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A Daily Prayer Message to Send to Those You Love

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Have you sent that one daily prayer message to family, friends and your love today? It is pretty important. Choose from here and send it NOW!

New days, new times, new beginnings, new hopes; new prayers, prayer messages, daily prayer message, short daily prayers, should come when a new day arrives.

A lot of people overlook the importance of a prayer message but I say to you that when you know the importance and impact of prayers then there would be no one to tell you that sending a prayer message should be on your mind as soon as you wake in the morning.

This post is not to tell you why you need to share your daily prayer messages whether in the morning, noon or night, but to share with you my amazing collection of prayer messages that I have to give to you.

See all you need to do, pick the prayer message you like and send to those that are dear to your life. You may never know whose life you are praying and who would be happy by the little effort you made in sending the prayer message.

Are you with me? Let’s get on with the prayer messages.

20 prayer message(s) for family

1. A prayer for our family

Everlasting and loving king of glory
I am before you this morning
And I pray that you increase my family in all spheres
Guard and protect them any form of danger that may come their way
Empower each member of my family to learn the act of forgiveness
Send us to do you will as we wake up and be with us every step of the way
Thank you king of glory.

2. Prayer for family protection

Father Lord, I give glory to your name for my family. I thank you for being with them all through the days and years. I make this humble request oh Lord that you guard them from all form of evil. Prepare a table for them oh Lord, lead them in your ways. If there is anyone with a crooked way, please lay your hands ans straighten their paths oh Lord. The efforts of the wicked ones will never play a part in their progress. They will be in your peace and will not be deceived by the antics of the enemy. Be with them today and forever. Amen.

3. A prayer message of blessing

My Lord, my king, you have blessed my family and I just want to thank you for this. You have given us peace and unity, but I’d still ask that you never allow your peace to leave us. I pray today oh Lord, that anything hidden in the darkness that may want to cause fight and disunity be brought into light in Jesus name. I pray today that as families, we will always want to help and support one another. Just as we have been a blessing to ourselves over the years, we will continue to bless one another. Make yourself revealed to each and everyone of us oh Lord and let us partake in your kingdom. Lead us not into temptation and fill us with the heart to have compassion and forgive. Do not allow do wrong oh Lord, and bring our minds closer to the joy of being in you. Thank you for everything. May your name be praised. Amen.

3. Prayer message to love

Perfect our hearts in your true love dear God
Teach us to love so that we may conquer every selfish thoughts and dislike for other people around us.
Let our be filled to the brim with happiness so that we can have peace that is for you and on you
Let there be no form of murmurs and disputes between every member of our family
Let it be easy for us to overcome every fights or arguments that may want to rise up between all of us
Do not allow any form of long suffering to befall any of us
Let us revel in your glory as you have always wanted for us
Be with us and protect us from all evils of the days and nights, and let our spirits be renewed in you oh God
To your glory and praise we pray for all of this, in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ

4. A prayer message of thanks

We thank you our dear God for the awesome gift you have given to us through Jesus our savior. We magnify you oh Lord that we have everlasting life through your son. We give glory to you for making it possible for us to live and see the daily sun, and for the starts that shine so bright at night. We thank you for the unchanging seasons, rain comes at the right time, breeze comes at the right time. We thank you for the daily food that you give to us. We thank you for grace to walk our paths, and mercy to receive your favour. We thanj you for increasing our faith in you and the blessings you sent to us as a result of this. You are great God.

We thank you for the happiness and joy, for the cries and smile. We thank you for friends and acquaintances , and those you sent to us to affect one way or the other. We thank you for your protection and the dangers you have guarded us from. We thank you for the dangers that we saw you avert and even the one we did not see. We thank you for coming to our rescue when we did not know what to do. We give you all honour and praise because you deserve your praise every day of this year. We thank you for good health and all you will continue to do. Thank you for everything. You are a great God.

5. A prayer message for unity

We pray for unity and peaceful re-union this year oh Lord.
We pray that you continue to increase us in talents and gifts
That you will equip us with the physical, emotional and spiritual gifts to rise in your love
We pray for all of this and more. Amen






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