Happy Monday Quotes! It’s the beginning of the new week. The day is bright and clear, it’s the day to be happy and grateful to God for life and the opportunity to continue to fulfill destiny yet again.

What are your plans? How do you intend to get by? How do you propose inspiring and motivating others? This collection of Happy Monday Quotes will surely help you through your day, get you to inspire family, friends and loved one.

What are you going to do?

Inspiring Happy Monday Quotes For The Day

Send these happy Monday quotes and let your Monday be happy!

1. A couple of individuals get bored and feel sad after the failure of times past. They look at all the failure and internally become demotivated. You need to know that for the fact that you are still alive, then it means God is giving you another chance at life. Take it and take charge of your present and your future. You will RISE AGAIN!

2. Don’t assess your individual self with the success of others. In this life, we all are running different races. One to win this time, another to win the next time. You should look up to God to confirm anything you need in your life confirmed. When he says he will do things he said he would do. Did he not do it! Have faith in him and you will be surprised that he will do more than you asked for.

3. Monday is that start of the week that attempts to make us wake up groggily to the events of the day after enjoying the rest of the weekend. Truth is, it is usually difficult to get up bed and get going, but with the vision and goal, and with the energy given by God, the days will come and pass as a piece of small non-challenging work. You will experience the goodness of being a child of God when you put all faith in him. You will just be fine. Happy Monday!

4. Welcome the new day with great happiness and hope. Welcome the new day as enthusiastically as you can because it the day God has made. Begin the week with the hope and energy that you can surmount all challenges. Leverage the energy around and become self-motivated. Begin to see life just from your own perspective and get out of your cozy bed to work hard on your hustle.

5. Whenever you think you cannot measure up to standard, take a look at where are now compared to where you were 3, 4, 5 years ago. Then you will need no one to tell you that you have come a long way. Trust in God and believe in yourself, you will just achieve all that you are meant to within a short space of time. God’s got you already, enjoy the rest of the week.

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6. When you believe in something, it will surely happen. When you work hard towards it, it will happen just faster than you can imagine. Let success be your watchword and ignore all forms of de-motivation and people trying to say you can’t achieve it. Yes, you can and Yes you must!

7. When you fall, don’t just sit there and sulk. Fall so that you can rise again. The joy in falling is that you analyze what made you fall with the aim of improving so that you don’t fall yet again. Work on yourself, work really hard and you will become a master at what you do! Happy Monday.

8. You need to first fall in love with the works of your hand to have success knocking on your door. When you wake up on Monday with that kind of mindset, then maybe the Monday will not be that difficult to get through. Love what you do, appreciate your own effort, be your own whistle-blower, and leave the rest to God. He will surprise you.

9. Associate with ambitious people like you. Let them motivate you and make you happy. Do not associate with failures, they will weigh you down with their negative thoughts and if you are not careful, you may never find the power to rise to your total fulfillment again.

10. Do not change yourself because of people. Stay true to yourself, be who you are one day every day. When the night comes you will be able to sit and evaluate how your day went. Stand your ground and say all things with all form of integrity and honesty.

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Motivational Monday Quotes that you need for you right now

There are a couple of Monday quotes that you need to keep reading, and these quotes I have for you below are the examples you need.

11. For the larger part of your life, you are going to work. So, all you need to do is face what makes you happy and do it diligently. Try to follow what you are passionate about and LOVE it with everything you have. Never settle for anything that you ordinarily would not want to be associated with. Follow your passion and be the difference.

12. Be a source of motivation to other people such that when you turn around, they will become happy because you have brought happiness into their lives. Be the definition of happiness so that you infect others with happiness as well.

13. You don’t have to call your Monday a DoomsDay because it the day of the week everyone dreads. Just be conscious that the way today goes will determine the rest of your week. Have an amazing Monday and a stress-free day.

14. Stand up, rise up, and face every day with happiness, love, and feeling of concern.

15. If the day is bad today, making it beautiful is up to you. When you make your day beautiful, others will be happy that you are happy!

16. Since Monday is here, mouth these that ‘ God is going to do great things in my life, I am a citizen of the kingdom and will do the work with all my heart and soul’

17. When the sad day comes, remember you’ve got God always. You can quickly run to him to help you through any situation. He will surely help and support whenever you need him. That’s all you need!

