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Telephone Counselor Quotes To Counsel Others

Telephone counselor quotes

Telephone counselor quotes: Need some counseling quotes to help you counsel and motivate others? Then this collection of telephone counselor quotes will be perfect for you.

Telephone counselor quotes: Mental Health Quotes

1. In as much that there is life, there is hope that you will be fine once again. Don’t lose faith in what is possible.

2. You may not be where you wish to be today, but there is every possibility that things will come to be better once more.

3. Don’t give up on what you believe, it may take time to achieve, but the truth is that you will finally get it.

4. There is no permanent pain, if you suffer today, tomorrow may come with joy and happiness.

5. When things are hard for you, be patient and hard-working, in no time, all you think are hard will be easy for you.

6. Your situation may hurt you, but remember that it will not stay there forever. Keep pushing until you are finally out of it.

7. Healthiest people on earth also have their challenges. They know what they go through every day but their will power to be happy makes them appear the healthiest.

8. There is no one who does not face challenges in life; it depends on how you view them and the steps you take to face them.

9. After the pain is a relief, this is a natural phenomenon that is bound to happen. So, never panic in any situation you find yourself.

10. Do you think you are alone in problems? Even I am worst in problems that hunt me down but I chose to be happy.

11. You will not be happy until you forgive yourself. There is no human that has not sinned before, they all forgive themselves and moved on in life.

12. A mistake is bound to happen but killing yourself with pain and self-blame is what I don’t understand.

13. You want to give up just because you fail for once? What about the great men of the past who won several times, yet were not given their right, and never gave up until their right was finally given?

14. Life has come to this level because it is part of your destiny, you just have to accept your fate and never give up in life.

15. Even in this condition, I have sinned many becoming the world’s most popular, they never allowed their disability to stop their ability.

16. The ability to fight your low self-esteem will be born the day you decide to do something meaning in your life.

17. Be strong in every situation you find yourself. It may be the end of your life; die as a hero, it may be that you will get out of it, never appear cowardly.

18. In every war in life, never retreat, and never surrender. Fight to the end until you finally win the battle.

19. Check the battlefield, you will see different footprints, blood, and mutilation and at the end, one nation must win. That is the situation of life, good things don’t come easily.

20. If you give up too easily on people, you will not get what you want from them. Great men don’t give up.

Telephone counselor quotes: Relationship Therapy Quotes

A Broken Heart

21. The heart is not the glass that broke and cannot be assembled again. The heart is a flexible glass.

22. You have to forget about a bad relationship and move on in life. If you kill yourself for a man, hundreds of other men will walk on your grave.

23. Love is worth dying for but life is not worth wasting for love, there are many men out there that are ready to love you to the end.

24. If you want your home to be better, exercise patience, respect your spouse and give them the opportunity to exercise their rights.

25. There is no force in marriage, it demands persuasion and understanding; that’s what defines a good relationship.

26. A relationship that does not work has combined too stubborn people together. If one can accept the other and lowers his own ego, there is every tendency that the relationship may work.

27. Tears cannot solve your problems, if you have the chance to discuss your differences, it will help a long way.

28. If you keep crying from now till eternity, what has happened has happened, you cannot stop it anymore.

29. Mourning a broken relationship is a waste of time, you may love the one that heartlessly broke your heart, does he cares?

30. If he loves you truly, he will not leave you, however, if he leaves you, does not mean he hates you; situation sometimes makes us give up on the one we truly love.

31. I advise that you prepare your mind always for the worst. This is the principle of great men, they cry inside, they never show it out.

32. Real women of the past have witnessed humiliations and right denial, but they endured, hoping that one day, they will be liberated.

33. A broken heart is not the end of it, it is another opportunity to shape it into the best way to love another that deserves it.

34. This heart is of given to everyone, it is meant to be given to those who really deserve it.

35. Don’t allow anyone to toil with your heart, it is not meant for play. The heart is sensitive and should be treated as such.

36. Love is a great force, it drives a lot but can still be protected from being taken for granted.

37. You are not alone, everyone in one way or the other have suffered heartbreak but never called it an end of life.

38. It is only a coward that will end his life for love, the one that broke your heart will be glad you are gone.

39. When someone broke your heart, there is natural heart mender, just cast patience on your mind and remain calm. They are not the best for you.

40. The one who truly loves you will not hurt you. If you are left alone in the hustle to be loved, why not choose to love yourself pending when another suitor comes?

Telephone counselor quotes: Marriage Therapy quotes

41. The problem most marriage face is lack of trust and understanding. When the couple decides to love each other, their marriage will stand.

