Why not try out some daily love quotes for him or her. Why not send some inspirational daily love quotes. Yesterday is gone, today is here and tomorrow will soon make today yesterday. Your perfect selection of daily love quotes could be the difference in the life of your partner. Make his or her day great by forwarding the daily love quotes for him or her. freaky paragraphs for your partner should come when you just want to have fun and freak your partner out but this should not override the place of daily love quotes for him or her

While I try to send my partner good night love text messages, I also try to send my good morning love text messages to get her thinking about me and to motivate her to have a great day!

See my collection of daily love quotes for him or her that you can decide to share. Have fun with it:

1 I love you so much and as such I will not give up anytime on our love. I will never leave nor forsake you even if you decide to let me go, I will still try and ask why and see if I can make you mine again!

2 I realized that our relationship is not just about all the groping, and making out every time. It is about the happiness that I get from loving you in my own special way.

3 I will go to the depths of the world to protect you and our love

4 I have always known you to be the best for me, and you know why? Anytime I feel unhappy and mad. You will always go any length to make me happy and smile.

5 Lean on me whenever I am strong and I will lean on you too. Stay with me whenever I am weak and I will stay with you too!

6 Please love me even when I am broken. Whenever I am like this I need the kind of love that will support me even in my darkest moments.

7 You are not Shina Peller, you do not need to give me magic. All I need is some really good loving. I need you to stay with me even when no else does. I need you to love me even when no one else does!

8 I know I have fallen in love a lot of time—with just you

9 I am grateful for each hour spent with you. It is only that makes me feel alive. You are the very best person in my life

10 I want you to be near you today, tomorrow and forever

11 I know you can live without me. I know you can breathe without me. I know you can have fun without me. But I know that even if you can do all these. I will still stay with you and love you like my life depends on it.

12 You know why I love you? Because you have that capacity to be creative, you have the power to endure and fight for what belongs to you. You can set things straight and right. That is just who you are.

13 I know I fear getting hurt, but loving you is just so inevitable. I just hope that I get better loving you in a lot of ways.

14 What is love. Love is our ability to be brave in giving selflessly without expecting anything in return. This is love

15 Love is when two soul are intertwined in a single body

16 Love is for giving: I would gladly give you my love.  The heart is meant for beating: My heart beats just for you. The soul is for living: My soul lives just for you. You are my everything

17 I know I am not perfect. I will irritate you, piss you off, get you reeling in disappointment, make you unhappy. But you will never come across who is as crazy in love as I am to you

18 It will tell you this one thing. You must never say you will never show someone love and never show affection to them.

19 Many people will say they want to fall in love with you have you keeps, but not a lot of them can deal with you as maturely as you need them to

20 She was broken by life, just as life had broken her partner. But fate brought them together and they fell in love. They picked the pieces of their lives together and what was shattered became one. Their broken hearts was mended and their continued their journey to fulfilment.

Romantic love text quotes for boyfriend and girlfriend daily

The daily love quotes for him or her can be in the form of romantic love text quotes as well:

You must have been thinking of the romantic love text quotes that you may want to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend daily. You may have some thoughts in your mind but then you are not sure how to just go about it into turning it into romantic love text quotes. Well you can use of the ides of the romantic love text quotes for boyfriend and girlfriend herein:

21 There is love in friendship and therefore you need to be friends with your partner first. When you are friends, you can diagnose imperfections and prescribe the best medicine for it. You do not just wake and say you are in love with your partner without looking at every possibility of dealing with your differences. That is what friendship gives to you.

22 A relationship between two lover is just like the story of a bulb. When a bulb goes off and burns out. You do not need to change the sockets, rather you replace the spoilt bulb with a new one. When your light of love goes off, try to seek opportunities to replace old fun with new fun. Then the light in your love will be back on again! This is a continuous process as change is the most constant thing in life

23 The key to success in ever relationship is not just to change lovers because a relationship is not working out. The key to success is learning to love that one person that your heart beats for. Loving is not just a one-off process. It takes years of loving, understanding, dealing, patience, contentment and self-control. Falling in love is easy, but sustaining your love takes maturity and a lot of wisdom. Make it work!

24 To be a happy lover. You must understand your partner as much as you love him or her. This is the way relationships should be.

25 Women wants us to love them even if we don’t understand them. Men wants to be understood even if you don’t love them. What an irony of life and love in relationships.

26 One rule in relationship: Never ever make your partner feel lonely in your relationship. He/ She is as better as not having a lover at all

27 No matter how much a man tells you he loves you. If you do not feel the love, then there is really no love at all. Is there?

28 Love is what fighting for. Love is what the struggles that you face. If the one person you love truly deserves your loving! Go for it!

29 You may not know how much I love you. You may not know how much I care about you. You may not know how much I value you. Just because in here in my heart is my love and it is only here in my heart that you can see how much I love you.

30 You do not need to be happy in the arms of the one that keep stalling all the time. You merit happiness in the arms of that one person that takes decision about loving you now and then. You deserve to be happy with me because I want to love you forever.

31 I want your love to set me free. I want your love to make me fly high up into the sky. I want your love to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I want your love.

32 What is your love? Conditional or overbearing? Unconditional or selfless? Yes, this is my love. Altruism at best

33 Love is compassionate, love is kind. Love is patient. Love is love. Love is YOU!

34 You know you are my reason why I wake up with a smile every morning. You know you are my sunshine. You know I cannot live without you. You know you are the hair that I breathe. You know you mean everything to me.

35 My daily love quote to you is that you should never stop loving me, even with my imperfections.

36 Here is my daily love quote, that we live the kind of life we both deserve, no grudges, no unhappiness. We need to be happy and happiness is in me and you!

37 Why will I not love you? Was that not the reason for this relationship? You deserve the very best loving I can give. You deserve all the lovable strength in me

38 Let and let live for love

39 Let us dwell together in holy matrimony. Let love be our anthem and let us have the fun in love!

40 If we do not work hard on our love, it will just look as if we have done nothing. If we do not seek the face of God. It will just look as if we know nothing. God is love, and you are God’s love image to me.

Now that you have all the daily love quotes for him or her that you need. What are you going to do?

Daily love quotes for him or her!

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