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Places to Buy Christmas Gifts For Your Lover

places to buy christmas gifts for your lover

Places to buy Christmas gifts for your Lover – So it’s Christmas season again! I’m sure the bells are jiggling already in some part of the world and Santa is preparing his reindeers… well if he isn’t preparing, you had better be your own Santa honey boo or else bae will flip (especially if you haven’t forgotten her birthday/if you forgot his big interview), I am going to be the fairy godmother in your case and give you the best places to buy Christmas gifts for your lover, at home or abroad online and in stores!

Cool right?

Let’s start with Nigeria.

Romantics out there know that the Mall is possibly one of your best places to buy Christmas gifts for your lover, either male of female. In the Mall you can swing into a male store and pick up something for baby boo or swing into a makeup, bag, or clothes store and pick up the perfect gift for baby girl.

Here comes the list of places to buy Christmas gifts for your lover

1. The Ikeja City Mall (ICM): I was there about a week ago and I can tell you any person that does not appreciate a Pierre Cardin bag (yes! There is a Pierre Cardin store in there!), or a TM Lewis item is just a ninny and there is a bookshop too! If your lover happens to be a bibliophile like I am, then you’d find that you can get almost any item at the Mall!

Caution: Screen all the items well before you get them or ask the sales rep to pick out something really good for you if you have neither the time or the patience to pick up something. Haphazard or regular presents might make it seem like it’s not special or thoughtful or it was rushed and that you just bought it “just because” and it could ruin the entire thing

2. The Lekki Mall: People on the Island know that in the Mall over there has stores that can make a girl or a guy gush over, for the ladies you know those jewelry on display has got you having sleepless nights or is it the shoes! Trust me I spied a Jimmy Choo stiletto and I was in awe. You totally want to get that shoe for bae, if she tries to break up after, just remind her you are collecting the shoe back and watch her reset. But seriously the stores in there are sure to get you something for bae.

Still on Malls and stores if you are looking for things on the high and pricey side because you absolutely love bae and want something spectacular and well… expensive, you might like the sound of:

3. The Polo Avenue: They are the leading sellers of luxurious items for all genders in Nigeria, you should totally visit them.

My social media addicts, are you there? If you are going for something more definite and defined for boo you can always rely on Instagram.

Thank God for insta-stores, excluding the scammers though, has made it easy for shoppers like myself who love to sit at home all day in pajamas just behind a laptop and make orders online.

People have taken the advantage of one of the biggest social media platform to bring goods straight to you, you can get almost anything there and there are some of them with the pay on delivery options and you get it at your doorstep too! Enough ado about this.

Guys I’m sure you know what your woman likes, shoes maybe? Try @shoes_affair or @theshoeshopnig or @dafalconeagle. These women just make it enjoyable for you to shop, and they even advise you on the best and most comfy shoes to get for ‘her’. Trust a devoted customer and a shoe hoarder. These pages even give you pictures and videos of what you are ordering and delivery fees do not break the bank and they are doorstep. It really don’t get better than that honey.

Bags maybe? should be your stop to getting beautiful bags that she would adore and use for a long time or “show-case” for a long time. @shoes_affair also has cute bags for sales.

If you are a big boy and you just love bae too much you can buy the Melanie TM Mini by Toke Makinwa.

Clothes? You would find that you can get Nigerian designers to make you customized dresses for your boothang this season. Imagine the sparkle in her eyes when she opens up her dress box and sees a @suemanuell design or a @luxiria_by_jimson outfit! I can assure you bruv you are gonna get more than some *wink*

Hair perhaps? Oh please do not get me started on the hair parole sweetie, make her a wanneka woman this season and win the best boyfriend/partner/husband award of the year.

@Mizwanneka has the best hairs and to even make it more amazing they have a hair salon that just makes your woman’s head vavavoom. Bae into wigs instead of sew ins? @chiemeroyals_luxurywigs will have baby girl jumping up and down with so much excitement. You would thank me for unleashing her girlishness.

She’s not into all these but makeup? Or jewelry? or accessories? Honey you have all the Instagram at your disposal you just need data 😀 but I can recommend @jaustslay and @rubya4dables and @toks_cosmetics.

Ladies! We know where to get our Man’s some Chelsea boots or a solid pair of amazing brogues (no be only woman love shoes, some men love it too! Try @rubya4dables_men or a new nice three piece suit for Christmas dinner @simi_teds or a killer watch or some nice perfume (if baby boy smell nice you know how that get to us *wink*) or a new tie, socks, cufflinks, pocket-chef, and lapel set @urbanmen_ng. My dear no be every time boxers and singlet, if he is spending money on any of my above items berra spend on him too oh, don’t be unfortunate oh. Lol. But really buy him a good gift, even if it is a pair of shades from @woodenelementMake it count.

Let us not forget the online platforms that have been saving lives since 199whenever they came out. Lol.

Konga, Jumia, Jiji, Aliexpress, are choice online stores where you can get the best deals this Christmas. You can access these platforms on whatever internet enabled device you are use.

You can also check, or on or on or or to sort yourself out. You can find almost anything online.

Finally, if you are not an Internet savvy person, head over to the Open Market!

No jokes if the stuff you are seeing are looking too pricey, just get to the market offline and you will just be fine. I know some of my people appreciate value for their money and I do not blame them in any way if you want to know exactly what you are paying for go to the market but the stress though! You know what I mean.

And that is it people. I have given you what is to me the best places to buy Christmas gifts for your lover this Christmas.

Lots of love

– Jedidah ChristWealth



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