Great Happy Monday Quotes

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Happy Monday Quotes – Romance

18. I am sending you a nice Monday morning message because you are specifically fantastical. Happy birthday my pearl.

19. Wishing you one of the most outstanding Mondays ever. I can die for you because you are actually my treasure.

20. Happy Monday to the most beautiful pearl in my life; wishing you a very awesome and fantastic moment in this season.

21. I was lost the first day I saw you because I can’t believe that an angel like you still exists. I am wishing you a lovely Monday.

22. Beautiful pearls are rare to find, which means that I am lucky enough to have found someone as special as you are.

23. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see the dream of many years back getting fulfilled. I will always love for the rest of my life. Happy Monday.

24. Every single day of my life will never be spent without thinking about you. I can bet my life that you are the most handsome man ever. Happy Monday.

25. I want to use this moment to send the most beautiful messages to the woman of my life. Happy Monday to you.

26. I can lay my life for you so that you will understand the depth of my love for you. I am so happy that today is Monday.

27. I love the freshness of your perfume; I love the smell of passion that emanates from your body. Happy Monday.

28. Your eyes are worthy of being adorable because with them I see my way through the darkness of my past pains. Happy Monday.

29. I thought could live alone in this world without you until I almost died losing contact with you for just some minutes. Happy Monday baby.

30. I am sure that you won’t believe I can die for you just pray that day will not come so that we can always be together until the end. Happy Monday.

31. If the love of my life can find her Monday the best, what else will stop me from not been happy for the rest of my life?

32. We should understand one thing; the bond of love between a man and a woman is divine and so should be handled with seriousness. Happy Monday.

33. I can jump over the mountain to show you how much I ever want to be yours; with deep passion, I want to say happy Monday.

34. You get me served whenever I share a moment with you; I feel great whenever I set my eyes on you. Happy Monday.

35. For the rest of my life, I want the rain of your love to fall on my heart. I wish you all the passion for the most beautiful mountain. Happy Monday.

36. With passion, I want to adore you with all my heart; I want to say a big thank you for the special love you show to me. Happy Monday.

37. Anytime I close my eyes, I see the light of love shining in my heart; whenever I open my eyes I see you right before me. Happy Monday.

Happy Monday Quotes – Inspiration

38. Have this Monday morning as a means to bring happiness to your life, freshness to your eyes and passion to your heart.

39. Sometimes we may not feel strong because many reasons may hold us back, but it doesn’t mean that we should not put a smile on our face.

40. Today is a special day to say goodbye to our past pains and embrace the grace that comes with it. Happy Monday.

41. It may be hard to excel in life but if you keep your face moist with a smile, it will go a long way to put joy in your heart.

42. Cheer up because it endorses the heart with passion and gives you the strength to achieve many things in life. Have an awesome Monday.

43. I wish I can bring the sky for you to show you how important you are to everyone in the world. Happy Monday.

44. Gracefulness is like a bond of love it makes the heart tender with passion and brings joy to the home of the one who has it. Happy Monday.

45. The brightness of the day grows around the world as love rubs the heart; you are indeed a special person. Happy Monday.

46. Yours is a lovely life worthy of been celebrated forever. You are really strong and nice because you are simply the best.

47. Let this day be filled with lots of happiness. I wish you all the best because I believe in you. Happy Monday.

Happy Monday Quotes – Wishes for Monday

48. I can wish you the best on this special day of the week. Have the best of times now and forever. Happy Monday.

49. You are special, full of energy and it will not be bad if your face is filled with lots of light. Happy Monday.

50. I will always be happy with you because you are such a wonderful treasure; wishing the most flexible Monday.

51. I wish you the most beautiful things in life; you are such an energetic person so I believe you can do the best.

52. Lovely things in life are not easy; I am wishing you all the best thing in life may you find it easy this Monday.

53. Success in life is not something that comes easy until you work hard for it; this is more reason why I am wishing you the best in life.

54. I want to wish you an awesome Monday swag with lots of peace in your heart. Have one of the most interesting times ever.

55. You are indeed a great guy and you deserved to be honored with endless wishes of love and prosperity. Happy Monday.]

56. I am wishing all the best now and forever. I hope that you will find peace in your heart more than you can ever think.