42. The first remedy of marriage is true love. Go and love your spouse and overlook their mistakes.

43. The key to the heart of a woman is to love her sincerely; you can’t force a woman to love you and you can’t earn her respect by disrespecting her.

44. Do you actually want to know the reason why you cannot manage your home? You don’t understand each other.

45. A defined relationship will surely have an effect on the marriage later on in life, how did you define your dating experience?

46. Marriage is a lifetime agreement but can be broken for lack of patience and too many fights.

47. Anger cannot live an ant, it will only destroy it. Work on your mind so that your marriage will survive.

48. Remember, the only way women can love you in a marriage is to constantly get you angry, the way you handle such situation defines the kind of man you are.

49. I have recommended two things for you if you want your marriage to work; love and patience are the solutions.

50. Grievous pain is when you carelessly lose the one that truly loves you for another man that deserves her.

51. You can handle almost everything and that is why you are called a man. Your wife is a woman, she only needs your love and respect to come back to her senses.

52. All women are the same, the same magic that keeps your friend’s wife good and respectful is what you don’t have.

53. Marriage is manageable bondage, you can convert the bondage into the freedom of love and respect.

54. A man that commands real respect from his wife has learned how to respect the woman world.

55. Arrange the woman and your heart will be at rest. She will love you more than you expected.

56. There is no wicked woman, it is either you made her wicked or she was forced into marriage with you.

57. If you need a good home, you need to show a good example to your spouse and children.

58. Diamond is the hardest substance, but it can cut itself; the best way to maintain a hard relationship is to adjust to the situation.

59. Many relationships have failed because no one cares about respect, they are only after love they can’t get without respect.

60. There is no need to shout at each other, silence is also a speech that can make a book of 5000 volume.

Telephone counselor quotes: Self Esteem Therapy Quotes

61. Why were you trying to commit suicide, when there are millions of ways to get better in life?

62. Arise and face your challenges, it is only a coward that gives up. Life is meant for those who are enlightened about the challenges of this world.

63. If the first mountain climber in this world has limited himself to his present position; he would not have been seen on top of the world.

64. If you know how beautiful the view is on top of the mountain, you will sacrifice everything to reach that height.

65. Be a solution to peoples’ problem, you are a great leader tomorrow; this low life does not belong to you.

66. Many have given up because they thought it is over. Why should a living hero like you be counted among these set of people?

67. Fill your heart with positive thoughts, in no time, you will begin to be happy with yourself.

68. When you try something once and it does not work, don’t give up, it may be that the second attempt will give it to you permanently.

69. Hating oneself is madness; I have never heard or seen such a thing being tagged as a noble course.

70. How am I supposed to let you understand without your heart at rest? You see, this world is not permanent, so all condition does not worth killing yourself.

71. Fight your inferior complex so that ways will be cleared for you to reach to the top. Those who were silent yesterday are not heard about today.

72. Courage is good; it can be managed for the right reason. When you think things will be of your advantage, only courage can achieve it for you.

73. I don’t know what your belief is; all I know is that the one that is faithful about what he is doing will see the good side of it.

74. Without courage, achieving anything in this life will be difficult; if you need wealth, you need courage, if you need a woman of your choice; courage is not out of the game.

75. Great people with great ideas have learned to love themselves. They never complain of any situation they find themselves.

76. True heart will find rest because it has given itself the motivation to do great things in life.

77. I can assure you that by the time you begin to try something new, new things will begin to happen to you.

78. If your goal in life does not go beyond an inch, you are still a kid no matter how old you are.

79. If you want to be remembered after death, do great things no one has done before or do that that great people have done in a new dimension.

80. I have conducted lots of success program, but it baffles me that you have not come across them, do you know what it means? It means you need to read about success stories.

81. Success comes to those who fight for it.

Telephone counselor quotes: Short Therapy Quotes upon a Tragedy

82. This has not happened before is just a fallacy for exaggeration. Take heart.

83. We cannot stay alive forever. Every soul will taste death.

84. Even a rain that gives glad tidings will finally end.

85. Our aim in life should be more important than what we may lose.

86. If you keep mourning your loved ones forever, the eyes may go blind and many opportunities will pass by.

87. Forget about yesterday, and open a new chapter of your life today.

88. Tears are good but the sorrow that accompanies this tears of yours is bad for your health.

89. An irony of life, the dead cries for the dead; let’s take heart and prepare for our own time.

90. Wipe away that past life, they are obstacles for a better today and best tomorrow.

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