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20 Places To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Lover In Nigeria

Places to spend Valentine's Day

Places to spend Valentine’s Day with your lover – Memories are so important to create in life, and one way to create memories is to go on outings with your lover. On these outings and adventures, it is important to take as many photos as are possible. The problem comes when you don’t know where to take your lover to, and because tourism isn’t so big thing in Nigeria yet, the beautiful tourist destinations aren’t well known.

Here is what Trekeffect said about places to spend Valentine’s day with your lover:

“When you travel with your partner, you get to face a ton of challenges, experiences and obstacles that will help develop a bond that is much stronger than the bond built through Netflix watching movies or shopping. Whether you’re cage diving with the sharks in Cape Town or getting lost in a big city like New York, the experiences in your travel as a couple provide a lot of opportunities for relationship growth. Plus, travel can test the strength of your relationship.”

So, here we are to the rescue! We’ve piled up 20 beautiful places to spend Valentine’s day so you and your lover can go have fun this valentine! These places have so many fun packages that you and your partner need to see these places. What is a relationship without adventures, trips and outings? A boring relationship.

Let’s get on with the places to spend Valentine’s day with your lover:


This fun park is located along Lagos-Ibadan express way.

This is the height of fun! The pack is themed for all ages, whether young or old. They have so many enticing entertainment attractions. You and your lover can have loads of fun things to try out at the park. This fun park is the “Disney-World” of Nigeria.

This is what Vanguardngr has to say about this destination;

” Hi-Impact Planet has become a destination for the family presenting a world-class amusement park with thrilling outdoor rides and exciting indoor games positioned for children, teenagers and the whole family to have a fun-filled experience.”

A visit to Hi Impact explains why Bisola, the runner-up of the just concluded Big Brother Naija TV show, was excited about the resort that she praised it to high heaven as she was visibly impressed with what she saw and experienced at the resort during a visit with her daughter.

Tourism market

It is that experience shared by Bisola and others that the founder and chairman, Solution Media and Infotech, Prince Adeyanju Lipede, who has delivered entertainment shows else where in the world brought to the Nigerian tourism market.”

You can take a visit their website to know more about ticket prices for their rides and attractions.


This tourist destination has mountains and hills where you and your lover can go hiking. You also get to know the people there and tour the town. It has a water park with water side, a swimming pool, a golf course, night time bon fires, horse back riding, hiking, beautiful accommodation and so on. This destination is a must see.

Click the link for a list of hotels you can book when going to Obudu cattle ranch.


This is situated in south western Nigeria. This place is a natural wonder. It is famous for having both warm water spring and cold water spring flow side by side! And they even merge at a point, and they never mix! There are also swimming pools, a bar, recreational activities, beautiful accommodation and many more.

Click on the link to visit the Ikogosi warm spring’s official website.


This location is another beautiful place.The idanre hill is located in Ondo State and is a really tall landmark in the town of Idanre. You and your lover can hike through, get to know the people and their culture and see some historical artifacts, and also you get to see the whole town of Idanre from the top of the hill! It is a marvelous sight.

Click on the link to know more about Idanre hills.


This beach is popular with water sports fans. Unlike other beaches in Lagos, it is usually not noisy or crowded, so it will give you and your lover ample time to connect and make more memories. This place will make a perfect valentine day outing, the perfect destination, plus it’s on the Lagos Island.

Click the link for all you need to know about taking a trip to Tarkwa Bay Beach.


This is another really cool destination, I tell you! You and your lover can go grand biking, jet skiing, zip lining, and so on! It’s a lake on Lagos Island. So much fun!
Click the link below to visit their website.


If you and your lover are Arts enthusiast, this gallery is a sure place to visit. It contains different array of artworks, paintings and sculptures. The perfect place to appreciate Arts with your lover on Val’s day.

Click the link below to visit the official website of Nike Arts Gallery.


Again, this is for Art enthusiasts. You can have a lot of fun at the national theatre, Surulere since there are a wide variety of artworks to explore. The theatre was constructed in 1975 meaning that artworks from the 1940s can still be found there. The exterior design of the theatre is also jaw dropping.

Click the link for all you need to know about visiting National theatre, Lagos.


This is a popular tourist and leisure destination in Lagos, the beach has different bar huts, lots of music, wave catching, horse riding, games, and so much more. This beach is a home of pure fun!

Check out the link for detailed explanation on how to plan a fun day at Elegushi beach with your lover!


Forest reserves are the perfect destinations! They allow you to admire God’s works up close! The IITA forest reserve Ibadan is a place for the conservation of forests’ flora and fauna. It is a really refreshing place to visit with your lover as you get to watch the birds, monkeys, and other forest creatures do their thing in their natural habitats. This is indeed a rare sight.

Click on the link to read a guide to follow on visiting IITA Forest reserve.

You want more of our lists of places to spend Valentine’s day with your partner? Click on page 2 for more.

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