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20+ Words Of Thanks For Coming To Our Event

words of thanks for coming

You want to give out words of thanks for coming to your event for guests that made themselves available? Then check out more than 20 thank you for coming to my party, thank you for coming quotes, thank you for coming to my event, thank you for coming to our party, thank you for coming to our event, thanks for coming quotes, thanks for coming messages that I have for you.

It is important that you send an appreciation of words of thanks for coming to guests that made themselves available at your event. It is never easy for people getting out of their comfort zone to be a part of your celebration and so, you need to make them feel appreciated for such a wonderful gesture.

You should endeavour to send thank you messages and thank you notes to family, friends, colleagues, and even well wishers that graced your party. From updates on social media; Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram to amazing tweets and text messages – you need to take a look at this post and leverage all words of thanks that I have here to create a short and appreciative texts to those that came.

Also, while composing your words of thanks for coming, you need to know that guests texts should not be treated with levity. In as much as the party or event has come and gone, it will not be complete without you having people available to grace the occasion. Therefore, take a deep breath, read through the words of thanks for coming messages that I have here and thank all the people that helped made your event wonderful, memorable and special.

20+ words of thanks for coming to my event

1 Your presence in my event is a memory that I will never forget in my life. Please accept my words of thanks for coming to my party. I appreciate you

2 You are such an amazing person. You did not only come, but you brought your family as well. You also played a huge part by welcoming all guests and making sure everything turned out fine. You are so invaluable as a friend and family and I sincerely appreciate your presence and assistance throughout the event. Thanks for coming to my event. I love you

3 You made my event a perfect memory. All the pictures I have right now are filled with so much fun and drama. I cannot thank you enough. I hope these words of thanks for coming will suffice for now. Thanks a lot for your presence.

4 Amazing people, awesome presents, moments not to be forgotten to sum up a beautiful event. Thanks for coming around and I appreciate your presence. Thanks for coming.

5 Parties and events do come and go. But what is left for us to remember are all the beautiful moments spent together to make an amazing memory. Please accept my words of thanks for coming to my event. You are deeply appreciated.

6 happenings that occur when life happens to us. An example is that of my event that you graced. Despite how busy you are, you still made out time to be here. I appreciate you so much with these words of thanks for coming. God bless you.

7 You did not only come, you danced, sang, drank, chatted and made my party so fun. Thank you for being my party comedian. Thanks for bringing my party to life. You are loved.

8 Without you, this event would have just summed up to be another day in one’s calendar. I appreciate the memory you created with your presence. Thank you for coming.

9 My event yesterday was more of a festival and less of a party. You came and rocked everywhere. You even came with the YOPO – you only party once word. You made my day blissful and amazing. These words of thanks for coming, I know are not enough, but please accept my token of appreciation. Thank you so much.

10 Amazing friends like you always made me remember that I have great support and companionship in everything that I do, and this was duly shown by your presence at my event yesterday. Thanks for coming

11 Parties will remain useless if there are no friends and family to make the event priceless. I appreciate the fact that you carved out amazing memories and made my event as priceless as ever. These words of thanks for coming is just not enough. Thank you so much for your love and support.

12 I may be tired and grumpy as of now, but I was excited, happy and grateful yesterday, and I know I owe the happiness to you. Thanks for coming and making my party so lively. I love you.

13 I was very sure that irrespective of what will happen on my day, you will always make yourself available. You did that and I can’t thank you for coming to my event. You are indeed a great friend and a thoughtful buddy. Thanks for coming. May God never forget you.

14 You are the star of my event. You were the live wire of my day. You were so lively and beautiful that everyone wanted to get to meet you. You made my party amazing. Thanks for coming.

15 I know that you could have sent a text filled with lots of excuses for not coming if you wanted to. But then you came, and even gave me a gift. You are so amazing and thoughtful and I really appreciate your coming. Thanks and God bless you.

16 The greatest present and biggest blessing I got was you for coming to my event. Thanks a lot for coming.

17 You made my party worth. You did not only come but also dragged family and friends as well. You were so wonderful and special. Thanks for coming. I appreciate you.

18 Thank you so much for supporting me all the way. My party would not have been complete without you in it. Thanks for coming. God be with you.

19 You made my party fun really. We danced, drank and had fun like tomorrow will never come. I will always say it over and over again. You guys are the best friends I can ever pray for.Thanks a lot for coming.

20 Just before I do this too late, I want to send my words of thanks for coming. Thanks a lot.

21 The event was amazing and it was made possible through you. Thanks a lot for coming. may you never lack any good things in all your ways. Thanks.

22 For what you have done, you will never be found wanting when it is time for you to be celebrated as well. I really appreciate all that you have done today. God bless you. Please accept my words of thanks for coming.





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