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100 Great Good Night Wishes Messages – Hot Goodnight Quotes

sexy good night wishes messages

The great good night wishes messages – hot goodnight quotes are what you should be sent to your lover when he/ she is about to sleep. Loving someone isn’t just about saying that you love them. It is about showing the loving.

I have noticed that people appreciate being shown that they are loved. Women are always usually happy and grateful when their men tells them about their unwavering love and loyalty while the same applies to the men. Men might not be the ‘I want to show I love my woman physically’ type of men, and this is where they need to send good night wishes messages to show that they really are thoughtful when it comes to showing the love they have for their women.

50 S*xy good night wishes messages

1 I appreciate all the messages you have sent the past days and I want to tell you that I love you as well. I lay in bed right now wishing that you were in my arms. Good night my lovely lady. See you in the morning.

2 We may be apart right now in our different apartments but always know that you will remain in my night dreams until the day we meet again. I love you my darling. Have a lovely night rest.

3 Goodnight my sweet one. It is time for your star to go up right now and join the other stars in the sky, when the morning comes I will be here to welcome you to planet earth yet again.

4 Whenever I miss you and I am about to sleep, dreams of you keep me alive and I know that we will see every soon. So I want you to know in this good night message that your love is the light that illuminates my path and my life. Good night my love.

5 Are you in fear as the night envelopes you? You don’t have to be. For I will just be beside you as you sleep till the morning. Good night my sweet little one. I love you always.

6 I never imagined that I could find a love as special and amazing as yours. I bless the day I met you and I will never take you for granted. As I close my eyes this night, I know I am going to dream of you till the morning when we will see yet again. Good night and sweet dreams my queen.

7 Nothing in my imagination can ever replace the joy of having you physically with me, loving me and embracing me. I love you my queen. Good night to the best lady in the world.

8 Hey baby, you are going to see me in your dreams soon. To keep you company and make you look great. Good night and sweet dreams darling.

9 Thinking about in the night chases the nightmares away, and welcomes beautiful sweet dreams of you. Good night my sweetheart. I love you forever.

10 I pray this night that your dreams and aspirations come true. I wish that all your dreams have me in it because with us there is a future. Good night and sweet dreams my love.

11 I wish you were with me on the bed right now. I would have given you the warmest hugs and the wettest kisses. Good night my darling. See you in the morning.


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