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20 Guiding Rules for Pastors that don’t have their Noses in the Sky

Rules for Pastors
Damilola Jonathan Oladeji is an AFRES Scholar with an MSc. Real Estate in view. He is a Christian, fiction writer and has written 3 Self-development digital book. A few of his titles include Life’s Chrysalis, Grey Wine, Bloody Ideologies, Discover Stories and Write Heart. His writings have been published in several leading digital magazine and blogs in and outside Nigeria.

In this post, Damilola shares this 20 Guiding Rules for Pastors that don't have their Noses in the Sky. You should read and share with Pastors. It will surely help THEM!

This will help you stay away from scandal.

1. Don’t be the devil that orchestrates your own downfall.

2. Don’t get power drunk.

3. Watch your peni* with all diligence, out of it comes a lot of foul desires.

4. Adore the bre*sts of your own wife even if they are sagging and cannot compete with the neighbour’s wife.

5. Understand the anatomy of your body. Your erections while counseling a female member is God’s red light. Transfer her to a woman counselor who is not Bi or Lesbian.

6. Don’t text people you are not meant to text.

7. Don’t keep late nights and lonely travels with women other than your wife. Yes your wife nags you about this and it makes you feel less than a big Man of God! Listen to your wife, she is saving you from yourself.

8. No, you cannot pray with her in private.

9. Have a male accountability partner who can tell you when you are not being objective.

10. Stop telling us girls are agents of the devil.

11. You are not a saint or angel yourself.

12. Women are not out to steal our destinies.

13. You might be the destiny destroyer wielding the weapon in your pants.

14. No, marine spirit is not selling dresses.

15. You are just having an erections because of your lust.

16. Focus on preaching and stop obsessing about how other people’s wives and daughters look.

17. Lust after your wife! I mean, just stare at her and allow yourself adore every inch of her body.

18. Read songs of Solomon to your wife.

19. Don’t marry a woman that won’t make you thirsty to go home at night all in the name of revelation and then start chasing other women.

20. We know everyone is human so stop making claims to attacks on your ministry when you are the number one attacker.

And remember, when you are being tempted, do not say, “God is tempting me.” God is never tempted to do wrong, and he never tempts anyone else. but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. James 1:13-14

A large number of responses to these stories of infidelity and rape keep showing how much religion demonizes women, sexuality and emotions.

We hear people claiming that the women are daughters of Jezebel, that Pastors need to be more prayerful and avoid temptation. What if the Pastors are THE TEMPTATIONS?

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