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50 Valentine’s Day Surprises For Him Or Her

valentine's day surprises

February 14… Valentine’s day. A day for lovers all around the world. A day to share awesome Valentine’s day surprises for him or her. Married couples will want to give special gifts to their significant other. Dating couples will find the day as another way to express more love to each other.

People love surprises. Surprises could come in any form. From gifts to surprise visits to even something as simple as a hug. Surprises help keep the love flame burning. Without any spark or surprise in the relationship, it’s as good as dead. The two parties will start to fall out of love and will find the slightest thing that their partner does irritating. You may give your partner a massage at a spa, tokens from this site, a trip on the countryside, new clothes, new shoes, or anything that would surprise them. Whether or not they’re expensive does not matter, as long as it provides the spark every relationship needs.

If you know you love your spouse and you don’t intend in a leaving them anytime soon, you have some work to do.

You need to always surprise them when they least expect it. You need to study them, their love language and how they like to be given love so that you can know how to plan the best surprise package!

If you can hit that surprise real good on your lover this valentine, you can create a real lasting memory in their head that they’ll never forget. But are you short on ideas? You perhaps don’t know what surprise to throw them? You don’t really like surprises yourself maybe. Don’t worry, we’re here to your rescue! We have compiled 50 awesome ways you can surprise your lover this valentine and show them that they’ve really got you head over heels! The fun part of this Valentine’s day surprises is that you can either pick one of the Valentin’e gift ideas below or add more to surprise your lover. Isn’t that just beautiful?

Let’s get on with the Valentine’s day surprises. Shall we?

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1. Prepare a candle lit dinner for the two of you

They’ll be really surprised to enter the room only to find the lights turned off and pink candles glowing around the dining table. It will be a delight! It’s the most romantic thing in the world and it’s perfect for Valentine!

2. Do what they have always loved that you have always hated

Maybe you have always hated watching football but your partner is a huge fan, then throw them a surprise by watching a football match with them quietly. They’ll appreciate you taking interest in what they love.

3. Write ‘I Love You’ in a full scalp sheet and put it in their shoe

This one is really funny because it will take them by surprise. They’ll first start wondering what a sheet of paper is doing in their shoe. Then they will pull it out to check… And voila! They are reading your ‘I love you’ message and smiling to themselves. Ain’t that cool?!

4. Buy them a fashion item they’ve always wanted

Maybe they have always loved gold wrist watches you can buy them that. Or maybe she is a lover of neck pieces, you can buy her a neck chain. It will take them by surprise and will be greatly appreciated. You can top it up by wrapping the item in a gift wrap to make it more suspenseful and all the more surprising.

5. Give them a hug from the back excitedly

An unexpected back hug will throw anybody off balance. Especially when you are so excited about it. If you are a man, you can also lift her up as a plus. She’ll be excited. Like they will be so, so happy to know. And then wish them Happy Valentine!

6. Paint her finger and toe nails

Don’t say, ‘Oh no, I have never painted nails before.’ Just do it for her. It will throw her off balance. That you are trying so much to impress her will make her almost start tearing up. You can do a quick Google search on how to paint nails perfectly. Then buy nail Polish, Polish remover and other things Google will recommend. Then paint away!

7. Order their favorite food and get it delivered to their house

Order from an online store one if their most favorite dishes and have it delivered to their home address. This is most perfect when you are not around. It means that you still want the best for them for Valentine even when you are not around.

8. Surprise by visiting on the special day

If you are in a long distance relationship, you can throw thus surprise on them. It’s the best! You don’t tell them before coming of course! That’s when the surprise will be very sweet.

9. Print out your selfies and phone pictures and give it to them

This is a really cool Valentine surprise idea. So every time they look on their table or shelf, they always see your photo album which reminds them every time of one really special valentine that you made special for them.

10. Give them a foot rub, pedicure or a body massage.

Nothing is better than a massage on a beautiful day. Massages are just perfect for a surprise. Especially when given by a loved one on Valentine’s day.

11. Play video games together

If you don’t have a Play station and your partner doesn’t as well but you both fancy the thoughts of spending time doing beautiful nonsense, then you can go to the mall to buy time to play video games. Video games are a great way to bond and your lover will be surprised to know that you thought about it.

12. Plan a movie night and let them pick the movie

Letting them pick the movie is the fun part. Even if both of you have watched the movie before, it still doesn’t mean anything. It’s their night and you want to make it very special right? So, let them pick the movie. Watch it while eating popcorn or having a bottle of cold drink

13. Plan a photoshoot and pay for it

When you pay for it, it shows that you have had the surprise carefully planned out before hand. They’ll be delighted! An unexpected photoshoot on Valentine’s day is a sure surprise.

14. Pay for them to have body art or body painting done

Body art is something a lot of people love. Henna is especially now very common amongst ladies in Nigeria. Makes can Also have Henna art done on them. Who says they can’t? Having body art done on Valentine’s day is a really cool stuff. And your lover will love it.

15. Pay for a swimming class for both of you

Swimming! Not many people know how to swim in Nigeria, I tell you. But, being the one to give your lover the opportunity to have this beautiful skill is the definition of love. They’ll be forever thankful to you.

16. Read a story or poem to them at bedtime

Yes, just like the moonlight takes told to kids before bed. You can spoil your lover with this too. Read them a short beautiful story and make sure they fall asleep listening to it.

17. Sing them a romantic song

Even if you have the most horrible voice in the world. Just sing them one sweet romantic song they’ll love.

18. Plan an amusement park outing

This surprise will take them even more if they’ve never been to one before. They’ll be happy to know that you sponsored their first trip to the amusement park.

19. Spend the valentine night gazing at the stars together

As ridiculous as this sounds, it’s actually really cool. You can spread out the mat along with a thick blanket for cover and protection from cold. And then start star gazing. You can even try to count the stars together. If their love language is quality time, they will mist likely love to do this.

20. Do their laundry for that day and do it happily

Even if you hate to do laundry, it’s all part of the surprise. They will be surprised to know that you are doing laundry for them even when you hate it.

21. Write a love letter to them, envelope it, and present it to them

Makes sense, right?

22. Serve them breakfast in bed

Make the breakfast yourself and make it really sumptuous. They’ll love it. Perfect valentine morning surprise.

23. Play their favorite song and dance to it with them

24. Plan a beach trip for you two and you do the packing of the picnic box

25. Leave flower petal trails that lead to the bedroom when they come in at night

Still on the look out for more Valentine’s day surprises, then hit on PAGE below:

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