57. My joy in this life is to see someone as nice as you are; I actually want to be yours forever. Happy Monday.

Happy Monday Quotes – Prayer for happy Monday

58. As the new day rises to meet the horizon of delight, I pray that you should find fortunes on your way to your work. Happy Monday.

59. May your performance on this special day of the week bring lots of success for you and become the reason why you are happy.

60. I pray for your endless happiness on this good Monday, I pray that every single heart desire you have been fulfilled. Happy Monday.

61. May your joy have no ending as you sign in to the week of glory, good performance, joy, happiness, and success.

62. It is my wish to see you smiling every day of your life; may your dreams come through, may your life be spared to last long with us.

63. Just like a fresh flower, may you find peace in your heart like never before; Monday is a very interesting day because it begins another way to our greener pasture.

64. You are special and as such need special treatment; today I am sending you the best of wishes to keep your heart warm.

65. Protection of the Lord is inevitable; I pray that the Lord should continue to protect you for the rest of your life.

66. I pray for my second half to have the best of Monday. You are simply the best and I will always be there for you.

67. Have the most beautiful Monday because you are wonderful, sweet and nice. Have the most fantastic moment ever.

68. The most interesting thing to me is that you are alive to witness this beautiful day that begins a new week of opportunities. Be blessed.

69. I pray for your success from now on, may your case be different from that of others. Happy Monday.

70. You are such a wonderful person, a lovely angel the most pleasing person I have ever met in my life. Happy Monday.

71. There are many things I am supposed to let you know and one of which is that I pray for an everlasting success for you.

72. The new week is here, may you find lasting peace in it as you begin this Monday in delight and endless happiness.

73. I wish you a very interesting Monday, I ask the Lord to protect you against all evils and wear for you a garment of success.

74. It is my pleasure to see you grow better in your business, as you set to start a new deal today, may the entire profit made in it benefit you. Happy Monday.

75. The special wishes I have for you will have no reason to stop been my dream; I love you so much and say happy Monday.

76. Have one of the best days of the week. You may not like it, but it is simply one of the best. Have a gracious Monday.

77. Monday is here; meet it with lots of love, laughter, enthusiasm, and happiness. May you find it easy to make it today.

Happy Monday messages

78. I am so happy because I have found you in my life; you are simply the best. The most beautiful lady in the world. Happy Monday.

79. This Monday is interesting because I have you in my life; I will continue to love you for the rest of my life. Happy Monday.

80. Wishing you an awesome Monday, you are special, cool and the day I set my eyes on you, everything I sensed that you are the best for me. Happy Monday.

81. My happiness comes immediately I set my eyes on you and since then it has always been and will continue to be. Just want to say happy Monday.

82. With someone as special as you are, every single day of the week will be awesome to leave. Happy Monday darling.

83. I don’t I can ever love anyone as special as you are in the entire universe. This is because a gem like you is yet to come. Happy Monday sweetheart.

84. I will bet the whole world that no other man can take over my heart the way you did; you are super special. Happy Monday.

85. You are my happiness, and since the day you came into my life, every past pain has gone; spend this Monday with me in love and complete passion.

86. Only you are the most beautiful treasure I have ever found on the island of passion. I wish you an awesome Monday.

87. Whenever we are together, nothing else comes to my heart rather than the ocean of happiness derived from sharing a rare moment with you. Happy Monday.

88. I have come to realize that a day will not count unless I find you right beside me; I hope you will find this day as one of the best.

89. Monday as view by some people is the worst day of the week, but I disagree because it begins with a money making day and gives me the opportunity to see you.

90. You are my pearl, my happiness and the reason why I will never give up in life; I just want to make sure that this special day is nice to you.

91. Living with the most handsome husband alone is a delight, sharing the first day of the week with him is a paradise.

92. I love you to the core and wish I can always be with you for the rest of my life; happy Monday to the best girl in my life.

93. Wishing you the most beautiful moment in life; I hope that this day will benefit you more than you can ever think,.

94. A beneficial person deserves lots of prayers; I am praying today that your success will never have bound. Happy Monday love.

95. It is not easy to be without you, I love you more than you can think, I wish you a glorious Monday.

96. You will forever be remembered in my heart, Monday is special and spending it with a special soldier like you is not bad. Happy Monday.

97. I will always be with you for the rest of my life; even for a second, I can’t stop thinking about you. Just want to say happy Monday.

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