Gba! The sound my bumper generated
Yes, from a man with a sticker ‘Jesus takes the wheel’ on his Keke
No vex madam, I use God beg you!
Yet, oozing from his mouth was bitter sweet ogogoro

Waving in the air
Sister Nkechi, the glorious chorister
Team Natural, no artificials
Your Bible bigger than a Dictionary
Yet, you’re the definition of Wahala in your neighbourhood

Alfa Saliu,
Your uncouth ‘irugbon’ approves your title
The tesbil interlocking your fingers
The beautifully tied oloke gogoro turban
Yet, you impregnated 3 sisters in our Area!

Pastor kininwi,
Eku se Oluwa
Organising Crusades, Performing miracles
Prophesying the word
E kpele, the very one who joined a cult to obtain power and wealth!

Our usher, Olusho wire wire
The Eleha, the very Wobe sistren
Brother Chukwuka, the kidnapping kingpin
Alawo, using people for ritual…

Religion became tradition
Tradition, now abandoned
Practicing hypocrisy
Indulging in heresy

Riddle me this:
How can the most religious country in the world
Still, be the most corrupt?

My over religious country
I can almost hear you say…hmmm! God help us!!!

About the Author

FOLUMY is a highly resourceful Insurance and risk management professional with a Mass communication background versed in wide range of media communication and insurance underwriting.

A lover of poems and a humanitarian at heart who successfully runs a #SickleCell Foundation. An Over Religious country is one of her many poems written and published on a lot of online platforms.

About The Author

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