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Great Emotional Messages For Lover

Emotional Messages

Great Emotional Messages For Lover: When something is emotional, it has to do with what touches the heart either positively, or negatively. Between two lovers, there used to be some moment when they are always happy with each other. They wish each other well. Sometimes, they may fight, they may want to separate, but if they can be patient with each other, their relationship will soon get better. It is all about understanding. It is all about tolerance and sweet word. Here, we have prepared such beautiful words for you. You can pick anyone and then send it to your loved ones.

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Emotional messages for her

1. If the whole ladies can be as tolerant as you are, this world will become a peaceful place for everyone to live. It is not that I am saying this to make you happy, it is the truth I observed in you. I haven’t seen a lady like you yet. You are so calm and easy going. This virtue alone makes me want to ask, who you are really.

2. Just know that I will always be there for you. Let this life be as sweet as you are. Let the whole world understand that I have the most beautiful lady as my wife. Smile and then let us celebrate the power of love together.

3. God sent you to the earth and fate united us. This is my greatest achievement this year. I found the most heartwarming woman in a million women in the entire world. This indeed brought great joy in my life. I love you.

4. You know what? I feel so bad whenever the sun sets. I do miss you badly. The only hope I used to have is that in the night you will come as a moon. I love the fragrance of your body because it gives me the energy to start my day.

5. If you could observe well, you will see a moon in the night with a star always close to it. That star that looks biggest. You know it? That’s how you are to me. I love you with so much acceptance because you are the one my heart desires the most.

6. You are one in a million kind of woman. Your inspirational words have changed my life and then converted me into a serious-minded man. I won’t forget you in this world because you are just the best for me. Your smile, I adore so much.

7. In the night, when I look at the sky, I see the brightest star, and then if I close my eyes and open it again, I see you smiling at me. I love you so much and you mean a lot to me. I love you with great joy because anytime I see you I am always happy.

8. I want you to know that life without you is extremely boring. See how lucky I am to have you by my side. You have been taking good care of me for many years. I will always love you for the rest of my life.

9. This world is too big for me to live alone without you. I want a situation whereby, we will be seen everywhere together. I want our love to be more real than Romeo and Juliet, but I don’t want us to be as foolish as them. I love you.

10. In this world, there are many beautiful words to qualify the woman we cherish, but I have not seen the one that can describe you. I don’t think such word exists in this world. It is preserved in the paradise. I just want to say, I love you.

11. This world will have been completely hard but your presence in my life makes it even softer to live. Your joy in this world is mine. I am searching for a way to always put a smile on your face. I will always be yours for the rest of my life.

12. God knows how much I love you with complete sincerity. God knows I will never stop cherishing you for the rest of my life. Baby, I want you to know one thing, you are simply the most beautiful flower I have seen before.

13. In as much as you are by my side, every sorrow bows, and entertainment comes to my heart which makes me feel at home. I will always be yours so don’t panic because no one can stop me from loving you. We are divinely meant to be.

14. I came to realize that you are my love. My happiness and the one I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with. This is because, no matter how I tried to stop loving you, I keep on loving you the more. I will never forget this beautiful lady in my life.

15. I am ready to change for good just for you. I will give up many things that hurt human all just because I fell in love with you. I want you to rest assured that your love has softened my heart. Now, I can see with my inner eyes. I love you.

16. Indeed, you are a God sent an angel to draw me closer to Him. I am so sorry for myself for having lived a miserable life before I met you. Thank you for your sincerity, the words of God you shared with me and the true love you shower on me.

17. I will always be happy because I have found my missing rib. I have found the precious stone of passion that my heart needs to function well. Thank you, my dear lady. Your love is my happiness and for this reason, will like to be the father of your kids.

18. Everyone should understand how much I love you. They shouldn’t make things complicated for us. They should leave us alone to enjoy our divine love together. Let the whole world know that I am so much in love with you.

19. Just know that your smile keeps me warm. It makes me want to touch the sky. It persuades me to desire to climb the highest mountain. I will always love my life because you are part of me. I will not stop be yours for the rest of my life.

