13 It is better to construct your own dreams now. If you do not do, then you will become a veritable tool for someone who wants to construct his!

14 You should be true to yourself. Do not wear the armour that does not fit your personality

15 If you do not plant your tree 20 years ago like in the Chinese proverb. You can plant NOW! Nothing is stopping that!

16 Remember that in everything you do, be yourself and stay true to yourself

17 You should strive to win, even though you know you cannot win all the time

18 Whatever you have conceived in your mind. What you need to do is believe it, and then it is very possible for you to achieve it

19 A lot of us are living our fears because of the fear of living our dreams

20 Whatever you do, always do right. Because whether you do right or wrong, you will always be criticized

21 You should not simply wait for the world to give you the permission to be who you are

22 Think like a champion. A champion will never be afraid to lose a war. Because he knows he has a higher chance of winning if he thinks positively

23 Success is the best revenge

24 Ignorance is not an excuse. You have all the opportunity now. Start NOW

25 It is better for me to die of passion than of failure, unhappiness and boredom

26 Listen, no one can ever make you feel inferior. You are the only one that can make you feel inferior

27 If someone tells you are no good! You need to check them properly, they are not better than you.

28 You will know that the most very valuable and memorable day in your life is the way were born and the day you knew why!

29 You have time a limited time on earth. You should not spend it living a lie!

30 Start now, from where are. Do now, use what you have.

Selfie Quotes

31 I was born to be winner, and a winner is what I will be

32 You know the funniest thing about life. That moment when you think you are all the knowing and the all-seeing only for you to realize that you know or see nothing!

33 That fleeting moment when you have taken your time to take a selfie with your phone and your hair is so on fleek but our face is very unfit for the gram

34 Do not every cry over your mistake. It is okay if you beat yourself up a little. But you need to rise up with a better resolve to make your situation turn out well

35 Whether you like it or yes, you will always become a reflection of the company that you keep and the people you roll with!

36 You do not know me and you do not deserve to

37 You can never find a perfect person but you can find some whose thoughts and intentions are perfect

38 Nobody is perfect, even the greatest kinds have little elements of insecurities in them

39 Just keep doing good, Just be who you are, and the world will bow down for you

40 You can never pretend that you are another person and expect to get the best out of you. You were just not created that way. You were created to be YOU!

41 Never mind those that speak ill of you. Jealousy is just a mad disease they are battling with!

42 Be appreciative of people that wants to stay in your life and stop killing yourself over the ones who doesn’t want to

43 Learn to do you and people will appreciate you

44 How bad do you crave for success?

45 You do need o make an approval before I do me

46 Treat yourself in the right way and manner and people will treat you in such way too

47 You cannot expect to be treated like a king when you treat yourself like a pauper

48 You want to see the world? Take the first step today for your journey today

49 Be kind and you will receive kindness

50 Be patient and all that is yours will be yours

51 Your time is not tomorrow. Your time is NOW!

52 You do not need to bother over what anyone thinks of you because you should do you and be proud of the kind of person you are

53 Hi there, do you know me?

54 I see you, do you see me?

55 I love you do you love me?

56 Be appreciative and contented with what you have in your possession. God will bless you with more in due time

57 Do not justify your wrong with wrong

58 Healthy competition is good for business growth.

59 Friday Funday

60 See, people will judge because they don’t know you. People will grow jealous of you because they don’t know your story. People will gossip about you because they don’t have your gist. But just keeping being you. The world doesn’t wait for anyone but one day they will see that all their bad mouths had made you turn out better. Let them say!

Selfie Captions

61 You do not need to stop dreaming now that you are awake

62 They will say you are an amateur. Don’t listen to them. Even professionals started from somewhere, this is your start

63 Friends will call you upcoming to spite you. It’s fine…they will still be the one to announce you on the big stage when the time comes

64 Just do your best and leave the rest. He has told you to rest after the huge test.

65 Wait and listen, nobody can take you away from your destiny. You are the only one that can

66 Work when it is time to work and relax when it is time to relax. You are the only one that knows how your body feels.

67 It is only the owner of the shoe that knows where it pinches

68 Lat night was awesome

69 The best feeling ever

70 I remember my past and it filled me with nostalgia

71 If you truly love me, then you will everything not to hurt me

72 When you commence your life by changing your thoughts and perspective, then you can end by being the best during your life

73 Every journey comes with its obstacles. What you can do is smile through your obstacles ad you trudge away on your journey

74 Mad piece

75 Fantastic persona

76 Interesting character

78 Take a risk, life is a risk itself

79 The higher the risk, the higher the return

80 You don’t have to go the extra mile to get people to like. Love yourself first and people will love you for you. And if they don’t their loss, you are still you!

82 I feel so beautiful when I smile

83 You are amazing just the way you are

84 I am beautiful in my special way

85 Life is a phase, just walk the path

86 All you should do in this world is just be yourself, love you and do you. Every other thing is secondary

87 Do not become any other person but you

88 I just want to have peace of mind

89 Be new and you will be renewed

90 Even is a room is filled with art. I would still look at you

Lovely and cute Instagram captions for selfie

91 Just like the rain, I fell in love with you

92 It’s okay to be tough, life in its way is tough too

93 Live for every moment, and enjoy every bit of the moments you live for

94 I am a dreamer and a thinker. What are you?

95 Nobody is ugly, the world is

96 Spread the love everywhere you go

97 This life is beautiful

98 I love my life

99 Be thankful for everything

100 Appreciate the beautiful life that you have been given. Life right and never stop believing






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