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New Week Text Message for the One you Love

new week text message

New week text message, love new week text  messages, happy new week text messages, new week prayer messages. A new week will always be a part of our lives. Why? because we think about it when the weekend comes. Amazing collection of new week text message(s) for the one you love is in here for you.

The new week text message(s) are here so that you can share and send to your family, friends, lover and associates to celebrate their weekend and inspire them to start the week and a proper and productive way.

A lot of us underestimate the power of a new week text message or messages and the importance on our social lifestyle. What we fail to realize is that new week text messages are just as important as good morning SMS and happy new inspirational quotes. You don’t believe this yet? Then I’ll show you through my collections of new week text messages so that you can see, believe, share and send to people that you truly care about.

New week text message(s) for family

You want unique new week text message(s) for your family and friends? Then check just read through and use one new week text message as you wish:

1 In this new week, you need to learn to be smart in everything you do. Think smart, reason smart, thing sharply and learn to view life from a positive perspective. You cannot achieve true greatness unless you believe in your mind that you can achieve. Have an amazing new week and be nice.

2 It is so rare to find good people. When you have one, please keep them close to your heart. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever known as family and friend. Have a beautiful new week. May God be with you.

3 No one can stop the blessing and goodness of God from reaching you. No one can take away the happiness from you, and you do not need to allow anyone get you pissed or angry. Stay happy in this new week and the rest of the week is yours for the taking. Happy new week.

4 Whenever you are awake, you should be thankful to God. Always let your life be lit with smile and always stay happy. You are precious more than anyone can imagine. Have a blissful new week and the goodness of God will be with you.

5 Opening your eyes to see a new week is beyond you. You should be grateful to God for making you see a new week. Are you happy?Yes, you should be, because the new week avails you another opportunity to strive to achieve all that you were unable to achieve in the previous week. Have an bright, beautiful and eventful week.

6 You need to have a positive mindset that things can only get better and it will. You need to think of greatness as your bright right and you will be great. You need to see failure as just a state of mind and success will be your footstool. You need to see yourself as a winner and you will never lose. Have a beautiful new week.

7 Better things will come your way, you will never regret waking up to another week. All lines will fall into beautiful places for you. People will look at you and thank God for your life. Have a great and sumptuous new week filled with all the blessings that come from God.

8 This is the week where you will shine, when you tread on the direction that God has laid for you, then your light will shine greater and brighter than what you have expected. Believe in God and you will achieve more than what you think you can. Have a great new week.

9 Just as the first day of the new week is breaking for you, so shall God break all forces of darkness that wants to stop you from shining. See this week as a special new one, and be expectant because God will bless you more than you can imagine. Have a great new week.

10 You can not remain a servant for so long. You are just a servant for the meantime and very soon, you will become a master. Have a blissful new week. May God be with you today and always.

11 Hunger will run away from you, hard labour will never be your friend. You will revel in the joy of God and find ease and peace in all you lay your hands on in the new week. God will surprise you and lead you to your promised land. Have a great new week. Enjoy!

12 Learn to dream big, learn to set your expectations high. Learn to believe that with God all things all possible, your faith is what will set you free. Do away with doubts and fear about what can happen any moment from now. Believe in God in this new week and you will achieve beyond what you can. New week, new blessings to you.

13 Try to be useful not just to yourself but to the society as one. Remember that your life is not just for you alone, your life is also a service to humanity. You should help others more in this new week, and God will help you and provide for all your needs. Happy new week to you.

14 Do not sit in your corner and think about what you will eat today, for God the provider will provide for you. All you just have to do is BELIEVE in HIM. He will bring together people in this week to help you out. Have fulfilling and loving new week. Trust and have faith in God, he will do everything for you.

15 Before you leave the rest to God, you need to have played your part, tried your best and worked hard. When you have done your best, then relax and have faith that God will do the rest. Away with the thoughts of what you will eat or drink, because God will provide the rest for you. Have a truly blessed week.

16 Take it or leave it, no matter how much money you have, if you do not build the house without God, you just build in vain! Commit the rest of the week into his hands, and he will help with building your house for you. Happy new week.


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