20. I love the fact that you came into my world as sunlight to light the entire darkness in my heart. So far so good, you have been putting a smile on my face. I just want to be sure that you are fine. I can’t take the risk of losing a special person like you.

Emotional messages for him

21. The world is missing for not having you as a lover. I am the luckiest. I never knew I will fall in love with you this deep. I never knew you will be the one to take me to the peak of love and endless passion. I love you.

22. If I can make a world and then name it after you, I would have done so because you really deserve it. This can be done only by God. I wish you such honor every day in my heart. You know, you are my strength and the man that consoles me whenever I am worried.

23. Baby, I want you to know that you are sunshine; your smiles bring no other thing but a comfort. It mesmerizes my heart with so much joy. This is awesome and should be experienced only by a lucky woman. I am lucky to have you.

24. The best of people are those who put a smile on your face in any condition. Several times, you have to be the reason why I smile again. I smile with passion; I smile with great joy and then feel like everything will be fine. I love you.

25. I will not be sad that I met you in this world. I will be the gladdest because you make me happy with your simple way of life. I love it when you wake up close to me. This gives me the joy that I am a woman who has a man beside her.

26. Earlier before we got married, no one respects me. Now that you are my husband, everyone decided to respect me. They make me feel at the top of the world. This is because a husband is a blessing to his wife. He is her garment of comfort.

27. Whenever I say you are my life, don’t doubt it. Don’t be scared that this world may not favor you and me. Try and have faith in God, for the Lord will soon make everything fine for us. I love you, my dear love. I will cherish you forever.

28. Let the past that disturbs you pass away. Let the pains that hunt you down perish from now on. I am sending you lots of kisses and hugs to keep you warm since we haven’t found it easy to meet. All the best to the man of my heart.

29. There have been a lot of toasting, a lot of proposals but I turned everyone down because I actually want to be yours for the rest of my life. I want to make sure that I put a smile on your face always. You deserve my true love and I will always prepare your favorite.

30. You are my dream for many years. I have come to this far thinking and praying about a man that will be my comfort. A man, that will make me smile for the rest of my life. I want to be yours no matter what may transpire between us. I want to always be the best gift for you.

31. You shed tears for the first time, this means that I really hurt you. I am sorry my dear baby. Let’s forget about the past and embrace our presence together. We have become a family of two different families. Isn’t this amazing?

32. I want to shine in this world and the only time such thing will happen is when I have you always by my side. I cannot be called a woman without you in my life. Your beautiful babies are greeting. We all miss you so much.

33. Baby, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, don’t forget that my love for you will never end. Always have it in the back of your heart that a woman does exist and she can’t stop loving you. It is unfortunate that distance separated us.

34. I must confess that it is amazing that even till now; there is true love on earth. I used to believed that all men are the same, but now I have come to realize that you are extremely special. I love you without end.

35. I smiled all through my dream yesterday because I was dreaming about. When I woke up, I saw you next to me. Welcome back the love of my life. Why this surprise? This is more reason why I love you passionately.

36. We are in love with each other; there is no doubt about that. This is not just loving but a love bound with great joy. I will always love you for the rest of my life. I don’t really mean to hurt you but it came that way. I am sorry my beloved.

37. I am sorry, I hurt you and then felt about it. This is not me but an emotion I foolishly could not control. I have heard a lot about you that gives me more confidence to really want to be yours forever. I love you my heartbeat.

38. You are a blessed husband. A good father and the only ma that deserves my passionate tears out of the deep love I have for him. I love you so much that your eyes keep appearing to me in any direction I face.

39. Anytime I look at you, I smile. I feel like the paradise everyone talks about is right before me. You are a handsome man. I wish you all the best in this precious world. My heart is for you, so I hope that it should be taken care of. I love you.

40. You asked me, what was wrong and I replied nothing. When you left, tears rolled down my cheeks. I decided to swallow them because your love is contained in them. I love you beyond what words can describe. You are my universe.

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